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Bugs:Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube)

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This page details bugs of Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube).

Gauntlet Dark Legacy has a number of bugs, some of which were fixed in later revisions.

The PlayStation 2 version does not include the inventory feature from the GameCube and Xbox versions, so it does not suffer from inventory-related bugs in any version. On the GameCube, the US received at least two different pressings of Gauntlet Dark Legacy: the original Rev 0, and later Rev 1. There have been unconfirmed reports of an additional USA Rev 2 release, but this has not been proven to exist.

To do:
Check which bugs persist into which versions.
PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox
USA Europe Japan USA USA (Rev 1) Europe USA Europe
Boss Health Bars Working Working Working Broken Working Working Working ?
Item Names N/A N/A N/A Broken Broken Broken Broken ?
Item Slot 11 N/A N/A N/A Broken Broken Broken ? ?
Stat Upgrades ? ? ? Broken Broken Broken ? ?

Boss Health Bars

Bosses have no visible health bars. Their health works as normal, but cannot be seen in bugged releases.

Item Names

Names of items in the (text-based) inventory do not appear unless they have been enabled once during the current play session. This can mostly be worked around by toggling all items on and off in the hub world, where most items are not consumed, however the single-use "Turbo" item will be wasted.

Item Slot 11

To do:
Find whether the Xbox port needs a similar fix?

Each player has 10 slots to hold their various power-up items, but a bug means that there is an 11th item slot which is unusable. The 11th item a player obtains will be placed into this slot, where it can never be used or sold. Any time more of this item is found or purchased, it is added to the supply in slot 11, making this item permanently unobtainable in the current save file.

The code below can be used to enable item slot 11 as a normal, working item slot.

USA USA (Rev 1) Europe
04080044 3860000A
0408005C 3860000A
04080060 2C06000B
040800B0 2C06000B
040800CC 2C06000B
040800DC 2C05000B
0408080C 3860000A
04080824 3860000A
04080828 2C06000B
04080878 2C06000B
04080894 2C06000B
040808A4 2C05000B
0408037C 3860000A
04080394 3860000A
04080398 2C06000B
040803E8 2C06000B
04080404 2C06000B
04080414 2C06000B

Stat Upgrades

Each save file allows for 17 different characters: one in each character class. Any "permanent" stat upgrades purchased from the in-game shop are lost when creating a new character on the same save file. This can be worked around by creating all characters before purchasing any upgrades, but this is inconvenient as more than half of the character classes are unlocked via gameplay, meaning it is necessary to complete most of the game before purchasing upgrades.