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Bugs:Gran Turismo (PlayStation)

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This page details bugs of Gran Turismo (PlayStation).

Despite an American promotion for the game claiming "other racing games are merely bugs", the first Gran Turismo had its own share of bugs.

Collision Glitch

In the original Japanese version and some US demos of the game, it is possible to drive straight into a wall and gain speed rapidly. Sometimes, especially if used in Test Course (only possible in the Japanese version, as the US demos only feature Clubman Stage Route 5), this can result in the car flying to and stuck in the sky, requiring the race to be restarted. This glitch only works for 4WD cars.

AI Opponent With Wrong Performance

There are 2 AI opponent cars which use wrong performance:

  • The Celica GT-Four opponent that appears in Gran Turismo World Cup, as well as the "prestigious" endurance races (Grand Valley 300km and All-Night 1) incorrectly use the physics data of the Corona Exiv, resulting in the Celica appearing to be front-wheel drive in the Entry List screen and underperforming to its rally car rivals, the Lancer Evolution IV and Impreza Rally Edition. This does not happen in the Japanese version of the game, however.
  • The Mazda Eunos Roadster Arcade that sometimes appears as opponent car in Arcade Mode incorrectly use the physics of the Starlet Glanza V, the game's default car.

Race-Modified Impreza Name Mixups

Certain models of Subaru Impreza have their results/in-race name mixed up if they are race modified:

  • The Impreza '95 Sedan WRX-STi ver.II (sipsn) has the in-race name of [R]IMPREZA'95WG STiII, which belongs to Impreza '95 Wagon WRX-STi ver.II (siptn).
  • The Impreza '95 Wagon WRX-STi ver.II (siptn) has the in-race name of [R]IMPREZA'94WG WRX, which belongs to Impreza '94 Wagon WRX (sipwn).
  • The Impreza '94 Wagon WRX (sipwn) has the in-race name of [R]IMPREZA'94SD WRX, which belongs to Impreza '94 Sedan WRX (sipzn).
  • The Impreza '94 Sedan WRX (sipzn) has the in-race name of [R]IMPREZA'95SD STiIII, an incorrect combination name giving ambiguity to both Impreza '95 Sedan WRX-STi ver.II and Impreza '96 Sedan WRX STi Version III. (The Version II was a 1995 model year car, the Version III was a 1996 one.)

In the Trial Version, these mix-ups also occur even if the cars have not been yet race modified, and even within in-game menus.

(Source: GT2toXS/SportWagon)

Improper 4WD Behavior

Several cars marked as 4WD in the game behaves like a front-wheel drive car (such as being prone to wheelspins) as the cars had their torque split coded to be overly front-biased. These are:

  • Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III
  • Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
  • Toyota Celica GT-Four (tcegn variant; tceen is unaffected)

A video demonstrating the behaviors of these cars can be seen on the right.

(Source: submaniac93)