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Bomberman Hero/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Bomberman Hero.

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* The PAL version extended the intro and bomber change themes (both variations). Add them here and compare to NTSC.

Oh boy... A LOT was changed when Bomberman Hero was brought overseas. The international versions are significantly more difficult; many enemies have more health, gold hearts and 1-ups are more scarce, more points are typically required per stage to unlock the Gossick Star, and items are rearranged in ways that frequently put Bomberman in harm's way. Additionally, certain parts of the game received some extra polish. Fortunately, the Star Wars story was left intact.

Level Differences

Planet Bomber
The beginning of Bomberman's quest to find regional differences save Princess Millian. Over 100 changes in the first world alone!
Primus Star
Bomberman's quest into the regional differences princess' castle.
Kanatia Star
One stage requires only 3500 points for a score of 5 in the Japanese version, but 9000 points for a score of 5 in the International version. What!?
Mazone Star
As if Freeze Lake wasn't already annoying enough...
Garaden Star
Boss rush time!
Gossick Star
All that hard work for just 3 levels!?
Bomber Star
Bonus stages playable by quickly mashing the Start button when the game boots up. They all take place on the moon. Yes, really.

General Differences


  • Upon exiting a stage in the international versions, the gems, firepower, bomb count, and HP are reset to what they were upon entering.
  • Resetting the console in the international versions clears the gems, firepower, bomb count, and HP values.
  • Additionally, getting a Game Over in the international versions resets the max HP to 4. The max HP remains the same in Japanese.


Bomberman Hero No Controller U.png

The international versions display this text on startup when no controller is connected. The Japanese version has no such warning, proceeding as if nothing was wrong.

Japanese International
Bomberman Hero Hudson J.png Bomberman Hero Hudson U.png

The Japanese version has the usual Hudson Soft screen. The international versions replace it with a rather generic copyright screen.


Japanese International
Bomberman Hero Title J.png BombermanHeroTitle.png
  • The title logo was completely changed.
  • "Press Start Button" was shortened to "Press Start". The text was re-centered as a result.
  • The copyright text is absent in the international versions, as the info is already presented by the time this screen is displayed.
  • The Japanese title has a subtitle. It translates to "Rescue Princess Millian".
  • Interestingly, the "File Select" screen background, which makes use of the title logo, is unchanged in the international versions.

File Select

Japanese International
BHero File Select JP.png BHero File Select EN.png

The international versions uses a different, cleaner font choice for its "No File" text.

Stage Scores

Japanese International
BHero Stage Complete JP.png BHero Stage Complete EN.png
  • The "Clear Points" text is (obviously) translated and colored orange.
  • Most stages require a different amount of points to achieve a score of 5. This example in specific is from Hyper Room. Typically, the international versions requires defeating all enemies and picking up all items to get a 5, whereas Japanese does not.
Japanese International
BHero Stage Scores JP.png BHero Stage Scores EN.png
  • The information at the top-left received a major overhaul, appearing to be less robotic and more cartoony internationally.
  • The "Clear Points" text is revamped to match the changes to the "Stage Complete" screen.
  • A banner has been added to the bottom, where the Bomber codename is displayed.

Sound Test

Japanese International
Bomberman Hero SoundTest J.png Bomberman Hero SoundTest U.png
  • The international versions stylized the "Sound Test" font in a manner similar to the "Clear Points" changes.
  • The "Exit" text has also been stylized.
  • There are only 10 selectable tracks in the Japanese version. The international versions adds 21 tracks to the "Sound Test".

Voice Differences


All of Bomberman's voice clips were dubbed into English, albeit in a different voice.

Japanese International