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Bugs:The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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This page details bugs of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Blind Big Brother Crash

In the mission Blind Big Brother, the player is required to destroy all of the Power Couplings. However, the player can crash the game by unloading them: drive as far as Springfield Elementary with a fast car. When you drive back to the Power Plant, the Power Couplings will be gone. If you then attempt to go close to where they were, the game will crash, looping the last few seconds of music on some versions.

This is confirmed to work on all versions.

Lamppost Launch

This glitch practically works like the infamous "Swingset Glitch" from Grand Theft Auto IV, except the player has to park their car on the lamppost rather than a swingset. This is known to work in all levels and all versions.

Zapped Driver

In this glitch, the player must have a car with an intractable driver like Homer or Apu from the phone and one of the Wasp Cameras must be left alive. The player must park the car next to the Wasp Camera and sometimes, the Wasp Camera may zap the driver, causing the driver to be zapped out of the car. Ironically, the car will still act if it has a driver with them.

Replay Flaming Tires in Level 7

In early copies of the PlayStation 2 and GameCube editions, the Level 7 bonus mission, Flaming Tires, can be replayed at any time. To start the mission, go and talk to Smithers at the Kwik-E-Mart. While the red exclamation mark will not appear, the blue shadow indicating a mission will. Strangely, this will cause two Smithers to appear if the player drives to the location using Mr. Burns' Limo.