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Bully (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Canis Canem Edit (EU/AU)
Developer: Rockstar Vancouver
Publishers: Rockstar Games (US/EU/AU), Bethesda Softworks (JP)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: July 24, 2008
Released in US: October 17, 2006
Released in EU: October 25, 2006
Released in AU: October 27, 2006

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Bully, well known for being GTA but for teens, is a surprise release from Rockstar Games that changes up the usual violent setting of their games (especially the Grand Theft Auto series).

Even though it attracted a lot of controversy from parental and anti-bullying groups and turned out a bit rushed, it is still considered to be quite a fun title.

It received a remaster in 2008 featuring extra content called Bully: Scholarship Edition, for Xbox 360, Wii, and PC.

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Unused Dialogue
"Looking pretty scrawny there, pal!"
Unused Text
DAT TEXT *ba-dum crash*
Unused Music
Plenty of Christmas music!
Unused Sounds
Rollin' boulders, crying babies, and much more.
Unused Textures
Maybe the unused trophy icon can be used if this becomes a featured article...


Unused Missions


A mission known as Rendezvous.

According to its ID ("3_03"), this was supposed to be unlocked after the mission Bait in Chapter 3.

It involved Jimmy helping Lola to protect Tad from some Greasers, while they try to get along with each other.

The script is really unpolished, for example, it makes no use of any remaining quote in the files.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Unused Content

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Add much more content & pictures.

Welcome to Bullworth

The bullies that spawn in Welcome to Bullworth were meant to play a slightly larger role by appearing in a cutscene and surrounding the player.

Said cutscene will also spawn Miss Danvers behind them and makes her go inside the school.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Last Minute Shopping

There is leftover code in the script for Last Minute Shopping made to test the ending cinematic.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Character Sheets

2_S04.DAT contains:

  • Spawn point coordinates for a fourth nerd while retrieving the sheet from Troy and Davis.
  • Spawn points for Trent, Angie, and Seth. All meant for the scrapped fifth sheet.

Panty Raid

2_S06.DAT contains:

  • A spawn point for a bike, near the Come Hither store.
  • Early coordinates for Burton and Jimmy meant for the mission's outro.

Melody's role of finding Jimmy and pressing the fire alarm belonged to Beatrice, in fact, Melody is still internally referred to as Beatrice. Beatrice can still be seen in the second trailer of the game.

Weed Killer

2_08.DAT contains:

  • Some spawn point coordinates meant for preps after killing the plant.


This mission has a total of 3 .DAT files, one of them is unused and called "3_02_New", which, despite its name, actually contains outdated coordinates, from before the BMX Park was changed.

  • Several spawn points for Jimmy, preps, greasers and their respective bikes when getting inside the BMX Park.
  • Camera positions for the intro.
  • Paths for preps and greasers meant to be used when fighting.

The Rumble

3_06New.DAT contains:

  • Several spawn point coordinates meant for a scrapped intro involving the preps and the greasers.
Oddly enough, there are additional coordinates, separated from the others, that would spawn 5 more preps and 4 more greasers along with the other 6, for a total of 11 preps and 10 greasers.
In the final game, both the Greasers and the Preppies cliques only have 9 members each.
  • The camera positions for said intro.

Making a Mark

5_09.DAT contains:

  • A spawn point for Jimmy spawning inside the dorm.
  • Two spawn points for bikes at the school entrance.
  • A spawn point for Clint and his bike in Blue Skies.
  • Two spawn points meant for Jimmy's bike during the cutscene with Clint.
  • A spawn point for Clint's bike thief Lefty, a path for him that goes towards the bike and a fleeing path that goes to New Coventry.
  • 4 spawn points for greasers in New Coventry, right where Lefty's fleeing path ends.
  • A spawn point for a Pitbull in an unreachable area in Blue Skies and a path for it to use in unknown circumstances.
For some reason, the mission's ID in its spawn point is 5_06 (Busting In Part I) instead of 5_09.
  • 2 spawn points for deleted food items to distract the Pitbull with.
  • 4 spawn points for townies to defeat after obtaining paint.
  • A spawn point for Earnest in Bullworth Town and a path for him to approach Jimmy.
  • A bunch of spawn points for police officers and their vehicles.

Busting In Part II

5_07.DAT contains:

  • 4 coordinates for 2 police officers and their 2 respective vehicles, but only the first and third ones are used for a vehicle and an officer, respectively.
The second unused officer is spawned further from his vehicle, for some reason.
  • Coordinates for 3 more townies to defeat on your way to the Chemical Plant.
5_07_Cover08_02 doesn't have a facing direction specified, so the townie will face the wall unless manually rotated.
  • An early spawn point for Omar near the entrance to the Chem-o lot and a path for him that goes all the way to the top of the building, suggesting you may have chased him there, rather than meeting him already on the top.

End Credits

Chapt5Trans.DAT contains:

  • Coordinates for Constantinos. He is never spawned, so they are left unused.




Uninterruptible mode

At certain points of his boss fight, Russell would have entered an uninterruptible mode that changed his behavior. During this mode he would use an alternate fighting strafe, his attack pattern changed a bit, and some moves became uninterruptible. He would go back to the calm mode after performing certain moves. In the final version they made all moves uninterruptible by default.

Unknown attack

After pounding his chest, Russell will run towards his victim and perform either a boston crab or a powerbomb. There's a third, disabled attack where both him and his victim will A-Pose as the animations were deleted. If Russell happens to be touching a wall during its duration, it will transition into his wall-crash headbutt.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


This unused fighting style was supposed to be used by Russell in "Welcome to Bullworth" after defeating Wade. It consists of the 3 hit combo used by Bullies, although with different hit effects, and the chest bump featured in his boss fighting style.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)



Preppie fight idle

Partially unused Preppie fighting pose. It can be seen when grappler class Preppies strafe around, but in this case it's only animated from the waist up since they are walking. When standing still, no Preppie uses it.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


Bottle throw

Derby has an unused action to throw bottles that he would have used at certain points of his boss fight.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)



Greaser idle

An earlier idle animation that Greasers used still exists in the game, although it's part of the Dodgeball animations. It was meant to be reused in the strike out minigame as it can be found in its .cat.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


Grappler class Greaser fight idle

It portrays grapplers as more aggressive fighters unlike the final version, where they use a wrestling fighting pose.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


Grapple attack reversal

A reversal for the melee class Greasers grapple combo exists but is never used in the game. Sometimes both characters will glitch during this move.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


This unused fighting style was supposed to be used by Lucky and Ricky, and recycles moves from other greaser fighting styles. It consists of a right hook and knee strike combo and a standalone knee strike.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


This fighting style was supposed to be used by Norton while holding his sledgehammer for his boss fight. It became unused as when Norton holds his sledgehammer, the game automatically sets him SledgeHammer.cat instead. It has a few differences like different walking animation, a stomp attack, a taunt, different uninterruptible properties, and a different attack pattern.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


Rising attack

Johnny has an unused spinning kick that is unblockable and launches away. It was meant to be used when rising from the floor and also under other certain conditions during his boss fight. He was originally planned to be a Tae Kwon Do fighter and this was one of his moves.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)



Striker_A Class Nerd idle

This was meant to be reused in the Dodgeball minigame as it can be found in one of its .cat files.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


Striker_A Class Nerd fight idle

This portrays fat nerds as more insecure fighters than usual. It was meant to be reused in "Stronghold Assault" as it can be found in its .cat.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


Vomit attack

Algernon has an unused vomit attack that can break defense. At a medium distance from an enemy, his AI will pick between a 2 hit combo, an arm flail attack, or the vomit attack. Since the random factor is missing from medium distance attacks, he will never pick the vomit attack. The vomit action was recycled into missions such as "The Big Game" and random free roam events.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)



Shoulder ram attack

Melee class Jocks have an unused shoulder ram attack that deals massive damage, is unblockable and knocks down. At a medium distance from an enemy, their AI will pick between a 2 hit combo, a charged punch or the shoulder ram. Since the random factor is missing for medium distance attacks, they will always pick the charged punch, leaving the shoulder ram unused.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


This is a variation of J_Striker_A.cat, the fighting style used by striker class Jocks. The football tackle is glitched as Ted and his victim don't sync correctly until the end of it, has a unique football throw animation (similar to "Jock Boss Fight"), can evade almost every projectile in the game and has a unique blocking style that protects him from Jimmy's unblockable attacks. Said block can glitch in some instances, leaving Ted frozen in blocking position until he's hit again. Both his evade and football throw feature an effect called BodyMotionBlur that is almost never used in the game. It was most likely intended to be used in his boss fight.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)



Townie fight idle

Unlike the default fighting pose, this one portrays them as experienced fighters. It was meant to be reused in "Townie Challenge" as it can be found in its .cat.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


This unused fighting strafe was supposed to be used by striker class townies and reflects their savage side when it comes to fighting. Grappler class Townies had a similar variation called Straf_Savage that, in the final game, ended up being used by asylum inmates.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)



Grappler class Townies have an unused bite attack that also reflected their savage side, however, asylum inmates use it in the final game. Most attacks in the game fall under the "short range" or "medium range" category and the AI will use the best suitable one depending on the situation. The bite attack in DO_Grappler_A.cat doesn't fall into any of those categories so the AI will never perform it.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)


Unused fighting style made for melee class Townies. All moves are gone so it's unknown how it was supposed to work.


Evade and counterattack

Edgar will drop to the floor and get up performing a long-range, unblockable knee strike counterattack. If the knee strike hits someone Edgar will bounce away a bit, although this action is glitched and he will most likely face the wrong direction. The evade and counterattack can only be seen by making him drop his pipe during his boss fight, which the game never encourages you to, making it partially unused. He also has a completely unused variation of the evade where he gets up normally without a knee strike.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)



The cutscene meant for Rendezvous.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Fighting Johnny Vincent Unused Cutscene

A cutscene meant to play when the magnet was activated.

In the final game, Johnny does the same animation, but while in-game.

He doesn't lose his lead pipe in this cutscene.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Nerd Boss Fight Unused Cutscenes

Two cutscenes of Earnest leaping from platform to platform.

These were replaced with short in-game scenes instead.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Busting In Part II

A cutscene intended for Busting In Part II.

This seems to be a pretty old leftover, seeing as in the final game Part 2 starts immediately after Part 1, in Blue Skies.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Showdown at the Plant Confrontation Scene

There is an unused cutscene of Jimmy confronting Edgar before the second and final phase of the fight.

Like the cutscene above, it has inconsistencies with the final plot, here Jimmy already knows Gary is behind Edgar's behavior.

(Source: SimonBestia)



A snowman in the Football Field.

There are a total of 14 snowmen that spawn at the beginning of Chapter 3. While only used as decorations in the final game, they were supposed to be destroyed, like Halloween Pumpkins and Tombstones.

The reward for destroying all of them is unknown.


Unused Minigames

Wrestling Class

In the final game, Gym Class has 2 Wrestling lessons, while the other 3 are Dodgeball sessions. However, Gym Class was originally just Wrestling Class, Dodgeball was just a side minigame.

The script for Wrestling Class still contains the remaining 3 Wrestling classes:

Wrestling 3

Opponent: Bob


Reverse three grapples to continue the class.

In this class, you fight against the removed student Bob.

The script for this seems to be incomplete since you automatically pass the class if the timer runs out.

Bob doesn't play the "knocked out" animation when you complete the class.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery), SimonBestia (Recording))

Wrestling 4

Opponent: Bob


Use all the skills you've learned to defeat your opponent.
(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery), SimonBestia (Recording))

Wrestling 5

Opponent: Luis


Lets see if you can defeat Luis.

The intro for this class features a unique camera angle that focuses on Luis as he plays some animations. The camera, however, is a bit too close to him.

The subtitles feature a minor change, Mr. Burton says "You and Hopkins are first up." but they read "You and Hopkins are up first."

The objective of this class doesn't have an apostrophe in the word "Let's".

(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery), SimonBestia (Recording))

Test Scripts


A script called PhotoFilters likely made to test Photography Class.

Its script contains up to 5 classes, only 2 of which are scripted.

The first class can't be played as the script will always play the second one. You were supposed to take pictures of Dr. Crabblesnitch as he roamed inside the school.

In the second class, the game spawns a lot of banners around the school grounds and gives the objective of taking 15 pictures of them.

Some of the banners are placed in weird positions, implying the campus might have been different at one point.

  • There's a floating banner in the parking lot, where an arch was going to be.
  • There's a floating banner on the school's roof.
  • There's a floating banner on top of the school's mascot statue. The script's .DAT file refers to it as "AngelStatue".
  • The banner on the Pool building is floating in mid-air and is positioned in front of the window.
(Source: SimonBestia)


Unused Areas

Cafeteria Kitchen

Area ID 3 was meant for the Cafeteria; it had its own interior, separated from the main school one.


Area ID 7 was meant for the cut Infirmary interior.

1st Floor Bathroom

Area ID 10 was meant for the bathroom on the first floor of the academy.

In the final game, there are 2 bathrooms per floor in the main school interior, but the name of this one hints at a single bathroom.

It is referred to as "Boys Bathroom" in the timecycE.DAT file.

2nd Floor Bathroom

Same as the previous one, its Area ID is 11.

It is referred to as "Girls Bathroom" in the timecycE.DAT file.

Wrestling Gym

Area ID 12 seems to indicate that at one point the wrestling gym had its own interior.

Nerd Fortress

Area ID 21 may have been an earlier version of the Observatory.

Island 3

Area ID 22 belongs to Island 3, a test area that was almost entirely removed.

Its files were brought back but remain unused in the 360 and PC versions of Scholarship Edition, where it can be properly explored via modding.


Area ID 24 was intended for the cut Attic interior.

Some references of it still exist in the leftover .DAT file for the cut mission The Paddle.


Area ID 25 might have been where the final Funhouse interior would be located.

The final one uses House Of Mirrors, an earlier version of the Funhouse.

Fireworks Store

Area ID 28 was meant for the cut "Rocket In My Pocket" store.

Test Area

Area ID 31 belongs to Test Area, like Island 3, it was almost entirely removed, but can be explored via modding in the 360 and PC versions of Scholarship Edition.

Indoor Go-Kart Track

Area ID 41, nothing is known about this.

Record Store

Area ID 44 was meant for the supposedly Xbox-exclusive music store.


Area ID 47, nothing is known about this.

Go-Kart Track 2

Area ID 48 was meant for a second go-kart track at the carnival.

An unused song for it still exists in the game's files.

Gift Shop

Area ID 49 was meant for a scrapped shop at the carnival.

Nerd Hideout

Area 58 is an unused area ID meant for the Nerd Hideout; it originally had its own interior, separated from the Comic Store.

Jimmy in Area 58.

Only some doors remain, using one of them properly teleports the player outside of the back entrance, while the other 2 doors use the model meant for doors in the Boys' Dorm, probably used as placeholders.

An earlier version of the comic book store (when it was known as the Dragon's Head) was seen in a press kit screenshot, and the doorway seems to have been completely decorative rather than functional.


Area ID 63, the last interior ID, is simply named "Library". It shares the same name with the school's library interior.

Nothing is known about this.

It is referred to as "Library2" in the timecycE.DAT file.

This area may have originally been an interior of its own and then merged with the library, as suggested by the secret hole in the library.

Hidden Geometry

To do:
Anything else?


Chapter 1 Carnival Barricade

The barricade blocking the tunnel.

During Chapter 1, a barricade in front of the tunnel leading to the carnival is present. It's impossible to see it as Jimmy can't leave the academy during that chapter.


Janitor's Room

Jimmy in the Janitor Room.

An empty room that can be found on the second floor of Bullworth Academy.

If Jimmy manages to get inside, the noise of water dripping can be heard. It's possible that this was the Janitor's Room, before it got moved to the school basement.

Rooftop Stairway

The stairway leading to the roof door.
Bully Roof Access2.png

A stairway to the rooftop can be found on the second floor of the academy building.

In Complete Mayhem, Jimmy was originally going to chase Gary all the way to the rooftop. In the final version, that part is just a cutscene, and neither Jimmy nor Gary are seen using the rooftop stairs.


View of the stairs behind the door.

The stairs behind the locked door in the basement.

They can never be seen due to the door being locked.


The hole, normally covered by a bookshelf.

A bookshelf on the second floor of the library covers a hole in the wall that would have led to a secret extension of the library.

(Source: marcd)

Boys' Dorm Second Floor Bathroom Mirror

There's an unused mirror reflection above the left side of the lounge. This was likely the same bathroom seen in this prerelease screenshot on the left.

Prerelease Screenshot Leftover Reflection
Bully Prerelease BoysDormBathroomMirror.jpg BullySE-BoysDormBathroomRemaints.png

Industrial Park Tattoo Trailer

The Tattoo trailer has a lot more detail that is obscured due to the fixed camera angle.

BullySE-Less Obscured Side-TTrailer.png BullySE-More Obscured Side-TTrailer.png


BullySE AuditoriumRoom.png

There is a small room that's impossible to notice as you can't turn around during The Candidate.


The Junkyard is its own interior, not an actual extension of New Coventry. It contains some extra details not present in the final version of New Coventry.

New Coventry Junkyard
BullySE NewCoventryLamp1.png BullySE JunkyardLamp1.png
BullySE NewCoventryLamp2.png BullySE JunkyardLamp2.png
BullySE NewCoventryAlleyway.png BullySE JunkyardAlleyway.png
BullySE NewCoventryRamp.png BullySE JunkyardRamp.png
  • Two lamps have been removed from the main map.
  • A layout change. There may have been an alleyway between the police station and the other building.
  • A ramp and a Beam Cola sign have been removed from the main map.

Unused Transitions


  • Roof

The Roof Access door is always locked and so is the rooftop door.
If unlocked via modding, they will be fully functional, meaning that at one point the doors used to be unlocked.
(Source: SimonBestia)
  • Chemistry Class

Next to the English Class on the first floor, there's a door which, if unlocked via modding, will teleport Jimmy to the Chemistry Classroom.
While inside the Chemistry Classroom itself, if Jimmy walks near the door, he will be teleported to some very early coordinates for the School, far from the interior itself.
(Source: SimonBestia)
Bully ChemistryClassTransition.png

"DT_ISCHOOL_CHEM" is a door located on the second floor near the Roof Access and Math Class doors.

If unlocked via modding, Jimmy will try to enter the class, but its transition was disabled, resulting in a softlock.

Its name implies it used to be the Chemistry Class at one point.

  • Biology Class

The Biology Class door is fully functional, if unlocked via modding.
The door inside the interior isn't programmed to be a transition door, meaning there's no way to leave this class without modding.
(Source: SimonBestia)
  • Basement

When Jimmy enters the basement at the Bullworth Academy grounds, he won't be able to go out from the way he came in as the door is locked, and yet a set of untextured stairs are hidden behind it.
If unlocked via modding, the door will be fully functional.
(Source: SimonBestia)
  • English Class

The English Class' interior is treated internally as a generic classroom and is scripted to get Jimmy's coordinates before he enters in it.
If Jimmy teleports to its interior via modding and then leaves the interior, the game will teleport him to its default exit coordinates, which are on the removed third floor of the academy.
If Jimmy enters in it using the Home Economics door (which is locked and only used by other peds), the game will teleport him in front of it when he leaves the classroom.
(Source: SimonBestia)
  • Art Class

The door for Art Class is fully functional, if unlocked via modding.
The door inside the interior can't be interacted with, meaning Jimmy can't leave the class without modding.
(Source: SimonBestia)

Boys' Dorm

There is an unused entrance point from the left side of the Boys' Dorm which can't normally be accessed.

If Jimmy enters in it, he will fall through the building onto the first floor of the dorm, due to no collision remaining for the second floor.

(Source: SimonBestia)


The Autoshop door is fully functional, if unlocked via modding.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Chemical Plant

The Chemical Plant door is fully functional, if unlocked via modding.

Note how the geometry behind the door matches the early entrance when leaving the building.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Rocket In My Pocket

There are three doors around Bullworth meant for this store, if unlocked via modding, Jimmy will try to enter in the store, but seeing as the interior was removed and its transitions were disabled, the game will softlock.

Girls' Dorm

The door at the side of the Girls' Dorm building is locked on the outside.

It is fully functional, if unlocked via modding.

(Source: SimonBestia)


Bully AsylumSideDoor.png

The infamous door at the side of the Asylum is locked from the inside, meaning it is impossible to leave the area and will result in players getting stuck.

If unlocked via modding, Jimmy will try to interact with the door, but its transition was disabled, resulting in a softlock.

Record Store

Bully RecordStoreTransition.png

Near the Worn In clothing store, there is a generic building that was originally meant to be the Record Store.

Like Rocket In My Pocket, its door is still programmed to be interacted with but its interior was deleted and its transition was disabled, so it leads nowhere and causes the game to softlock.

BMX Track

A generic building's door in Blue Skies will teleport the player to the BMX Park interior, if unlocked via modding.

The coordinates seem to be outdated, as Jimmy will spawn in the void, near the actual BMX Park.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Development Oversights


Busting In Part II

This mission's .DAT file spawns several items, but 7 of which are placed on unreachable buildings.

(Source: TheNathanNS)


Class Door Leftover

Bully SchoolDoorLeftover.png BullySE SchoolDoorLeftover.png

Behind one of the walls on the second floor of the school, there is a window that would go on top of a door, this is a leftover from earlier in development and matches with one of the pre-rendered images of the school. It's entirely black on PS2 due to a lack of lighting.


Pre-rendered Screens

Behind every door that leads inside or outside somewhere, there are low-quality textures showing a picture of where you're going.

These seem to have been taken early in development since there are textures meant for interiors that aren't even accessible in the final game or were removed entirely.


BullySE-SC AudiScreenA.png BullySE-SC AudiScreenB.png BullySE-SC HallScreen.png BullySE-SC HallScreen1.png BullySE-SC MHallScreen5.png BullySE-SC MHallScreen7.png

These textures show the interior of the school being pretty different, SC_MHallScreen5 even shows the removed third floor.

Main Map - Day

BullySE-SC ObservScreen1.png BullySE-SC PoolScreen1.png BullySE-SC PrepScreen1.png

BullySE-SC RoofScreen1.png BullySE-SC SCMainScreen1.png BullySE-BU BarbrScreen1.png BullySE-BU BikeScreen1.png

BullySE-BU ClothpScreen1.png BullySE-BU ComScreen1.png BullySE-BU GrocyScreen1.png BullySE-RC BoxingScreen1.png BullySE-RC ClothRScreen1.png

BullySE-RC iPrepSScreen1.png BullySE-RC SalonScreen1.png BullySE-PR BarbScreen1.png BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen3.png

BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen5.png BullySE-IN iChemScreen1.png BullySE-IN iDropSScreen1.png

Most of them show at least one interesting thing. SC_SCMainScreen1 for example, still shows the removed second floor of the Boys' Dorm.

Main Map - Night

BullySE-SC ObservScreen2.png BullySE-SC PoolScreen2.png BullySE-SC PrepScreen2.png

BullySE-SC Roofscreen2.png BullySE-SC SCMainScreen2.png BullySE-BU BarbrScreen2.png BullySE-BU BikeScreen2.png

BullySE-BU ClothpScreen2.png BullySE-BU ComScreen2.png BullySE-BU GrocyScreen2.png BullySE-RC BoxingScreen2.png BullySE-RC ClothRScreen2.png

BullySE-RC iPrepSScreen2.png BullySE-RC SalonScreen2.png BullySE-PR BarbScreen2.png BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen4.png

BullySE-IN iAsylumScreen6.png BullySE-IN iChemScreen2.png BullySE-IN iDropSScrren2.png

Night variations.


BullySE-CN00 Screen1.png BullySE-CN00 Screen2.png

BullySE-CN00 Screen3.png BullySE-CN00 Screen4.png

BullySE-CN00 Screen5.png BullySE-CN00 Screen6.png

These textures are different from the others, they are in a higher-resolution but are lower-quality, they're also from a much closer version to the final.

CN00_Screen1 and CN00_Screen2 still show the removed Gifts shop.


Saw Mill Smoke Particle

BullySE SawMillSmoke.png

There is some smoke coming out of nowhere in the sky on top of a small island near Blue Skies.

This is one of the very few leftovers of the Saw Mill.

Paint Supply Smoke Particle

Bully BlueSkiesSmoke.png

There is some smoke coming out of nowhere on top of the Paint Supply building in Blue Skies.

Floating light beam

Bully FloatingLightBeam.png

There is a light beam in Old Bullworth Vale that can be seen at night not attached to any street lamp.

Since light beams automatically spawn on a street lamp in the final game, it is possible the developers had to spawn light beams manually earlier in development, and they just forgot to remove this one.

Unknown shadow

Bully UnknownShadow.png

A shadow is on the ground in Old Bullworth Vale, nothing is on top of it, though.

Out of bounds library lights

Bully OutOfBoundsLibraryLights1.png
Bully OutOfBoundsLibraryLights2.png

There are lights behind the walls on both left and right sides of the library.

Sound Effects

Staff Room's pendulum clock

A pendulum clock can be heard while inside the Staff Room, and yet it is nowhere to be seen.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Boxing Club's coffee machine

A coffee machine can be heard on the second floor of the Boxing Club, but it's nowhere to be seen.

A model for it exists, but is unused.

(Source: SimonBestia)


Blue Skies

Buildings' rooftop collision

Only buildings with a role in the game have collision for their rooftop, and yet there are buildings in Blue Skies with it, even though they aren't reachable and don't play any role in the story.

Some items spawn on these buildings during Busting In Part II.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Wonder Meats

There is collision on top of the Wonder Meats building, it's pretty basic and doesn't seem to match the shape of the actual building.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Spazz Industries

There is some collision all over the Spazz Industries building, the player can't explore most of it due to a wall blocking the way.

During Revenge on Mr. Burton, the player was originally meant to obtain bolt cutters from here, but they were moved to Bullworth Town.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Chemical Plant early entrance

The early entrance for the chemical plant can still be seen, but it's impossible to reach without modding.

The walls and the fence don't have collision.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Principal's Office

There is collision for a tiny room on the left side of the office.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Harrington House

There is a big chunk of collision behind the closed doors on the first floor of Harrington House.

The interior's .DAT file suggests it was going to be a lounge area, as the blocked doors are called Door_PrepHouse_Lounge and Door_PrepHouse_Lounge_02.

(Source: SimonBestia)


Bullworth Town Movie Teather


If one looks very closely at the broken doors around the closed-down cinema in Bullworth Town, a doorway can be seen. Earlier in development, the cinema was actually operational and the Movie Tickets mission took place there rather than at the cinema in Old Bullworth Vale.


Old Bullworth Vale Bus

Bully TiltedBus.png

The bus that comes to pick you up from the bus stop in Old Bullworth Vale near the Burgers store is tilted, even though the road is flat. This might suggest a possible layout change in the map.

Misplaced Bricks

Bully MisplacedBricks.png

Behind the Police Station near the Tenements in New Coventry, there are some bricks that are impossible to pick up.

Broken POI

Bully BrokenPOI.png

The bench near the Pool building is shorter than the one near the Gym building to accommodate for a climbable ladder, despite this, a ped may sometimes try to sit next to it but will fail to do so and just stand for a couple of seconds before leaving.

The bench was probably longer earlier in development, and after adding the ladder and shortening the bench, this POI was broken.

Mute Peds

Juri, Bo and Justin don't have a voice while using their alternate gym uniform models.

Damon also lacks his voice in his alternate model, but can't normally be seen in free roam.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Unseen Details



This texture belongs to the medicine you give to a Hobo during an errand.


QTY: 90



Take when unhappy, bored with life

Or just to fit in and be cool.

James Indago Refill 20 of 20

Dr. Wilbur Brunum

Refill after 10-15-2005

Strangely, the label is dated October 15, 2005, which was likely the planned release date of the video game and may have been an old leftover.


Bully NS00 gamedude.png

There is an early screenshot displayed on the Game Boy knockoff that lurks in the Nerds' Hideout, albeit in a very low resolution. Details like a slightly earlier design of the Bullworth students and the old walking style can be seen here.

TestC0 & C1

BULLY TestC0 00.pngBULLY TestC0 01.pngBULLY TestC0 02.pngBULLY TestC0 03.png

While these graphics are used for a cutscene, they seem to be in two separate texture files, even though they're both exactly the same. Also, it may have been related to the scrapped television-watching system which would likely later be retooled for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Full Timecycle

To do:
Make a video of the time cycle of all seasons and weather types.

The game has a full 24-hour time cycle, even though Jimmy normally passes out at 2 AM and wakes up at only 8 AM. It may have been possible that Jimmy was supposed to stay up all night, and do some odd jobs, much like the mainline Grand Theft Auto games.

This unused time cycle can be seen via a certain glitch that only works on the PlayStation 2 version, even though the glitch cannot be done in the fall season. It was fixed in Scholarship Edition.

Unused Functions

To do:
There's more.


Unknown. Might've been related to the scrapped bike customization system.


When set to False, it unlocks the framerate of the game.

Breaks some of the in-game QTEs, making them much harder and speeds up some scripted camera movements. This is technically used after the Boxing Minigame, but is set to True, even though it's never set to False to begin with.


Makes a specified ped attack a specified car.


Similar to the previous one, but doesn't seem to work.


Was going to be used in an earlier version of Prep Challenge.


Unknown Interaction Spots

Observatory Door

The Observatory door is interactable, it won't show any prompt text, though.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Bullworth Town Ramp

Just at the back of the closed cinema in Bullworth Town lies a broken intractable spot behind the ramp.

(Source: SimonBestia)


There is an unknown interaction spot where the crane's control area is located.

Perhaps Jimmy was supposed to press it during the boss fight in Fighting Johnny Vincent?

(Source: SimonBestia)

Chemical Plant Elevator

Via modding, Jimmy can get inside the elevator inside the power plant, and it is fully functional during the mission Showdown at the Plant.

It's possible Jimmy was supposed to use this elevator at some point during said mission, earlier in development.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery), SimonBestia (Recording))

Art Class Brush

Bully ArtClassBrush.png

The instructions for Art Class mention a power-up called Brush; it, however, is unused.

This was fixed on the Wii and PC versions of Scholarship Edition.

(Source: EdgarPrastio)

Unknown Cheat Code

Holding L1 and pressing DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN on a second controller will display the text "cheat activated".

The cheat doesn't actually seem to do anything.


Police Station/Pizza Parlor

Cornelius refers to a pizza parlor in New Coventry during the mission Wrong Part of Town. In the final game, no such parlor exists - it was replaced with a police station, likely because there wasn't a spawn point where Jimmy would be after being busted. The pizza parlor's ambience music can still be heard emitting from the police station.

David Byun's 3D Portfolio Final
Bully Prerelease Pizzashop01.jpg BullySE-PizzaParlorPoliceFINAL.png

The pizza parlor, as seen in David Byun's website, was originally called "Sponge Crust Pizza". Byun was in charge of graphic art for the game.

Greaser Hideout Restroom

Jimmy in the Hideout's bathroom.

There is a restroom door in the hideout that is always locked but is unlocked after beating the game.

This is because this door shares the same name as the door in the library, which gets unlocked after beating Ted in Complete Mayhem.

Strange Tenements Room

Jimmy in Norton's empty room.

The mission The Tenements spawns a door that locks an empty room that is otherwise accessible.

This door is called "BossFight_NortonsDoor", meaning the Norton boss fight was supposed to take place in this small, empty room rather than in the bigger, expansive room on the top floor with breakable walls.

Unpathed Area

A small area in the Happy Endings Retirement Home isn't pathable to peds.

(Source: SimonBestia)



BullySE Yearbook.gif

The Yearbook on the PS2, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game appear to be using pictures from pre-release designs:

  • Any student that wears glasses lacks them.
  • Bucky wears a nerd sweater instead of a vest.
  • Chad wears an earring, which was present in his original design.
  • Dan's picture is of his pre-release design, where he is doing a pose not done by any of the other students - He is also wearing his early tracksuit instead of a sweater.
  • Derby is misplaced between Dan and Davis. Early in development, Derby's original name was Darby. He also wears an ascot, present in his appearance only during Complete Mayhem.
  • Jimmy is shown with his early model.
  • Karen's hair color is notably darker.
  • Pete is shown using his nickname known as "Petey", for some reason.
  • Russell, Trent, Wade and Tom wear sweaters over their shirts, which were present in their earlier designs.
  • Tad and Gord are wearing sweaters instead of vests, which were their designs in development.
  • Zoe wears her casual outfit instead of her school uniform. It's possible that Zoe's school uniform wasn't designed yet. Strangely, this also goes over to the Anniversary Edition.

Lola Icons

These Lola icons share the same name, meaning that during the mission The Tenements in Chapter 3, the game will randomly pick one between the two.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Room Trophies

The Room Trophies Jimmy can get while progressing through the game seem to have been made earlier in development.

Mandy Poster HUD Graphic

BullySE-HUDIcon MandPost.png

The HUD graphic of the poster from the mission Discretion Assured shows a graphic of the poster that is not seen anywhere else in the game, along with some unreadable text. It seems to be more suggestive, as Mandy is doing a pose in her pajamas that are not seen elsewhere. Judging by unused quotes, the unreadable text was most likely intended to be Mandy's phone number.


Derby or Darby?

While the character Derby Harrington is called like that by all of the game's text, this is very noticeably contradicted by all the characters' voice clips every time he's mentioned, he's even misplaced in the Yearbook. This makes it clear that his name was originally Darby but was changed very poorly in the form of text-only, and so he's called in two ways in the game.

Townies' Original Name

The Townies were originally known as "Dropouts". Like with Darby, this was changed late into development, as such, they are referred with both terms throughout the game. For example, they are still referred to as "Dropouts" in Busting In Part I.

Vehicle Colors

The Scooter and the Go-Kart come in different colors. The Go-Kart is driveable in different colors, as it spawns at Bullworth Academy (after beating all of the Go-Kart races) with a random color. Strangely, the scooter only spawns in white color, no matter what. Pedestrians can, however, be seen riding scooters in different colors that can be stolen, but not stored, making the recolored scooters impossible to obtain.

Music Changes

Punishment Detention

The track used during detention is "MS_CarnivalFunhouseMaze".

"MS_PunishmentDetention" is only used in Preppies Vandalized. This may have been changed late into development, since the unused Graffiti Cleanup detention still uses it.

Help Gary

While in the basement during Help Gary, the game plays "MS_CarnivalFunhouseMiner".

Rats in the Library

The tracks used for the mission Rats in the Library are codenamed "MS_FinalShowdown" meaning they were the original themes for the Final Showdown mission, the used music tracks are labeled "MS_FinalShowdown03", making it possible that the song went through at least three iterations. No tracks with "MS_FinalShowdown02" can be found in the files.

Regional Differences

The game in European regions is called Canis Canem Edit, so almost all instances of the game's title were changed to match.

Title Screen

Bully-title.png Canis Canem Edit-title.png

Intro Screen

Bully LogoIntroNTSC.png Bully LogoIntroPALNTSC-J.png

Loading Icons

Bully BullyB2.png Bully BullyB3.png

The icons spell out "B-U-L-L-Y" in the US version, they were replaced with different variations of the Bullworth Academy shield in the European and Japanese versions.