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Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows)

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Title Screen

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Also known as: Canis Canem Edit (EU)
Developer: Rockstar New England
Publishers: Rockstar Games, CyberFront (Japan)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 21, 2008
Released in JP: December 4, 2008
Released in EU: October 31, 2008

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Bully: Scholarship Edition is a port of the original game, with some new features and minor enhancements. Depending on the version, one may or may not had to suffer jarring audio glitches, unexpected freezes or terrible controls. The lack of proper support for newer computers makes this one of many rushed ports of a ps2 Rockstar game.

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Unused Content

BullySE Windows gm consumo.png
Unused Dialogue
"Looking pretty scrawny there, pal!"
BullySE Windows gm music.png
Unused Sounds
Compared to the dialogue, there's not much juicy information here.
BullySE Windows gm english.png
Unused Text
DAT TEXT *ba-dum crash*

Miscellaneous Details

BullySE Windows gm math.png
Platform Differences
The newer the ports, the buggier the game gets.

Unused Missions/Objectives

There are some leftover mission objectives that remain in the code, and can be reactivated via using mods.

Scrapped Chapter 3 Mission

There was a mission known as Rendezvous that got cut during development. Apparently, this was supposed to be unlocked after the mission, Bait in Chapter 3. It involved Jimmy helping Lola to protect Tad from some Greasers, while they try to get along with each other.

The cutscene text for this mission uses the British/Canadian words (ex. centre and favour) instead of the regular American words. In Anniversary Edition, the unused mission cutscene text was changed to American spelling for some reason. It might have been possible that this mission was going to be restored for that port.

Early Stronghold Assault

An incomplete, harder version of the mission with the same name. In this mission, Jimmy is armed only with a regular slingshot, even though he is automatically given a Super Slingshot after clearing The Candidate back in Chapter 1. This makes it possible that the Super Slingshot was meant to be obtained in Chapter 4.

While the remainder of the mission is the same, the ending is incomplete. Jimmy can still break the doors open with the Super Spud Cannon, but he cannot enter the building and will fall through the terrain, causing him to get knocked out.

The Gym is Burning Unused Bike Chase

Jimmy was originally going to chase Gurney on bikes during The Gym is Burning. The reason to this removal is unknown, but it could've filled in a big plothole about Jimmy knowing where the Townies hideout is located. It can be re-enabled by editing the script.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Mailbox Armageddon Unused Difficulty Levels

This Scholarship Edition-exclusive mission has four hidden difficulty levels that can be activated via mods. Normally, the difficulty is set at 3, where Jimmy is given to smash all 20 mailboxes displayed on the map in under three minutes. The other three levels are actually easier or harder versions of the same objective:

  • On Level 1, Jimmy must destroy 10 out of 15 mailboxes on the map and is given ten minutes to complete it. For some reason, ten minutes is a bit long compared to the other three objectives and most likely served as a tutorial.
  • On Level 2, Jimmy will have to destroy 14 out of 19 mailboxes in two minutes. Nothing is different, except it seems to be an slightly easier version of the final objective.
  • On Level 4, Jimmy must smash up 24 out of 25 mailboxes in three minutes. Unlike the other three levels, dogs spawn in different places rather than in fixed positions. Unlike the hardest difficulty level of Paper Route, almost no other hazards (like Preps throwing eggs and trying to chase Jimmy on bicycles) are present.

All the levels likely suggest that Mailbox Armageddon was going to be an odd job for the Townies, much like mowing grass and the paper route mission. It was probably cut because it would not have served much use in the game.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Unused Graphics

Unused HUD Icons

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There's more.
BullySE HUDIcon voicechangr.png

A HUD Icon for a voice changer can be found in HUDElems.nft. It is unknown what this was intended for.


BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Calm.png BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Piss.png BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Mad.png

Three icons of Earnest feeling calm, annoyed and angry. According to the filename, it was supposed to be used in The Candidate.

BullySE-HUDIcon Lola.png

This icon of Lola is technically used in the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and Wii version of The Tenements mission in Chapter 3, but the Windows version reuses the icon from the Yearbook, leaving it unused.

BullySE-HUDIcon Caflady Piss.png BullySE-HUDIcon Caflady Mad.png

Two icons of with Edna feeling annoyed and angry. The "calm" one is used in Last Minute Shopping, even though it is stored in the same texture file as the mission for Cook's Date.

BullySE-HUDIcon RatKiller.png

A HUD icon of the rat poison gun, which was intended for Rats In The Library. As this icon wasn't deleted unlike earlier leftovers, this further evidences that the Rats In The Library mission was changed very late in development.

Temporary Graphics

A missing texture.

BullySE missing.png

A void texture that can be found in multiple .nft files.

BullySE VOID d.png

These are material textures that cannot normally be seen under normal circumstances.

BullySE S Brickwall d.png BullySE S Carpet d.png BullySE S Ceramic d.png

BullySE S Container d.png BullySE S Default d.png BullySE S Lino d.png

BullySE S Pavement d.png BullySE S PlasterWall d.png BullySE S Tarmac d.png

BullySE S ThickMetal d.png BullySE S WoodSolid d.png BullySE S WoodStairs d.png

BullySE-S invisible d.png BullySE invisible d.png BullySE walkable d.png

Unused Models

BullySE Tbone.png

A handful of .nif files contain a cube with the Void texture placed onto it.


BeerKeg.nif contains a bunch of beer kegs. The texture file is corrupted.

BullySE Doberman.png

Dog_Doberman.nif contains a Doberman dog that is never seen in the game.

(Source: Bully Wikia)

BullySE-JD Cam.png

JD_Cam.nif is a joint driver camera... whatever that means. It might be used for cutscenes.


MedCabi.nif contains a cabinet. As the filename stands for "Medical Cabinet", it was possible that it was intended for the scrapped Infirmary room.

The wand's texture sheet from the original Bully.
BullySE PinkyWand.png

PinkyWand.nif contains an untextured wand that may have been intended for Pinky in Halloween. A texture file does exist, however, in the original version of Bully.

(Source: Bully Wikia)

BullySE Candy.png

W_Candy.nif contains a piece of candy. At one point during the development of Halloween, Jimmy was originally going to prank Edna with this.

(Source: Bully Wikia)

Test Models

BullySE TestModel.png

FGRD_Ftest.nif contains a terrain test.

BullySE FTEST11.png

FTEST11.nif contains a grid?

BullySE TestBench.png

ftest_bench.nif contains a bench.

BullySE ftestbleachers01.png

ftestbleachers01.nif contains two bleachers.

BullySE ftestbleachers02.png

ftestbleachers02.nif contains a bleacher.

BullySE JumpFun Test.png

JumpFun_Test.nif contains a jump test.

BullySE ladders towers.png

ladders_towers.nif contains a group of towers for a ladder test.

BullySE shooting.png

shooting.nif contains a shooting range.

BullySE sleathroom01.png

sleathroom01.nif contains a room for material testing?

BullySE TEST Railtest.png

TEST_Railtest.nif contains a railing test.

BullySE TEST stepbox.png

TEST_stepbox.nif & TEST_stepbox01.nif contains a box. Might have been for a walking test.

BullySE Testramp.png

Testramp.nif contains a ramp.


WALKABLE_FLESTOP.nif contains a triangle, uses the walkable_d texture.

BullySE walkTest.png

walkTest.nif contains a walking test.

Unused Character Models

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There are some unused character models present, some being unused characters or earlier variants. If not all, but some of them can be hex edited into the game.

Earlier Jimmy

This is Jimmy's true default model. He looks like this if any clothes aren't set onto him. His earlier appearance seems to be remastered for the port, unlike some other leftovers, probably for testing purposes.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Early Boxing Uniform

Early Wrestling Outfit

Early Halloween Costume

Edgar's Winter Outfit

Edgar has a winter model that has the sleeves of his jacket rolled down and him wearing a grey beanie. Since clique leaders are never set to spawn in free roam, and because Edgar isn't seen until Chapter 5, this model goes unused.

(Source: TheNathanNS)


Ian was cut from the game, so his character model went unused.


Floyd was cut from the game, who would've been the owner of a music store in Bullworth. Therefore, his character model went unused.

Luis' Wrestling Outfit

Luis originally had a wrestling outfit. According to the files, it seems that all five Gym classes were going to be focused on wrestling rather than the last three classes focusing on dodgeball. Luis would've been the fifth opponent and Bob would've been the third and fourth opponent.



Nate, the shopkeeper of Rocket In My Pocket, was removed from the game with the aforementioned store. Therefore, his character model went unused.

Pinky's Alternate Model

Pinky had a different outfit, but it is never seen at all without hex editing her model into the game.

(Source: Bully Wikia)

Preps' Alternate Model

Like Pinky; Justin, Bryce, Gord, and Tad all have unused models of them wearing patterned sweaters. It is unknown where these models were to be used. Gord's unused model can be seen on the photo of him kissing Lola that is the trophy for beating Jealous Johnny, hinting these models were intended to be an earlier version of their winter outfits.

(Source: TheNathanNS)

Pedro & Sheldon in Pajamas

Pedro and Sheldon both have pajama models. According to early prerelease screenshots, they were originally going to be in the Boy's Dorm.

(Source: Bully Wikia)
(Source: Bully Wikia)

Ted's Winter Model

Similarly to Edgar, Ted's winter model goes unused, since he does not appear in the game during Chapter 3. The model does not have any drastic changes compared to others, and simply has Ted's letterman jacket buttoned up.

Zoe's Winter Outfit

It was possible that Zoe was going to appear in freeroam during or before Chapter 3, since some of the Townies appear around Bullworth Town as early as Chapter 2. She is never seen until Chapter 5, so this model goes unused. Unlike the other unused character models, this one wasn't even remastered in Anniversary Edition. If this model is modded into cutscenes, Zoe's eyes will be blank white, meaning it is probably an earlier leftover from development.


To do:
Needs a model render.

TO_Gas_SA.nif is a cut character that only exists in Scholarship Edition. There is no associated texture and it even has a winter variant.

Unused Weapons

BullySE BBGun.pngBullySE BBGunAnimation.gif

The BB gun from the Shooting Range minigame in the Carnival was going to be planned as a freeroam weapon, but was cut for obvious reasons.

(Source: Bully Wikia)

BullySE SuperSpudG.pngBullySE SuperSpudGAnimation.gif

During some point in the game, the Spud Gun could've been upgraded to the "Super Spud Gun". The weapon can be hacked in and functions like the normal Spud Gun. No icon exists.

Unused Areas

This part of the article summarizes the areas that go completely unseen in normal gameplay. For the unused parts of the places, look at Unseen Details.


Island_03 is an area likely made for testing psychics. For some reason, it is very dark in color and it can be hard for Jimmy to make his way around. It can be accessed via a mod.

Test Area

An place like Island_03, only with more objects instead of psychics. Like the other test area, it has dark prelighting, and can only be accessed via a mod.

Early Nerds' Hideout

A slightly different version of the Nerds' Hideout, and a minimap for it exists. The only difference is a lack of a staircase towards the front entrance of the Dragon's Wing Comic Book Store. Only some doors remain, and using one of them takes the player outside of the back entrance.

An earlier version of the comic book store (when it was known as the Dragon's Head) was actually seen in a press kit screenshot, and the doorway seems to have been completely decorative rather than functional.

Janitor's Room

A strange, empty room that can actually be found on the second floor of Bullworth Academy. If Jimmy manages to get inside, a strange noise of water dripping can be heard meaning that the Janitor's Room was going to be accessible in freeroam before it got moved to the school basement.

Rooftop Stairway

Like the Janitor's Room, the stairway to the rooftop can be found on the second floor of the academy building. Though, there isn't an exit marker for the rooftop and the door never ever opens in any circumstance.

In Complete Mayhem, Jimmy was originally going to chase Gary around the main school building so it could lead him to the rooftop stairs. In the final version, that part is reduced to a regular cutscene, and Jimmy or Gary are never seen using the rooftop stairs.

Multiplayer Leftovers

To do:
Lots more leftovers. Someone managed to find Dragon's Wing maps for the said Multiplayer-exclusive minigame.

There are some multiplayer leftovers from the Xbox 360 and Wii version.


BullySE Windows gary win1.png BullySE Windows gary win2.png

BullySE Windows jimmy win1.png BullySE Windows jimmy win2.png

BullySE Windows multi back 1.png BullySE Windows multi back 2.png

BullySE Windows multi count 1.png BullySE Windows multi count 2.png BullySE Windows multi count 3.png

BullySE Windows trophy a.png BullySE Windows trophy b.png BullySE Windows trophy c.png

BullySE Windows gm english.png BullySE Windows gm shooting.png BullySE Windows gm art.png BullySE Windows gm grass.png

BullySE Windows gm math.png BullySE Windows gm consumo.png BullySE Windows gm geo.png BullySE Windows gm photo.png

BullySE Windows gm nutshots.png BullySE Windows gm biology.png BullySE Windows gm chem.png BullySE Windows gm music.png

Unused Minigame Data

BMX Rumble

A scrapped minigame where Jimmy has to knock out other opponents on the bikes like the mission Bait, with Lefty, Jerry, Vance, Norton, Clint and Peanut acting as opponents. The script can actually be re-enabled, but it will be teleported to a deleted and likely scrapped location which causes Jimmy to fall down and get knocked out. While it isn't possible to "win" the minigame, there is a fade-out camera script when all of the opponents are knocked out.


Enabling the minigame will make Jimmy teleport to the English classroom for a short period of time, and the "minigame" will start. Since no graphics for it exist, it uses the ones from Nut Shots. This is likely presumed to be an earlier version of English class, used for some sort of demo or more likely a test.

Unused Cutscenes

Extended Intro

An unused, non pre-rendered, extended version of the introduction cutscene. Unlike the used one, a few cut parts and some unused lines are on it.

Alternate Welcome to Bullworth Cutscene

To do:
Get a better quality video.

1-1-02.dat contains what seems to be an alternate version of the Welcome To Bullworth cutscene.

Fighting Johnny Vincent Unused Cutscene

Johnny was originally going to have a cutscene when the magnet was activated, but was replaced with an in-game animation of that event. Unlike the final version, Johnny doesn't lose his pipe weapon.

(Source: Bully Wikia)

Stronghold Assault Fight Scene

Two cutscenes of Earnest leaping from platform to platform. This happens in the game, but as (rather odd-looking) in-game scenes instead.

The Paddle

While the sounds, models, animations have been deleted, the camera panning remains. Interestingly, two excerpts of that scene was seen in the Christmas trailer. It was actually part of a scrapped mission known in the ingame files as "The Paddle", which involved framing Damon with Dr. Crabblesnitch's paddle.

Unused voice clips for the mission objectives remain and can be found here.

Making A Mark

In the game's files, there's a file called "CS_COUNTER", which is actually a very early version of the "Making A Mark" cutscene.

Strangely, the audio is exactly the same, but the animations are very wonky and unpolished, and there's only a single camera angle throughout the entire cutscene, implying this is a very early leftover.

There's no big differences between this version and the final, though some animations are different. Jimmy's position on the couch in this version is different and he is leaning forwards towards Earnest's direction, but in the final Jimmy is laid back on the couch. Other changes include Jimmy's hand movements when Pete enters and Derby Harrington doesn't move towards Ted Thompson after insulting him.

Unused Chapter 5 cutscene

An alternative cutscene either intended for Busting In or Showdown at the Plant. It was likely cut because it was too short and didn't fit in with the rest of the game.

Showdown at the Plant Confrontation Scene

There is a unused cutscene of Jimmy confronting Edgar before the second and final phase of the fight, and it is never used at all..

Unseen Details

To do:
There's a lot more.

Cutscene Details

Some of the cutscenes tend to include unseen details in normal gameplay, such as better-quality textures and reflective shadows. Although, several oddities are present and are likely taken from earlier in the developmental cycle.

  • In the full unused introduction cutscene, the car Jimmy is driven in goes around different places on the road in Old Bullworth Vale, likely to give off the illusion that they're on a long road journey. Also, some of the pedestrians seem to be levitating. When the car drives off, the drivers are never to be seen again and the car stays afloat until the cutscene ends.
  • During Jimmy's first lecture with Dr. Crabblesnitch in Welcome to Bullworth, Mrs. Danvers brings in a tea set, and places in midair before the it automatically moves onto the desk.
  • When Jimmy meets Gary for the first time in the second cutscene for Welcome to Bullworth, they both head to the left which is the direction to the staircase of the cut second Boys' Dorm floor.
  • As Gary introduces the cliques to Jimmy in This Is Your School, their motion-capture animations are unpolished. Also, the clique members only move when they're shown in the camera and the characters don't get dragged down under the floor unlike other cutscenes. Some of their positions are also different, and Ricky seems to lip-sync something likely due to the motion-capture test.
  • In Save Algie, Algernon can actually be seen looking at the books in the Library before he meets Jimmy. Although, he seems to be too close to the bookshelf.
  • The Hobo's first appearance in A Little Help actually has an unseen idle animation and can be seen below the ground before he appears.
  • In the first cutscene for Slingshot, the television show Pete watches actually has a graphic which is mostly obscured from the camera. This further evidences that the TV programs could be watched.
  • Damon's cutscene model seen in The Candidate has different shoes.

  • In the Halloween cutscene that takes place in Jimmy's bedroom, an office chair and an extra pillow with a glitched texture (which wasn't present in the Wii version) can be seen. At the end, they also go out of Jimmy's dormitory room the wrong way meaning that the cutscene originally took place in a different dormitory room or an earlier version of Jimmy's.
  • When Gary and Jimmy leaves the dormitory in the cutscene for Help Gary, he goes to the left side of the hallway meaning that the cutscene likely took place on the cut second floor.
  • Johnny, Earnest and Derby have lower-quality face models in the cutscenes for Russel In The Hole, though Earnest doesn't suffer that problem at the ending cutscene.
  • There is an unseen, yet low-quality animation of Jimmy eavesdropping on Mr. Hattrick and Mr. Galloway outside of the classroom during the cutscene for Hattrick Vs. Galloway. This could mean that classrooms were actually going to be attached to the main academy building rather than being separate rooms. Also, the characters are positioned in a slightly different manner.
  • In the first Race The Vale cutscene, Jimmy and Pete leave the room the wrong way, like Help Gary.
  • When Jimmy meets Pinky at the movie theater in Carnival Date, they are actually both levitating. It also happens in the beginning cutscene of The Gym Is Burning.
  • Jimmy enters the Biology Classroom from the wrong side in Weed Killer.
  • At the end of the first cutscene in Boxing Challenge, Jimmy heads slightly back from the wrong side of the pier and floats in midair. It could be possible that the pier was much shorter during development.
  • At the beginning of the Chapter 3 cutscene, Jimmy and Pete throw darts, but they seem to glitch. A similar situation happens when Edna throws the perfume bottle in the ending cutscene of Cook's Crush.
  • The stool in the library Jimmy sits on is in a different color in the opening cutscene for Wrong Part Of Town. That stool with the alternate colorisation was present in the original PlayStation 2 version as well.
  • Jimmy leaves the Chemistry Class the wrong way in Discreet Deliveries, meaning that the cutscene probably took place somewhere else.
  • Ricky, Peanut and Hal can be seen in the prelude cutscene to Fighting Johnny Vincent, even though they don't get fought in the same alleyway in The Rumble.
  • Melvin's face in the Funhouse Fun cutscene has unseen and clunky facial animations.
  • In the cutscene for The Big Game, Jimmy looked like he was holding the mascot's head before it got moved to the crates, and kept changing position.
  • In the of Chapter 5, Lola was meant to kiss Jimmy on the cheek instead of Mandy.
  • That mouse that appears in the cutscene for Rats In The Library is fully animated and has more detail compared to the mice in the final game, which are just static low-poly objects.
  • When Mr. Burton gets hurt in the portable toilet at the end of Revenge On Mr. Burton cutscene, his model has two lines on his gym shorts. That oversight isn't present in the original PlayStation 2 version.
(Source: Simonbestia - BULLY: Inspecting Cutscenes Parts 1 & 2)

Texture Oddities

Some of the in-game textures have details that mostly go unseen.



This texture is actually used in the game, as an item for a Hobo that can be seen in town.


QTY: 90



Take when unhappy, bored with life

Or just to fit in and be cool.

James Indago Refill 20 of 20

Dr. Wilbur Brunum

Refill after 10-15-2005

Strangely, the label is dated October 15, 2005, which was likely the planned release date of the video game and may have been an old leftover.


BULLY NS00 gamedude.png

Not many know about the image on the Game Boy knockoff that lurks in the Nerds' Hideout, albeit in a very low resolution. Details like a slightly earlier design of the Bullworth Students and the old walking style is present in a few screenshots.

TestC0 & C1

BULLY TestC0 00.png
BULLY TestC0 01.pngBULLY TestC0 02.pngBULLY TestC0 03.png

While those graphics are used for a cutscene, they seem to be in two separate texture files, even though they're both exactly the same. Also, it may have been related to the scrapped television-watching system which would likely later be retooled for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Unseen Timecycle

To do:
Make a video of the timecycle of all seasons and weather types.

The game has a full 24 hour timecyc. file, even though Jimmy normally passes out at 2AM and wakes up at only 8AM. It may have been possible that Jimmy was supposed to stay up all night, and do some odd jobs, much like the mainline Grand Theft Auto games.

However, the unused timecycle CAN be seen via a certain glitch that only works on the PlayStation 2 version, even though the glitch cannot be done in the fall season. The glitch was fixed in Scholarship Edition.

Hidden Doorways

Most of the interior doors in Bully are just made for other pedestrians to come in and out, while some remain to be purely decorative. However, there are some hidden doorways from decorative doors that might hint some earlier development leftovers. Most of them even have collision!


If one looks very closely at the broken doors around the closed-down cinema in Bullworth Town, a doorway can be seen. From the first trailer, the cinema was actually operational and the Movie Tickets mission took place there rather than at the cinema in Old Bullworth Vale.


A doorway also exists for the abandoned In And Out Motel bordering Bullworth Town and New Coventry. It's highly possible that the motel suite was one of the save points Jimmy could get during development or it might have been intended for a cutscene area.

Taking the long way around is such a pain...

If Jimmy enters the basement at the Bullworth Academy grounds, he won't be able to go out the way he came in, nor the door will be functional. Strangely, there is a garage door present which is never seen outside at all, and a set of untextured stairs are hidden behind the decorative door! As the school basement door is exactly as it was in the very first screenshots, it's possible that the garage entrance is a very old leftover.

Boys' Dorm Second Floor Mirror

While the infamous second floor Boys' Dorm was completely cut out of the video game, a few leftovers exist for it. If Jimmy uses a no-clip mod to get himself onto the second floor, there will be an unused minimap and he will find an unused mirror reflection above the left side of the lounge. It was very likely that this was the same bathroom seen in this prerelease screenshot on the left.

Prerelease Screenshot Leftover Reflections
Bully Prerelease BoysDormBathroomMirror.jpg BullySE-BoysDormBathroomRemaints.png

Music Classroom

The Music Classroom from Scholarship Edition is actually a duplicate of the English Classroom. If one uses mods to get inside there, some of the objects in the classroom have no collision at all. As the camera angle is already fixed during Music Class, piano with a tube on top of it can't be seen from the view.

Art Classroom

Almost everything in the Art Classroom has collision, despite the area being used for one cutscene. Also, a darkened version of the cut third floor graphic can be seen through the door, which has no collision.

Auto Shop

Interestingly, the Auto Shop actually has an exit point which leads to outside of the said location. It further proves that the classrooms were originally going to be accessible when classes weren't happening.

New Coventry Junkyard

The Junkyard is technically a separate interior from New Coventry, and contains some pretty interesting details like wooden buildings not present in the final version of New Coventry. It could be possible that the Junkyard was supposed to be directly connected to the original location aside from being used at the Johnny boss fight.

Industrial Park Tattoo Trailer

The Tattoo trailer has a lot more detail that is obscured due to the fixed camera angle.

BullySE-Less Obscured Side-TTrailer.png BullySE-More Obscured Side-TTrailer.png

Interestingly, underneath the trailer contains unseen decals that would've made the trailer look more beaten up.

BullySE-Unused Detail Under the Trailer.png

Chemical Plant Elevator

Via mods, Jimmy can get inside the elevator inside the power plant, and it is fully functional! It was possible that Jimmy was supposed to use this elevator at some point during Showdown At The Plant.


To do:

Bully was a very rushed game, unlike other titles that were developed by Rockstar Games. Thus, there are a lot of leftovers and other unanswered odds and ends.


BullySE Windows gm math.png
Map Differences
Just what is it with Rockstar and their last-minute changes?

Interaction Spots

Bullworth Town

Just at the back of the closed cinema in Bullworth Town lie a broken intractable spot behind the ramp. It might have been a place to park the bicycle, or another hose to fill up water balloons.

Greaser Boss Fight Arena

There is an unknown interaction spot where the crane's control area is located. It seems that Jimmy was likely supposed to press it during the boss fight in Fighting Johnny Vincent, but Pete presses it automatically.


The Hole Elevator Entrance

Where could this lead to...?

There is a curious broken-down elevator which is located a few moments away from the other side of The Hole. The elevator cannot be used by Jimmy, nor it gets fixed later in the game, and a Rubber Band pick-up can only be found there. An elevator very similar in appearance can be found in the Power Plant and the tunnel leading to it actually looks like an entrance of some sort, meaning that the elevator was likely accessible early in the game's development.

During the boss fight in the mission Russell In The Hole, a group of students come from the entrance where the broken elevator was supposed to be, which further hints that the elevator might have played a role in the game.

Boys Dorm Attic

There is an unused entrance point from the left side of the Boys' Dorm which can only be accessed via mods. If Jimmy enters it, he will fall through the building onto the first floor of the dorm. It was possible that a Boys' Dorm attic was planned very early in development, which is why there is a second floor minimap and no attic minimap.

(Source: TheNathanNS, KingDong62)

Police Pizza Parlor

According to Algernon in the mission Wrong Part of Town, he states the Police Station "used to be a Pizza Parlor". Strangely, Italian music can be heard playing from outside the police station in New Coventry, meaning the Police Station was originally a Pizza Parlor during development and the developers forgot to change it. It was likely because there wasn't a police station spawn point

David Byun's 3D Portfolio Final
Bully Prerelease Pizzashop01.jpg BullySE-PizzaParlorPoliceFINAL.png

As found in David Byun's 3D modelling portfolio site, it seems that the aforementioned pizza parlor was originally called "Sponge Crust Pizza".

Greaser Hideout Restroom

Before Complete Mayhem and Final Showdown, there is a door that is always locked. If you beat the mission, the door will open but all there's only a trashed restroom inside. After Ted is beaten in Complete Mayhem and the Library is exited, the door to the restroom will open since the restroom door uses the same ID as the one in the Library.

Strange Tenements Room

During The Tenements mission, there is an out-of-place door on the third floor which is locked. After beating the mission and doing the Rats in the Tenement Errand, the door will be open. Unusually, the room is empty, even during the mission. To add to that, the locked door is called "BossFight_NortonsDoor", meaning the Norton boss fight was supposed to take place in that small, empty room rather than in the bigger, expansive room on the top floor with breakable walls.


The Yearbook in most versions of the game appear to be taken from pre-release designs:

  • Any student that wears glasses lacks them.
  • Chad wears an earring, which was present in his original design, and in his boxing uniform.
  • Both Tad and Gord are wearing sweaters instead of vests, which were their designs in development.
  • Bucky wears a nerd sweater instead of a vest.
  • Russell, Trent, Wade and Tom wear sweaters over their shirts, which were present in their earlier designs.
  • Dan's picture is of his pre-release design, where he is doing a pose not done by any of the other students - He is also wearing his early tracksuit instead of a sweater.
  • Derby is misplaced between Dan and Davis. Early in development, Derby's original name was Darby. He also wears an ascot, present in his appearance only during Complete Mayhem.
  • Jimmy is shown in his early form. That's because his shirt has a straight vertical line with no buttons.
  • Pete is shown using his nickname known as "Petey", for some reason.
  • Karen's hair color is notably darker.
  • Zoe wears her casual outfit instead of her school uniform. It was possible that Zoe's school uniform wasn't designed yet. Strangely, this also goes over to the Anniversary Edition.

Room Trophy Oddities

The Room Trophies Jimmy can get while progressing through the game has some unusual details that most players tend not to notice.

The dodgeball is shown in an earlier design, as seen in the prerelease screenshots.

The jersey has a different design, as worn by Ted in that same portfolio.

Derby or Darby?

During development, Derby's original name was Darby. Jimmy calls Derby as "Darby", while some other characters refer to him as Derby. He is even listed in the wrong order in the Yearbook.

Mandy Poster HUD Graphic

BullySE-HUDIcon MandPost.png

The HUD graphic of the poster from the mission Discretion Advised shows a graphic of the poster that is not seen anywhere else in the game, along with some unreadable text. It seems to be more suggestive, as Mandy is doing a pose in her pajamas that is not seen elsewhere. Judging by unused quotes, the unreadable text was most likely intended to be Mandy's phone number.

Vehicle Colors

Few people fail to notice that the scooter and the go-kart come in different colors. The Go-Kart is driveable in different colors, as it spawns at Bullworth Academy (after beating all of the Go-Kart races) with a random color. Strangely, the scooter only spawns in a white color, no matter what. To add to that, pedestrians can be seen riding scooters in different colors that can be stolen, but cannot be stored making the recolored scooters impossible to obtain.

Girls' Dorm Ambience Oddity

Sounds of girls chatting can be heard inside the empty bedroom near the first-floor back exit, even though there is nobody in the room and the door is wide open. It was likely that the door was supposed to be locked, much like some of the Boys' Dorm bedrooms.

Townies' Original Name

According to some of the lines of dialog and the data files in Bully, it seems that the Townies were originally known as the "Dropouts" earlier during development. It was likely changed to the "Townies", because Rockstar would probably get into trouble with the stereotypical deception of them in the game. It could probably be changed when Damon was still a Prep student, rather than a Jock in the final game, as his unused line reference the "Townies Hideout".

Music Changes

The music used for the mission Rats in The Library is MS_FinalShowdownLow, Mid and High, meaning this could've been the original theme for the Final Showdown Mission. Oddly enough, the real Final Showdown music track is named MS_FinalShowdown_03, making it possible that the Final Showdown music went through three iterations.

Regional Differences

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Title Screen

International Japan
BullySE Titlescreen.png BullySE Titlescreen Japan.png

The Japanese version removes Scholarship Edition from the bottom of the logo, so it just says Bully.