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Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows)/Platform Differences

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This is a sub-page of Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows).

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Bully: Scholarship Edition was released in early 2008, almost 2 years after the original PlayStation 2 version. Both the Wii and the Xbox 360 versions feature updated graphics and extra content. Both ports have their pros and cons, it's clear both of them were rushed, though the Wii port seems more polished.

The Xbox 360 port specifically received plenty of criticism, as many players reported bugs in their first-day Xbox 360 copies, especially on older console models. Rockstar Games quickly released a patch to fix these issues, but it didn't do much.

GameSpot even went as far as downgrading their rating of the Xbox 360 version.

The PC version is basically an Xbox 360 port, but with more issues.

In 2016, Rockstar Games rereleased Bully for the third time, on Android and iOS devices. This time, the graphics were redone again including the HUD icons even though most of the bugs are still present.

The version-exclusive bugs and glitches can be viewed here.



Photography Class Music

PlayStation 2 Wii, Xbox 360, Windows and iOS/Android

The music for Photography Class was changed and has a more upbeat feeling to it. The original theme was overwritten, meaning it cannot be found in the files.

Hairstyle Selection Sound

The sound of a razor when selecting hairstyles at a barber shop changed to scissors. In Anniversary Edition, it was changed to a normal menu selection sound.


Some of the camera angles for the Scholarship Edition exclusive missions' cutscenes are less polished on Xbox 360 compared to the Wii. They use simpler and static camera angles and there are also animation issues.

Balls Of Snow

Wii Xbox 360, Windows and iOS/Android

Rudy's bottle clips through his hand on Xbox 360.


Wii Xbox 360, Windows and iOS/Android

Rudy The Red Nosed Santa

Wii Xbox 360, Windows and iOS/Android
  • In the first cutscene, Rudy is properly sitting on the toilet on the Wii.
  • In the last cutscene, Rudy is holding a cash roll on the Wii.

The Collector

Wii Xbox 360, Windows and iOS/Android

The cutscene for The Collector on Xbox 360 was not updated and still takes place in New Coventry. This was fixed on the Wii version, where it takes place at the entrance of Blue Skies Industrial Park.


Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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Troy Miller

His shoes were given a different design.

PlayStation 2 Wii Xbox 360 & Windows

Edward Seymour II

His glasses were changed from black to gold.

PlayStation 2 Wii Xbox 360 & Windows


Spud Cannon

The spud cannon received a different design.

Version-specific Changes

Xbox 360

Jimmy's Sweater

Xbox 360/PC (Final) PlayStation 2 Xbox 360/PC (Unused)
BullySEPC JimmySweater.png Bully JimmySweater.png BullySEPC JimmySweaterUnused.png

The texture used for Jimmy's school sweater was taken from the unused and remastered Player.nif model, for some reason.

Another texture that accurately resembles the PS2 one can be seen in pre-release screenshots and is still in the game files.

Bike Textures

Xbox 360/PC PlayStation 2
BullySE BestBMX.png Bully BestBMX.png
BullySE RacerBike.png Bully RacerBike.png
  • The Red BMX bike's texture is not mapped correctly on Xbox 360.
  • The Racer bike lost all its colors and is always white on Xbox 360.




Wii PlayStation 2

Chemistry class has been changed to accomodate for the different control scheme, but changing the input wasn't the only thing that was done.

Multiple animations were added, whether or not they are new is unknown, but the first and last frames of them end with an early idle animation of Jimmy.


Christmas Is Here

Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii ChristmasIsHere.png Bully ChristmasIsHere.png

The player's hat will be removed after getting the Cheerful Reindeer Sweater, assuming they're wearing one.


After the mission Nutcrackin' is completed, you are not given the Nutcracker Outfit.


Funhouse Fun

Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii FunHouseFunPete.png Bully FunhouseFunPete.png

At the beginning of the cutscene, Pete is completely frozen, aside from his face.

Here's to you, Miss Philips

Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii HeresToYouMsPhilips.png Bully HeresToYouMsPhilips.png

Ms. Philips' model is pretty bright on Wii.

Showdown at the Plant

Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii ShowdownAtThePlantPipe.png Bully ShowdownAtThePlantPipe.png

The pipe Jimmy is holding has been moved a bit on Wii.

Rock Band Poster

Wii PlayStation 2
BullySEWii RockBandPoster.png Bully RockBandPoster.png

The poster was redesigned on Wii.


In addition to keeping most errors from the Xbox 360 version, the PC version breaks even more things, but fixed some minor ones, at least.



Windows Wii/Xbox 360
BullySEPC GeographyClass.png BullySEWii GeographyClass.png

After completing geography class, the player teleports in front of English class on Wii and Xbox 360.


Windows Xbox 360
BullySEPC ClassHUD.png BullySE360 ClassHUD.png

Most classes contain a higher-quality version of the HUD to use in place of the lower-quality one during gameplay. The PC version doesn't load them so the low-quality HUD is used instead.

Bike Textures

Windows Xbox 360
BullySE BanBike.png BullySE360 BanBike.png

The '70s bike lacks its entire body texture on PC.


Nice Outfit

Windows Xbox 360
BullySE NiceOutfitNIS.png BullySE360 NiceOutfitNIS.png

Jimmy doesn't walk towards Constantinos.

Anniversary Edition

  • Like other Rockstar-developed games ported to iOS/Android systems, an autosave feature is included.

HUD Differences

The HUD on Anniversary Edition was completely redone.

  • During the lawn-mowing minigame, there will now be an amount of grass on the map to mow.


  • The race countdown sound is slightly different.
  • The requirement to beat Fatty's high score of 1010 lbs in ConSumo has been lowered to 800 lbs.