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Bomberman Hero/Regional Differences/Bomber Star

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Stage 1

End level score: 6000 (5000 in Japanese version)

  • A rainbow gem was replaced with a blue gem on the trampoline.
  • No gold gem after the first tree stump enemy.
  • A gold gem right before the second tree stump enemy was replaced with a pink gem.

Stage 2

End level score: 5500 (3000 in Japanese version)

  • A lot more enemies--more brown spiky enemies and car alarm bomb on the furthest back path.
  • A bomb powerup was added directly below the start.
  • Some of the gold gems were replaced with pink gems.
  • Two blue gems on top of the bottom-right door enemy area.
  • A pink gem on one of the bottom platforms.
  • A pink gem above the yellow spike platform.

Stage 3

End level score: 6000 (3000 in Japanese version)

  • Firepower at the start instead of a heart.
  • Turret baddie after the bombable lift platform.
  • First heart replaced with a bomb upgrade.
  • Pink gem in 2nd area replaced with blue gem.
  • Rainbow gem in 2nd area replaced with pink gem.
  • Gold gem in 2nd area replaced with blue gem.
  • Gold gem in 3rd area replaced with pink gem.