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Bully (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Canis Canem Edit (EU/AU)
Developer: Rockstar Vancouver
Publishers: Rockstar Games (US/EU/AU), Bethesda Softworks (JP)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: July 24, 2008
Released in US: October 17, 2006
Released in EU: October 25, 2006
Released in AU: October 27, 2006

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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Bully, considered by many to be GTA but for kids, is a surprise release from Rockstar Games that changes up the usual violent setting of their games.

It received a remaster in 2008 featuring extra content called Bully: Scholarship Edition, for Xbox 360, Wii, and PC.

To do:
Some of the content on the Scholarship Edition (Windows) article belongs here.

Basically almost every single category requires expansion:

  • More unused audio.
  • More unused text.
  • More unused freeroam/mission/minigame content.
  • More unused textures.
  • More unused actions/animations.
  • More unused objects/models.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.


Unused Audio
Must be AT LEAST a fourth of the game's total size.
Unused Text
DAT TEXT *ba-dum crash*
Bully Library2Entrance.png
Unused and Changed Areas
Bullworth became a very quiet town after its only music store was closed down.
BullySE-HUDIcon Trophy.png
Unused Textures
Maybe the unused trophy icon can be used if this becomes a featured article...
Unused Actions and Animations
Lots of cartoony stuff.
Unused Objects and Models
Whoever wrote "Population: 128,000" on Bullworth's sign is a liar.
Bully AsylumSideDoor.png
Development Leftovers and Oversights
A typo?! In a AAA production?!

Scripted Content

Unused Cutscene Content
And... cut! From the game...
Unused Freeroam Content
Imagine going to a blip on the map, it disappears, and you wait an enternity for it to come back but nothing ever happens.
Bully MI Missionsec.png
Unused Mission Content
Why did Last Minute Shopping involve so many police officers?!

Debug Options

Some of these options have been manually bound to Controller 1 to be toggleable. They can be changed to be bound to Controller 2 by changing the address that starts with D0 to:

Player 1 Player 2
EUR D06D6A42 D06D6B42

General Information

BullyPS2-FIN DebugDisp-1.png

This option shows the current framerate, position, how long the game has been running, and how many peds and vehicles are loaded on the bottom left side of the screen.

EUR 005E6710 00000001
JPN 005EB710 00000001
USA 005E5A88 00000001

Button Inputs

Graphical Mode Textual Mode
BullyPS2-FIN DebugDisp-2.png BullyPS2-FIN DebugDisp-2TextMode.png

Shows the last 16 buttons that were pressed for both Controller 1 and 2.
This option has both a textual as well as a graphical mode that can be toggled between each other using R3 + LEFT and R3 + RIGHT.

005E671C 00000001
D06D6A42 0000FFDB
005E6720 00000001
D06D6A42 0000FF7B
005E6720 00000000
005EB71C 00000001
005EB720 00000001
D06DEDC2 0000FF7B
005EB720 00000000
005E5A94 00000001
D06D5DC2 0000FFDB
005E5A98 00000001
D06D5DC2 0000FF7B
005E5A98 00000000

One Hit Kills

With this, Jimmy can knock out anyone with ease.
This option may cause several missions to softlock, therefore it has been made toggleable here with R3 + UP and R3 + DOWN.

D06D6A42 0000FFEB
005E6724 00000001
D06D6A42 0000FFBB
005E6724 00000000
005EB724 00000001
005EB724 00000000
D06D5DC2 0000FFEB
005E5A9C 00000001
D06D5DC2 0000FFBB
005E5A9C 00000000


Makes Jimmy invulnerable to damage, as well as prevents him from automatically passing out at 2 AM. An alternate code to just prevent him from falling asleep without making him unable to take damage can be found here.

EUR 005E66E8 00000001
JPN 005EB6E8 00000001
USA 005E5A60 00000001
(Source: Edness)

Unused Functionality

Time of Day

BullyPS2-FIN ~tod~.png

An unused text command that can be brought up by putting ~tod~ in a string.
It will display the current in-game time and update it live.

Speech Information

A seemingly unused debug function that's meant to display speech information during interaction.
It "prints" all the necessary strings for this in memory, but doesn't display it anywhere. This function is located at the address 00453D40 (EUR), 00454BA0 (JPN), 004532B0 (USA).

A few examples of what it stores in memory - Jimmy greeting a non-clique student, students chatting, and a bully taunting a nerd.


The TargetFaction: string requires another value to not be 0, which it normally is. That can be enabled with the following code:

EUR 00712FC4 00000001
JPN 0071B344 00000001
USA 00712344 00000001
(Source: Edness)

Button History

Bully ButtonHistoryHUD.png

ID 21 is an unused HUD element called Button_History that displays the button history.
Holding a button will display the text "hold" on top of the icon, and pressing two buttons at once will display the unused Bar_iconhealth in between their icons.
Icons will disappear after about 3 seconds.


Unused Scripts


The script for the scrapped mission known as Rendezvous.

According to its ID, the mission would become available after Bait in Chapter III.

It involved Jimmy helping Lola to protect Tad from some greasers, while they try to get along with each other.

The script is really unpolished and it makes no use of any of the remaining quotes in the files.


The script for what seems to be a scrapped introduction to Chapter III.

It spawns Jimmy in his room on the second floor of the Boys' Dorm, and Justin, Pedro, and Trevor on the first floor, and makes them start conversing once Jimmy gets near where the stairs used to be.

Like 3_03.lur, the script is unpolished. It doesn't use any of the remaining quotes and will crash the game as it tries to load a splash screen texture that was removed.

Unused Missions

Valid IDs that are registered within the game and therefore can be launched, but have no leftovers to do so properly.

Mission ID Notes
Post_1_03 chap1.act calls it Post1.03_Respect Tutorial Mission.
Its post1_03.lur script is missing.

Scrapped Missions

Unique IDs mentioned by various leftover files that aren't registered at all.

Mission ID Notes
1_R01 Unknown.
2_SS01 Unknown.
2_S07 It would later partially reappear on Scholarship Edition as Small Offences.
2_R04 One of its few leftover files (2_R04.lur), shows it was meant to be a firefighter job.
3_03 Meant for Rendezvous shown above.
3_07 Meant for the scrapped introduction described above.
3_R05 One of its few leftovers (3_R05ChemicalDeliv.agr), seems to imply it was meant for a mission called Chemical Deliveries.

It would later reappear in Scholarship Edition as Discreet Deliveries.

3_S08 It would later reappear on Scholarship Edition as Mailbox Armageddon.
3_R07 It would later reappear on Scholarship Edition as The Collector.
4_S11 It was meant for the mission The Paddle.


Unused Scripts

Wrestling Class

Wrestling Class has 5 classes like all the others, but only its first two classes are used as part of Gym Class (1 and 3, respectively), as the others launch Dodgeball sessions.
However, Gym Class was originally just Wrestling Class. Wrestling1.lur still contains code for the remaining 3 Wrestling classes:

Wrestling 3

In this class, you fight against the scrapped student Bob, and are tasked with reversing three grapples of his, then defeating him.

The script for this seems to be incomplete since you automatically pass the class if the timer runs out.

Bob doesn't play the "knocked out" animation when you complete the class.

Wrestling 4

In this class, you also fight against Bob, and are tasked with defeating him.

Wrestling 5

In this class, you fight against Luis and are tasked with defeating him.

The intro features a unique camera angle that focuses on Luis as he plays some animations. The camera, however, is a bit too close to him.

The subtitles feature a minor change, Mr. Burton says "You and Hopkins are first up." but they read "You and Hopkins are up first."

The objective of this class doesn't have an apostrophe in the word "Let's".

(Source: deadpoolXYZ (Discovery), SimonBestia (Recording))


An incomplete script for the scrapped Graffiti Clean-up minigame. It seems to be pretty unpolished, as the player isn't even given control.
Even then, without the Brush and the Graffiti to clean, this would still be impossible to complete.

Replacing the Snow Shoveling minigame's script is the only way to properly launch this, as they share the same data that determines which difficulty to set.
It's possible that Snow Shoveling was scripted on top of the remnants of this.

  • If Jimmy has been busted once, he and Seth will spawn at the school.
  • If Jimmy has been busted twice, he and Pirate Vence will spawn in Bullworth Town.
  • If Jimmy has been busted thrice, he and Pirate Vance will spawn in New Coventry.

Pirate Vance is likely not the intended ped meant for the script. His ID probably belonged to someone else earlier in development.

This script, unlike Lawn Mowing and Snow Shoveling, uses "MS_PunishmentDetention" for its background music, instead of "MS_CarnivalFunhouseMiner".



This was likely made to test Photography Class.
Its script contains up to 5 classes, only 2 of which are scripted.

The first class can't be played as the script will always play the second one. You were supposed to take pictures of Dr. Crabblesnitch as he roamed inside the school.
In the second class, the game spawns a lot of banners on school grounds and gives the objective of taking 15 pictures of them.

Some of the banners are placed in weird positions, implying the campus might have been different at one point.

  • There's a floating banner in the parking lot, where an arch was going to be.
  • There's a floating banner on the school's roof.
  • There's a floating banner on top of the school's mascot statue. (Interestingly, PhotoFilters.DAT refers to it as "AngelStatue".)
  • The banner on the Pool building is floating in mid-air and is positioned in front of the window.

Unused Minigames

There are valid IDs that are registered within the game and therefore can be launched, but have no leftovers to do so properly.

Minigame ID Notes
AG_SO Minigames.cat calls it ARCADE - Desert Fighter.
LunarLander Minigames.cat calls it ARCADE - Lunar Lander.
MGGandG Minigames.cat calls it ARCADE - Grottos and Gremlins.
MGNuclearRain Minigames.cat calls it ARCADE - Nuclear Rain.


These are valid IDs that also happen to have enough leftovers to be properly launched.


Minigames.act calls this ARCADE - DEMO.

This was made to test the Nut Shots minigame.

It teleports the player to English Class and starts the minigame.

It creates a few sprites and shapes constantly changing colors between red and blue.

Using the left analog stick allows manipulating the position of the rendering area while using the right analog stick allows stretching it.


Minigames.act calls this MINI - Lockpick.

This was made to test the Lockpicking minigame.

It teleports the player to English Class and starts the minigame.

It tries to print text for whether you win or lose, but the text type is not specified in the code, and even then, you can't lose this minigame, so you would only be able to see the victory text.

Although valid IDs, these don't have enough leftovers to be properly launched, unlike the ones above.

Minigame ID Notes
BMXRumble Minigames.cat calls it Test - BMX Rumble.

More of its leftovers were later brought back in Scholarship Edition.

GraffitiTest Debug.cat calls it Graffiti System Test.

More of its leftovers were later brought back in Scholarship Edition.

Scrapped Minigames

Unique IDs mentioned by various leftover files that aren't registered at all.

Minigame ID Notes
GarbagePunishment Unknown.

Unused Content

Wrestling Class

C3.DAT contains:

  • A second spawn point for the player.
  • A second spawn point for the opponent.
  • A spawn point for Mr. Burton.

Art Class

The unused Reversal power-up still mentioned in the instructions.
It never spawns as the script sets it a spawn rate of 0.

C5.DAT contains:

  • A spawn point for Dr. Crabblesnitch.
  • Spawn points for jocks.


Boxing.DAT contains:

  • A spawn point for a prep possibly to start the minigame.
  • An eighth spawn point for the cheering crowd.


The script for this minigame gets Jimmy's coordinates when starting it.
If he somehow happens to be near the coordinates meant for the minigame's unused second blip, in Old Bullworth Vale Gardens, it will take place there.

Every coordinate in the minigame with the exception of the camera has an equivalent of it meant for this location.
As the camera doesn't, and as such is still on the school campus, in the video here it is prevented from changing.

Unused Lua Functions

To do:
There's more.


Unknown. Might have been related to the scrapped bike customization system.




When set to False, it unlocks the framerate of the game.

Breaks some of the in-game QTEs, making them much harder, and speeds up some scripted camera movements. This is technically used after the Boxing Minigame, but is set to True, even though it's never set to False to begin with.


Makes a specified ped attack a specified car.


Similar to the previous one, but doesn't seem to work.

Miscellaneous Unused Content

Camera Presets


An unused camera preset for when riding vehicles.

The camera tends to follow Jimmy from the same perspective, rather than trying to always face his back.


An unused camera preset meant to be used in Stronghold Assault.

Its purpose is unknown.

Chapter Seven

Bully ChapterSevenMenu.png Peds not being able to reach the statue inside the Christmas tree

ID 6 is an unused chapter. When switched to it:

  • The "available tasks" menu will display "CHAPTER SEVEN : SUMMER" as the current Chapter.
  • The map's season is set to Fall.
  • Winter-only props are spawned along with Summer-only ones.

Timecycle and Weather

The game has a full 24-hour time cycle, even though Jimmy normally passes out at 2 AM and wakes up at only 8 AM. It may have been possible that Jimmy was supposed to stay up all night, and do some odd jobs, much like the Grand Theft Auto games.

It can be seen via a certain glitch (though it cannot be done in the fall season), via modding, or, alternatively, via the following codes that prevent you from passing out at 2 AM.

EUR 2020215C 10000029
JPN 2020225C 10000029
USA 20201C6C 10000029

Additionally, while not unused, the Hurricane weather can only be seen during the Snow Shoveling minigame in Chapter III, with snow. Its rainy variation is never seen.

All Chapters' timecycles and weather variations:

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter 6

(Source: Edness – codes)

Glow FX

effects.dat in the game's Config folder contains Glow Effects settings for some of the Areas. Some are disabled.

When enabled, the effect can be seen at:

Green Corona

Bully GreenCorona.png

ID 12 is an unused green version of the ground blip.

This was likely meant for Jobs, but those recycle the minigames' blue corona, instead.


Bully Snowman.png

The 14 snowmen that spawn at the beginning of Chapter III are listed along with the other collectibles in Collectibles.DAT as "_COLLECTIBLE_SNOWMAN".

They might have been meant to be destroyed for a reward at one point.

Hidden Details



This texture belongs to the medicine you give to the hobo Handy during an errand. While used, the text on it is not able to be seen clearly:


QTY: 90



Take when unhappy, bored with life

Or just to fit in and be cool.

James Indago Refill 20 of 20

Dr. Wilbur Brunum

Refill after 10-15-2005


Bully NS00 gamedude.png

There is an early screenshot displayed on the Game Boy knockoff that lurks in the Nerds' Hideout, albeit in a very low resolution.
Details like a slightly earlier design of the Bullworth students and the old walking style can be seen here.


Broken Cheat Code

BullyPS2-FIN UnknownCheat-Flashlight.png
BullyPS2-FIN UnknownCheat-SuperSpudgun.png

Holding L1 and pressing DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN on Controller 2 will display the line "Cheat activated."

The cheat by default doesn't actually seem to do anything, because the function that handles this specific cheat checks if a certain parameter of a weapon equals to 2, which no weapon in the game has*. This value 2 is an unused 2nd set for prank-specific weapons. The check can be patched with the codes below, which makes it ignore the aforementioned weapon parameter.

The patched cheat for the most part gives the same items as the 1st weapon set, with the only notable exceptions being the unobtainable Flashlight and the scrapped Super Spud gun.

*The normal weapon cheat that's activated by holding L1 and pressing UP, UP, UP, UP only gives weapons where this value equals to 1, and the remaining weapons have this value set to 0.
EUR 20296C0C 00000000
20296C10 00000000
JPN 20296D3C 00000000
20296D40 00000000
USA 2029662C 00000000
20296630 00000000
(Source: Edness)


Greaser Hideout Restroom

Jimmy in the Hideout's bathroom.

There is a restroom door in the hideout that is always locked but is unlocked after beating the game.

This is because this door shares the same name as the door in the library, which gets unlocked after beating Ted in Complete Mayhem.

Unaccessible Tenements Room

Jimmy inside the empty room.

The mission The Tenements spawns a door that locks an empty room that would otherwise be accessible.

This door is called "BossFight_NortonsDoor". It's possible Norton's boss fight was supposed to take place here, rather than in the bigger room on the other side of the building.

Unpathed Area

A small area in the Happy Endings Retirement Home isn't pathable to peds.


Duplicate Texture

While these graphics are used in the Help Bucky intro cutscene, they seem to be in two separate texture files (TestC0 & C1), even though they're both exactly the same.

BULLY TestC0 00.pngBULLY TestC0 01.pngBULLY TestC0 02.pngBULLY TestC0 03.png

Lola Icons

These Lola icons share the same name, meaning that during the mission The Tenements in Chapter III, the game will randomly pick one between the two.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Mandy Poster HUD Graphic

BullySE-HUDIcon MandPost.png

The HUD graphic of the poster from the mission Discretion Assured shows a poster that is not seen anywhere else in the game, along with some unreadable text.
It seems to be more suggestive, as Mandy is doing a pose that is not seen elsewhere.
Judging by unused quotes, the unreadable text was most likely intended to be Mandy's phone number.

Comic Store Early Map

Bully NS00 BattlePlan01.png

In the Nerds' Hideout, there are two pictures of the campus' minimap.
One of them shows something on the bottom right, next to the Library and behind the Boys' Dorm.
In the final game, nothing is there.

Room Trophies

The Room Trophies Jimmy can get while progressing through the game seem to have been made earlier in development.



This is used as ambience near some of the Boys' Dorm doors.
It seems to be early, distorted cutscene audio of Welcome to Bullworth. Jimmy's voice sounds different and Pete references the cut second floor of the Boys' Dorm.

Oooh, (Oh, Leave me alone, Gary!) Look out. Here comes Jimmy.

I'm feeling self-important now that I finally hit puberty.
I'm sorry? What's your problem, I'm just being nice to the new kid
as he passes through Bullworth on his inevitable journey to prison.
I'm boring? Do you guys wanna give me some time to settle in and get unpacked?
You are none too interesting yourself, friend. Jimmy can't stand you already.
Jimmy, if you want to hang out w-we'll wait in the dorm downstairs. (sigh)
(sigh) (???)
I just get a little overexcited.
Give up the tough guy act-

  • Jimmy's voice sounds different; he's being played by Daniel Zaitchik, the actor who provided his motion-capture performance in the final game. Gerry Rosenthal only later took the role for Jimmy's voice, as confirmed in an interview with the latter.
  • Pete acts whinier in his line telling Gary to leave him alone.
  • Jimmy's line telling Gary and Pete to get out of his room is different, in the final game it's: "Look, I gotta unpack. Would you guys mind getting outta here?"
  • There's an entirely removed line of Pete telling Jimmy to meet him and Gary downstairs, referencing it taking place in the boys' dorm second floor. This was seemingly meant to be said by him at the end of the cutscene, where he conspicuously gets out of the room while staring at Jimmy but not saying a single word.

Scooter Colors

Unlike the Go-Kart, despite having multiple colors, the unlockable Scooter only spawns in white color. Pedestrians can, however, be seen riding scooters in different colors that can be stolen, but not stored, making the recolored scooters impossible to obtain.

Internal Inconsistencies

Character Changes

  • Angie's ID, 39, is grouped with the Preppies', placed between 38 (PRGirl_Pinky) and 40 (PRH3a_Parker). She might have taken the place of a scrapped character.
  • Miss Danvers is referred to as Miss Winston in default.idb.
  • Mr. Hattrick is referred to as Mr. Hatrick several times. default.idb refers to him as Mr. Huntingdon.
  • Miss Philips is referred to as Miss Phillips several times.
  • Russell might have originally been meant to be the leader of the Townies, as he's internally named DOlead_Russell.
  • All the girls' (and Constantinos') Pajama models are named UW (e.g., GN_Sexygirl_UW), which reflects a design change.
  • Officer Morrison is referred to as Officer Monson in default.idb.
  • Officer Ivanovich is referred to as Officer Williams in default.idb.
  • A character called PRGirl_Paris is listed in Globals.cat. It should be noted that Paris is the name of the bearded lady in the Freakshow.

Mission Changes

  • IDs
  • The ID of Help Gary (1_10) lists it before Halloween (1_11).
  • The ID of Comic Klepto (2_02) lists it as a main mission of Chapter II, when it is actually a side mission of Chapter III.
  • The ID of Weed Killer (2_08) lists it as a main mission of Chapter II, when it is actually a side mission.
  • The ID of Hattrick vs. Galloway (1_S01) lists it as a side mission of Chapter I, when it is actually a main mission of Chapter II.
  • The ID of Glass House (2_S02) lists it as a side mission of Chapter II, when it is actually a main mission of Chapter III.
  • The ID of Cheating Time (3_S03) lists it as a side mission of Chapter III, when it is actually a main mission of Chapter V.
  • The ID of Character Sheets (2_S04) lists it as a side mission of Chapter II, when it actually becomes available in Chapter I.
  • The ID of Tagging (3_S10) lists it as a side mission of Chapter III, when it is actually a main mission.
  • The ID of Galloway Away (3_S11) lists it as a side mission of Chapter III, when it actually becomes available in Chapter IV.
  • The ID of Paparazzi (4_01) lists it as the first mission of Chapter IV, even before Stronghold Assault (4_02).
  • The ID of Making a Mark (5_09) lists it as the last mission of Chapter V, rather than the first.
  • The IDs of Go See The Principal (6_01), Save Russell (6_02), Complete Mayhem (6_03) and Final Showdown (6_B) list them as Chapter 6 missions, rather than Chapter V.
  • Names
  • Slingshot might have originally been called The Slingshot according to the 1_04TheSlingshot.agr and chap1.cat files.
  • A Little Help might have originally been called Get Help according to the chap1.cat file.
  • Help Gary might have originally been called Betrayal according to the 1_10Betrayal.agr and chap1.cat files.
  • Halloween might have originally been called Halloween Night according to the chap1.cat file.
  • Script-related
  • In Movie Tickets, Kirby and Trent are referred to as idPetey and idConst, respectively.
  • In Panty Raid, Melody is referred to as pedBeatrice. Beatrice can still be seen in the second trailer of the game.
  • In Discretion Assured, Thad is referred to as algie.

Minigame Changes

  • ConSumo might have originally been called Train-A-Sumo according to the minigames.cat file.
  • Nut Shots might have originally been called Flying Squirrel 'Fender according to the minigames.cat file (where it's typoed as Flying Squirrle 'Fender).

Music Changes

  • The track used during detention is MS_CarnivalFunhouseMaze, which, judging by its name, was meant to be used in the Carnival Funhouse maze.
    The actual track meant for detention, MS_PunishmentDetention, is only used in Preppies Vandalized. This may have been changed late into development since the unused Graffiti Clean-up detention still uses it.
  • While in the basement during Help Gary, the game plays MS_CarnivalFunhouseMiner which, judging by its name, was meant to be used in the mining section of the Carnival Funhouse.
  • The tracks used during Rats in the Library are codenamed MS_FinalShowdown meaning they were meant for the mission Final Showdown.
    The music tracks used for that mission are instead labeled MS_FinalShowdown03. The song might have gone through at least three iterations, though, no tracks named MS_FinalShowdown02 can be found in the files.

Vehicle Changes

  • The blue bike unlocked in Shop 4 is internally called custombike.
  • One of the vehicles in the game is a car that is always blue. It is internally called taxicab.
    It later reappeared as one (probably unintentionally) on the Xbox 360 version of Scholarship Edition.

Clothes Changes

  • The Green Ninja Outfit is internally named NinjaW.
    It's possible it used to be white before it was changed to green.

Regional Differences


The game in European regions is called Canis Canem Edit, so almost all instances of the game's title were changed to match.

Title Screen

Bully-title.png Canis Canem Edit-title.png

Intro Screen

Bully LogoIntroNTSC.png Bully LogoIntroPAL.png

Loading Icons

Bully BullyB2.png Bully BullyB3.png

The icons spell out "B-U-L-L-Y" in the US version, they were replaced with different variations of the Bullworth Academy shield in the European and Japanese versions.


English Class

On the Japanese version, you need a much lower score (15%, vs 56%) to pass English.

This is most likely because you're still finding English words, rather than Japanese ones.