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Bugs:The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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This page details bugs of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Blind Big Brother Crash

In the mission Blind Big Brother, it is possible to crash the game by unloading the power couplings. This is done by driving as far as Springfield Elementary. If the player returns to the Power Plant, the couplings will be gone. Attempting to get close to the couplings' positions will cause the game will crash, looping the last few seconds of music on some versions.

This is confirmed to work on all versions.

Busted during For a Few Donuts More

If the player gets run over by Wiggum's police car after failing the mission and restarting, the player will get busted. This is only a cosmetic bug, no coins will be taken away from the player.

(Source: Nebulon Ranger, Glitch)

Lamppost Launch

Due to collision physics, it is possible for streetlights to clip through cars. If the player ground pounds on the streetlight, the angle may launch the car into the air. This is known to work in all levels and all versions.

Bypass Kwik-E-Mart Roof Music Trigger

If the player jumps off the Kwik-E-Mart roof in a specific location, they will bypass the trigger that returns the music to the standard level music. Therefore, the Kwik-E-Mart roof music will be present everywhere, until the game eventually corrects it.

Zapped Driver

In this glitch, the player must have a car with an interactable driver like Homer or Apu from the phone and one of the Wasp Cameras must be left alive. The player must park the car next to the Wasp Camera and point the Wasp Camera in the driver's direction. If done correctly, the projectile will remove the driver from the car. Ironically, the car will still act if it has a driver with them, as the driver's dialogue is connected to their car rather than their model.

Replay Flaming Tires in Level 7

In early copies of the PlayStation 2 and GameCube editions, the Level 7 bonus mission, Flaming Tires, can be replayed at any time. Smithers will remain at the Kwik-E-Mart, and while the red exclamation mark will not appear, the blue shadow indicating a mission will, and talking to him will activate the mission. Strangely, this will cause two Smithers to appear if the player drives to the location using Mr. Burns' Limo.

Drive Inside Ned Flanders' House

If the player uses the Horn to Jump cheat to get inside Ned Flanders backyard in their car, it is possible to drive through part of the wall and into the house due to missing collision.

(Source: UltraHylia)

NPCs Don't Unload When Quick Warping

If the player changes mission in a location where another mission is currently located, the NPC for the current mission will fail to unload unless the mission is changed a second time. Only their mission prompt is unloaded.

(Source: UltraHylia)

High Speed on the Gas Station Roof

If the player uses the Horn to Jump cheat to get on top of the gas station, whilst also having Fast Acceleration and No Speed Limit enabled, there is a chance their car will build up speed and move around the roof by itself.

(Source: UltraHylia)

The Fat and Furious race skip

In The Fat and Furious, the last mission of Level 1, f the player parks their car halfway inside the power plant and halfway outside before talking to Carl to start the mission, the door that normally prevents the player from entering the plant during the mission (thus forcing the long way to Mr. Burns' mansion) will close on top of the player's car, allowing the player to simply drive through it and into the power plant, easily winning the race against Smithers.

Never Trust a Snake timer freeze

In Never Trust a Snake, the fifth mission of Level 5, the player should enter and exit their car at the start of the mission, then enter the DMV. If done right, the player will automatically fail the mission, and choosing to retry will cause the mission's timer to freeze, trivializing it.