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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2).

To do:
There's much more.

This page covers the content of American.img, though everything here applies to all other languages, as everything was translated.


Development Text
Author: Bill Henderson Created 10/12/1999


In the PAL version Canis Canem Edit, British.img is included among other languages. Despite its presence and changes, it goes entirely unused, as American.img is used instead. It will only be used on the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition.


Hey, there's a new kid.  Wonder what his name is?
That kid?  Never seen him before.
He looks kinda dumb.
"This is a warning Hopkins.  I'll let you off this time, but next time you're going to the principal's office."
Hey... you wanna play Grottos and Gremlins some time?
Rusell hates new kids.
Hey check it out. A new boy.
Who cares?  Let's go tell Russell, we'll get a little party together.
Hey new kid. I'm the boss.

Subtitles for unused lines meant to be said by some students.


You!  Go change into your uniform!
I hate that Constantinos guy even more than the nerds.
Have you got it yet?
Someone stole my one-eyed elf and I need him for tonight's game.
Did you find him yet?
Did you get the chocolate?
Remember me?  You're dead!
Here we are... the boys dorm.  You'll learn to love it.
Did you get it?
You.  New kid.  Money.
If I don't get that elf back I'll never hear the end of it from Algernon.
I really need that Elf for tonight's quest Jimmy.  We're going into the sewers!
Aaaah! Gary!
I'll give you five bucks if you get it back for me.
I have my eye on you new kid.
Could you get it back for me?
Hey ugly!  Where's the library?
Thanks!  Now I'll be able to get level six and max out my mining skill.


... and then I shot him right in the face.
Please hurry, I'm hypoglycemic!
That wasn't funny.

A line for Eunice meant for This Is Your School is in here, for some reason.


Mess them up with the slingshot.  Mr. Burton's sure to work them hard if they screw up their exercises.
It's like I was hit by something!
And you know what, I bet you can distract them without getting caught.
Hit the prefect.  Let's see what happens.
But you don't understand, I just got hit.
The bullies are about to start practice with Mr. Burton.
See those bottles?
Look, it's Russell's goons.  They work out here with Burton after class.  He HATES it when they stop their drills though.
Someone's messing with us sir.
It was a rock, a rock hit me sir.
It's not my fault!  Something hit me!
But Mr. Burton, something HIT me.
Here we are, and no prefects around.  Perfect.
Hahah - nice work.  I love watching people get brutalized.


Wow... you really showed them.
Escort Algie back to the library.
Hey, you want a soda?  I'm parched.


Get them Jimmy!  Hurt them!
You shoulda paid us Bucky.
Jimmy!  Please don't let him hurt me.
Shut up ya damn kids, before I beat ya!
Oh no... there's more...
What's his story?
Maybe he just never graduated.
Haha jerks!  I have a friend now!
It's that crazy hobo.  What's his story?
Yeah get him, make those bastards pay!
You know I don't like smart kids.
This looks really really bad.
Thanks a lot Jimmy.  If you want I'll do all your math homework from now on.
We've done it!  We beat them!
Gaaaaahhhhh!  Baaaaaah!  I'm crazy and I'm going to kill you.


... and discrete too.  Such a gentleman. SIGH
Those other girls just don't appreciate what hard work it is to always be beautiful.
There's some creepy pervert in the change room.
Not so loud.
Hey! I heard you could hook me up with a stinkbomb?
Getting something back for from Mandy's locker for a friend.
Hey!  You!  That's my answer sheet!  Help! I'm being robbed.
Here Beatrice.  Got your lab notes.
There's a BOY in here!  SHRIEK


Hey!  Up there!  On the balcony!
Earnest said you could borrow this special slingshot.  Her name is Wendy.  Use her gently.
What's going on???!!?
Right here.
Here take this... we rigged up a super slingshot for you.


Those two guys!
Oh yeah?  Let's get him!
I had a key to the basement, but I left them in my other pants.  Although, I think Trent over there has one.  Let's go get it from him.


It isn't halloween for real if no one throws a dead rat at a girl.  Will you do it Jimmy?
Take this kick me note and stick it on the back of one of those nerds.
No you look fine. Don't be a baby.
Ha that was sort of funny.
Stop whining, let's go.
OK, here's the plan... I'll light this bag of crap on fire.
Stop playing with it, just catch it.
No no, I look like a jerk.
Itching powder is awesome.  I'll give you some if you use it on some loser.
There... throw the rat at the fat girl.
Hehehe... it'd be totally funny if you threw some eggs at someone.
Gary, you're one disturbed individual.
I made some stinkbombs yesterday in chemistry class.  Would you field test my design?
I got this Volcano 4000 but I'm kinda scared to set it off.  Will you please do it?
First giant pink bunny rabbits, now this... what's happening to this school?
Ah yes... The Volcano 4000, my favorite trick firework.
The cool thing about marbles is that people slip on them and almost break their necks.
Rat versus Jimmy.. rat is winning.
Looks like the rat is smarter than you.
"This sign says ""kick me"".  I'm sure you know what to do, right?"
Let's go get Pete.  I got him a real nice costume.
Guys I look like a jerk.
Let's go find some of those pranks I smuggled onto campus earlier.
Sorry Pete, there's no room  back here.
Set it off near those guys.
Hurry up... what, are you afraid of a little rat?
Shut up bitch.


I've been kicked in the balls, reported to the principal, and now you guys are messing around with dog crap?


Donald: Joke firework are so cool
Donald: Take one of these and create an explosive situation!
Pedro: Stick this sign to the back of a Student.
Pedro: Tee hee hee, prank.
Pedro: Funny stuff, no?
Justin: Egg, eggs, eggs! 

Placeholder dialogue for the prank errands. Apparently, Justin was going to give the egg errand instead of Casey.


Must have missed it.
That's ok Jimmy... you're my hero.
Check the lockers by the staff room.
Locked. Check the lockers by the staff room.
Did you like the part about you being like a Roman Emperor.


Very good.  Best be off to class then... and thanks.
You!  With the bottle!
Galloway is clearly a bad influence... just look at this young man.
Yes Miss, I try my best.
You are quite useful aren't you?
I don't believe you're old enough for that.
riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay...uhm... yesh.
Underage drinking?  Oh you're in big trouble now.
Jimmy, you're the only one I can count on to do this.
Galloway's been recruiting students I see.  Well, we've got him now.
What have we here, Hopkins?
... maybe I should join the army... wouldn't be any worse than thish dump...
A drunk?  I'm not surprised.
Moby you bastard! Where are you you big white tub of whale blubber?
I wish he would just quit drinking. I really do.
I got you, you alcoholic miscreant.
Oooh... Dr. Crabblesnitch is gonna love this.
Our young friend here has been helping Mr. Galloway.
Probably not Ms.  This is the last one by the way.
...brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs... I think
And WHY do you have booze?
Alcohol!  Where did you get this?
I'd offer you a sip... but it's probably not a good idea.
The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft awgly... eshpecially at Bullworth.


Billy Crane's Travelling Carnival.
Bullworth Town unlocked.
The Bullies are now your friends.


You ain't getting no treats until you get me my things.  Now git!
What?  You don't have my things yet you lazy boy.  Get on with it.
You got the meat.
Stop foolin' around kid.  Go!  And don't come back until you have everything.
Ah! There you are. About time.
I'm here to pick up some meat for Edna.
Of course.  You could do with a haircut.
You got the razor.
Come back any time.
You got the knickers.


I can't believe I was robbed by a ... dork!  And I'm a Dork... But I'm a Grown Dork! Breathe... Slowly...
Hurry up! I need my comics back from that thief!
You ain't catching me!
You'll never catch me!
Move it! Coming through!
This kid is trying to steal the comics!  Help!
Those comics are total collector items!  There are only 3 with the blue cover misprint!
What are you waiting for? Don't you want the comics?
Leave me alone!
Watch out!
Hey... I'm not giving you anything until you get my stuff back.
Hey!  Check this out!
Outta my way!
Get lost retard!
Eat flaming death!
I'll take this! damn! you read some nerdy stuff.


You'll have to get a better shirt though - go to Aquaberries. We do have some standards you know.
Get outta here Hopkins!
Nice try slowpoke.
There he is!
He got out, get on the bikes and get him.
After him!
You'll never belong, Jimmy.
You thought we liked you? Hah.
Watchit!  He's trying to get away.
You're a joke Hopkins.
You're a fraud Hopkins.
Oh, it was this key you didn't want me to have?
You're just not good enough, Jimmy.
The yolk's on you Hopkins... haha... haha... ha.
Get away.
Hello... you know, you should try the new Aquaberry vest. Very popular with the better class of students.
Inbred am I?
Hahaha!  It's mine now sucker!
Get him!
Get a carton of eggs.

The "Hahaha! It's mine now sucker!" text meant for Beach Rumble is here, for some reason.


Jimmy go get a bike.
Still no bike?
All right... just don't get killed.
What are you doing here kid?
Bikes can be purchased at bike stores.  For bike store locations, check the world map.
Bike Races unlocked.
You can restart back at the beach.
He's here to race!
Bring your bike, I'll meet you there!
Where's your bike?
My name's Tobias.  I run Shiny Bikes just across the way.
Go Jimmy go go GO!
3... 2... 1... Go!
Hopkins for the WIN!


Eggs.  I have more eggs.
Here you go.
You know... I brought some eggs.
"You'll get yours, you just wait."
"Yeah whatever, I'll get you."
Thanks Russell.
I got some more.
I saved these for you.
Good man Russell.
I knew this key would come in handy.
Eggs.  For you.


Where'd she go?  Awh sheesh... she probably won't even give me the pearl necklace back.
You're pretty high maintenance, aren't you?
You are very impatient aren't you?
Baby, hold our spot.  I'll dispatch this dilettante.
You're a little spoiled huh?
Good riddance to you and your cheap shoes.
Ah... love isn't easy, is it?
I thought you were going to fix everything Jimmy.
Yeah that's right Chad, see you later.
Hey, I was wondering if there was any way I could convince you to give up your spot in the line.
This makes me happy.
Oh good, almost there.
You have gone far enough.~n~Get back to the theater.
... but... but... women love me!  Ah well... might as well go home and read a book.
Oh I just can't wait.
Haha!  Poor people are funny.
I'm still not the first in the line up and that makes me very... sad.
Jimmy I don't want to waaaaaait any longer.
That's it, you maggot!  I'm going to teach you not to disrespect your superiors.


Just give up Hopkins.
That's right Jimmy!  Wash up!  You stink!
Get out of the water.
Take care of him boys.
Over here!
Look behind you Hopkins.
You better stop acting all tough Hopkins or I'll make you regret it.
Bike Races unlocked.
Hey!  Can I have a little help out here?
I bet you this stupid victory makes you feel real good, doesn't it?
Hahaha!  You're slow.
You think you'll get away from us like that, Jimmy?
I'm not kidding, give me back my trophy.
Going for a swim Jimmy?  In your clothes?
More afraid of us than the water, huh Hopkins?
Get back here Jimmy.
Do you KNOW what's in that water Jimmy?
What do you think that noise was?
Hey Jimmy, get back here and fight like a man.
Where do you think you're going?
"Now that my friends have softened you up, time for me to finish the job"
We got these guys, you go ahead.
You'll be sorry Hopkins.
You're not going to catch me like that!
This is mine.

The "What do you think that noise was?" line is misplaced. It's from Weed Killer.


Run him off!
Hey, what are you doing in here?
You're not welcome here!
You've got a lot of nerve.
Gentleman, we need to rid ourselves of this scum.
You're not rich enough to be here!
You don't belong here.
Enough, let's get him out. Now!
Go back to that smelly Hobo you like so much.
Drive him out!
Hopkins?  What are you doing here?
Retrieve the entrance key.
Who let you in?
Don't let him escape!
Who let Hopkins in here?
It's that miscreant Hopkins, take cover.
Who on earth let you in here?
You've gone far, but will go no further Jimmy Hopkins!
I thought I smelled something poor.
This is a private affair.  You don't belong here.
That's preposterous.


Seems like you're confusing tactics with hiding.
I have had enough of this.
They just keep coming.
Hold on Jimmy-boy.  You stay here.
It's called tactics dear boy, something you might grasp one day.


Obviously she's afraid of real men like us.  Hahaha.
What's she doing with that puny dork.
Check out the chump.
Hah... look... it's Jimmy Jenkins... Hopkins whatever his name is..
You're quite a piece of work Pinky.
0302149334=Oh no... daddy won't let me work.  I'm to marry someone of my own social class.
Hey no problem.
You people... you're just so... so... real.  Poverty is very romantic I think.
You need prize tickets.
How much for the bear?
See ya' later wimp.
You know... I've always been strangely attracted to the socially disadvantaged, Jimmy.


New Coventry unlocked
Preps are now your friends.


OK, I think you're getting it.
I know a better place...  let's go.
I see where this is going you little strumpet.
What was that?  Did you hear something?
No no...  the hooks are in the back.
You not done?  Get me those pictures.
Sure does.  Whatcha gonna do with me?
Who's that skulking around over there?
Easy there sailor... you think I'm that easy?
Yeah.  It's a little stuffy in here and I'm going home.  See ya'.
Not for too much longer I hope.
Hahaha...  I'm coming to get you baby.
Hey you!  Are you spying on us?
Come over here you little vixen.
Just you wait and see.
Kissy kissy baby.
You're loving it baby.
Looks like I caught you Lola.
Come on, I'm dying here.  Could you get the pictures?
Hey there, Gord-baby.
Evening chaps.  My date and I need a little privacy if you know what I mean...  mind helping us out?
...  but...  but...  oh well.
Are you sure you've done this before?
I don't think so...  but I do feel a little...  exposed.
Like this.
Sure thing.
I can see you.  I know you're there.
It's getting kinda hot in here, don't you think?


I won't let you get away with this. That's my bike you common scum. I want it back! What's all that ruckus? Let's get out of here. 0304449171=Get him! 0304483487=Stop now... and I won't report this. Give me back my bike! What is he doing with my bike? Stop! Thief! I'll get you, you thieving bastard!


Crazy kids!
Guys! They're over here!
Watch out!
Yeah I believe you, but Johnny's not quite so reasonable.
Anyways, you're in luck.  Earnest sent me to get you out of here.
We've been building this Jimmy.  You might find it useful.
You're not getting away with this, I'm getting Johnny!
I'm outta here!
Would it help if I got off and pushed?
Don't worry about it, but we should get back to the library.
Get lost!  This ain't none of your business!
I found them guys!  They're over here.
You guys, you take care of these two losers.
Earnest was knocked out.
Greaser Respect -15


That's right greasebag.  You know smoking's bad for your health.
Maybe I do, but this time I really mean it.
You got Lola's Keys.
"[angry] ""What are you doing here?"
You got Lola's Perfume.
You got Lola's Address Book.
You got Lola's Laundry.
Whoa... what... who's that?
Alright just keep sleeping you jerk... I'll find something else to do.
Hey Ricky, could you get me... hey!  Hopkins?!?
"[mutter] ""... oh baby... come over here."
~t~ Enter Tenements
I bet you say that to all the boys.


There's some get 'em!
Let's go around here.
You're going down!
Get that scum.
Where's Johnny?
Thanks man!
Hahaha no... I'll enjoy the work out.  Just make sure he doesn't interfere.
All right men.  This is it.  Time to show those lowlife scum their proper place.
If you don't stick it out, I'll make sure no good school will ever accept you.
Don't worry Jimmy, I got your back.
All right Gord, back me up.
Where is everybody?  Help!
Let's go!
Say your prayers bitch!
Get him!
Get outta here!
Finally you show some balls.
You bastards are all going down.
You ain't making it out of here alive.
The guy who's gonna kick your ass.
911 is a joke!
He can try.
Help me!
Go!  Get to Johnny, we'll cover your back.
You sure you don't want us to help you with them, Johnny?
Come on!
Somebody please help me!
Damn... cops here too.
Johnny, first I'm taking out your bitches, then I'm coming straight for you.
He who?


That's really nice.
See I told you those guys aren't all jerks.
Awh... whenever I go outside I get beat up... and snowballs thrown at me....  I hate winter.
To make it a little more interesting for everyone we've hidden them all around town.
The risk reward ratio only adds to the enjoyment, my young poor friend.
... so Harrington House has purchased Christmas presents for the student body.

The unused Christmas conversation. There are some minor differences compared to the dialogue.


Would Jimmy Hopkins please come to the Office, Jimmy Hopkins to the office.


That wasn't very nice Johnny.  Not nice at all.
Are you getting tired of this yet Johnny?
Hey... this is supposed to be off.
Jimmy I want to help, but I can't get by these guys!
I'm turning the magnet off.
Lure Johnny under the magnet.
Defeat Johnny Vincent.
Who left the magnet on?
I told you I was the Daddy.  Got it?
All right... I give... she's yours.
This has nothing to do with her.  I don't care.  Keep her.  She's yours.
Come on Johnny, aren't you going to finish me off?
All right Johnny, I ain't running any more.
Forget the cops, we're going to settle this now.
Fight Johnny Vincent.
Don't let Johnny get away.
Jimmy!  Can you get rid of these greaseballs!


"Heh-heh, look at 'em!"
Check it out!  They're coming
The fuzz!  Let's go!
Oh no, we're in trouble now.
Hahaha!  Now we're in for it.  Hahaha!  LOSER!
Oh crap, now we're in for it.  Hehe.


Sometimes, I like to take it slow.
Haha!  Watch out for falling trees.
Come on, we're leaving.
I hope so Jimmy.
3! 2! 1! Go!
Ready boys? Time to really prove you can race!
He's so dreamy.
Wow Jimmy you're fast.  Are you always that fast?
Look where you're going dumbass!
See you around, Lola.


On your marks...
And HOPKINS wins!!  Nice job Jimbo.
Hopkins wins!
Everybody get set...
That's why I'm here.
3... 2... 1... Go!
Yeah, there are sign up sheets outside.
All right, get ready.
Hey kid... just so you know, there are more races coming up.
Come to do some racing?
When are these races?
OK cool
Good luck.  You'll need it...
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley behind the boxing ring.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley behind the theater.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley by the junk yard.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the school parking lot.
So you think you've got a few more races in you huh?
Well, you've come to the right place.
Just put your name down on this list.
Since you only have one win, you'll have to compete in this neighborhood.
The more races you win, the more neighborhoods you can race in.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley behind the boxing ring.
Every night.  Just sign up before hand.
You ready to race?
The winner is James Hopkins!
You here for the race?
Oh yeah?
Hey, there are races every night if you're interested, sign up sheet's outside.
Can I help you with anything?
Which course would you like to race on this time?

Subtitles for what seems to be a mini subplot related to the bike races, and some racing dialogue.


Never! Malker the Brute will never allow it!
Dude, that's my sister you're talking about.
Sounds good, how about you introduce me some time?
Hey!  What are you doing here?
... man she was nice looking.
Meet the jocks at the gym.


Whoa dude, you got some balls talking like that.  But alright, let's do this.


Dude, that's my sister you're talking about.
Sounds good, how about you introduce me some time?
Hey!  What are you doing here?
... man she was nice looking.


I can't believe he beat you.  Wow.
Now this is pretty cool.


Maybe but my daddy only has more mistresses than yours.
You?  Yes, we do mind as a matter of fact.
Hello gentlemen, mind if I join you?
My trust fund is bigger than your trust fund.
Well, I'm staying so you better get the hell out of here then.


Really? I'll take that pompous bastard down a notch.
You looking for math help too, son?
Hey... what are you doing there?
... as he so richly deserves.
Don't skulk around kid, come over here.
Richly doesn't begin to describe it.
That bastard's trying to rat on us!
Yes I am.
I have the pictures and a copy of the test sir.  Seems Hattrick's selling tests to almost everyone.
You didn't get any pictures Jimmy? Oh.
Why do we need these tests? I just copy my work from you guys.


I've been messin' around, for sure, but I'm quite good at it.  What's it to ya'?


The Watcher!  The Watcher has awoken!
Ooh!  A newcomer.  How exciting.
Go on... get in there.
Awh man... I better check that out.
What just happened?
Move along.
Did I tell you my theory about the Florida election?
Don't try to be tough and insult us kid.
Get moving.
I should probably break that up.
"The Watcher!  He watches everything we do, waiting for just the right moment.  Please save us."
Maybe you can protect me from the Watcher.
0304517554=A visitor?  From the sky.  Are you here to save us from the Watcher?
Alright, back to your rooms!
Are you off to the Blaydon races?
Hey... wanna buy some Nigerian yellow cake?
Alarm!  Alarm!  They're breaking out!
Get back in there.
What's that commotion?
Find a back way out of the asylum.
~t~ Lower the Ladder
Escape the asylum.
What's going on over there?
It's the patients' 'outside time'... get them some fresh air and all that.  Now run along.
Very well sir... please follow me to the front desk.
Flee!  Flee to save your souls!
What are you talking about?
I'll just follow you around because I'm crazy.
Get going... go go go.


Greasers are now your friends.


Did you get the sketches done for the dance yet?
Mandy what happened?  You're a mess.
What did I come to do here again?
Oh yeah, the sketches for the dance.
Me neither.  That's like soooo weird.
Yeah, I bet.
Why does this stuff always happen to me?
No, I'm over here.  Come check this out.
Maybe it's because you're such a bitch?
Jock Respect -5
Return to the pictures to the library.
Fine fine fine!  I'll go get the stuff for you in the bathroom.
Some weirdo threw something at me.  I just can't believe it.


Earnest!  The air compressor is malfunctioning!
You better tell me where Earnest is.
lert! Barbarians at the gate!
Leave us alone!  Bully!
Where's Earnest?
I invented that!
Awake! Awake! We are under attack!
Jock Respect +5
Nerd Respect -100
Enter the observatory.
Hey, can you tell me where Earnest is?
Fall back!
Your door is gone Earnest!  Now I'm coming for YOU!
Hey guys, I need to know where Earnest is.
It's our brains against your brawn and we'll win!
Leave now Jimmy and spare yourself!
"The observatory, he went to the observatory."
Pull back!  There's too many of him!
You like spuds?
He was just here, but is now on a most important quest.
You can't beat all of us!
We don't like you!
Never! For the guild!
Ow... Ok... he's on his way to the observatory.


There's too many... abandon this barricade, retreat!
984 H-Fly!  Trips!
32 Counter Trap!
I can't believe it.
Fall back boys!  We're going home!
Are they gone?
The spud gun's down!  Everybody charge!
We gotta pull back guys!
Give us back the photos you pervs.
Z-Crash 38 Sweep!
I think... I think we won.
Set Blue 42!  Hut hut HIKE!
Y-Zoom Screen Left!  Go go GO!
34 Power!  Now!
Jock Respect -5
You are too far away to help the nerds.
Protect Melvin.
Melvin is down.
"Dirty little creeps, you're going down."
"Don't mess with Mandy, she's OUR girl!"
Jocks! Jocks at the gate!
Jimmy!  What are you doing?  Get back in position.
They've taken the second barricade.  Withdraw in good order!
They've come through from the side!  Jimmy, come back, get to the spud cannon!
Jimmy! Where do you think you're going?
I still need more time.  Science is hard work!
Done!  The system's up.
They're inside!  All is almost lost.  Melvin!  Protect me!
Almost done!  Just keep those jocks away.
Jimmy!  Don't abandon the spud cannon!
I need more time.
Jimmy!  Don't leave your position.
The last barricade has fallen!  Jimmy!  What are you doing!
Eureka it's done!  Oh... drat.  Hang on!  Almost there!
It's not over yet, Jimmy! Get back to the gun!


Almost out of here.
Wait up for me!
The funhouse is scary.
The exit is this way.
Hello!  Anybody there?
Mommy!  I'm scared!
I'm really scared.
Hmm... maybe I can use this to my advantage.
How are we supposed to get up there?
Don't like the steam huh?
We're lost, aren't we?
This place is nasty.
I want to go home...
Why is this happening to me?
How do you get out of this place?
It's like the place is possessed for real or something.
Where did that come from?
Help us get past the miners.
Get back into the funhouse.
It's like the place is haunted or something.
What the!??
Why'd we ever go to the funhouse in the first place?
This is like when dad used to lock me in the closet.
I feel so lost!
Hey where did everybody go?
I don't like this at all.
That's totally not safe.
I gotta get outta here.
You let too many jocks escape.
You left the funhouse.
Take out the jocks with the graveyard props.
One of the jocks made it to the next room.
Use the props to take out the jocks.
Thanks Jimmy.
Hahah!  See you losers later.
Guys!  I'm lost!
This is not fun anymore.
Hey guys!  Wait for us.
Come on!  Don't be a wimp!
Man... this is more confusing than math class.
Jock Respect -5


Whatever.  I was just messing around back there!
Sure thing you big bull... but you gotta keep the costume on.
Awh man... why are you wasting my time?
Bull... you got butchered!
Ain't that the truth...
This is like a scary movie or something.
Oh crap, there he is.
This is getting scary.
Hey guys!  Where'd you go?
I'm getting maaaad!
Let's go toss those girls off the roof.
Jock Respect -5
Why does everyone always beat the mascot?
Haha!  Nerds on the rampage!
Hey guys... see you at the party tonight?
You can't beat him!  That's our job!
Haha... of course.  You're the mascot.
You... defeated... the... mascot.
Lead the mascot to the pool.
Enter the pool area and find the mascot.
Hey man, leave the Bullworth Bull alone!
Hey!  Don't touch the mascot!
What's your problem kid?  You've been following me all day.
Ok thanks... see ya'
... right in the family jewels.  It was awesome!
Nice dance... my school spirit has increased significantly.
~x~ Skip
I can't get through.
... and now you pay the price.
Watch out!  It's nerd fighters!
Man... you're so cool.
Ok... I'm going to do it.
You ruined the mascot's outfit.


Hahahaha yeah.  It'll be super leet.
What is going on you scrawny bunch of weaklivered chickens?
Do you take that medication from coach?
And it'll blow up in Ted's face.  Not bad.
Alright guys, let's hit the showers.
Strategy meeting coming up.  Lets go.
Alright done.  Lets go change.
You guys are a bunch of no good weak wristed damn wimps!
Work your asses off, boys.  I gotta reprogram the scoreboard.
Only jocks beat the bull!
Thanks Bucky.  Now get lost.
Sports drink enhanced.
~t~ Hack the Scoreboard
Jock Respect -15
~t~ Glue the Bench
Operation trojan cow complete.
Objective Complete
Be careful out there my brave bull.
Could you like get out of our locker room?
Get the dog away from the bag so you can access it safely.
That Frisbee might be helpful.
Press ~R2~ + ~s~ to start the cow dance, followed by the prompted button presses to dance.
Press ~R2~ to stop the Cow Dance, but be careful it will fail the dance.
Did you hear how that other team all went to a nudist beach together?
Man, I think the nerds still have those pictures of Mandy.
What are you doing to the Bull?!
Last one in the locker room is a rotten egg.
I'm so going to kick ass in this game.  I'm on the top of my game.
Hey Bucky, tell me what I gotta do.
Alright gotta get a plan.  What's the plan?


Your brawn is no match for my superior technology.
Nerd Respect +100


You're not going to like this!
Get Hopkins!  Now!
This is going to hurt!
You're messing with the best Jimmy!
I'm getting tired of this!
You're really pissing me off.
This one's for you Hopkins!
Having difficulties standing up Jimmy boy?
He's got a ball!  Get him.
Jimmy, you ain't nothin'!
You lying down again Jimmy?
Get him before he hits Damon!
My ball in your face Hopkins!
Better run now Hopkins!
Having a hard time, wimp?
You better watch out Jimmy!


That's it... I'm going to try out for the football team.
You know, for a psychopath you're not a bad kisser.
I'm so going to have a dream about her tonight.  I just know it.
Because you've been a very bad boy, Thad.
That is her for sure... I recognize the mole on her back.
"Hey, I was looking at that you jerk."
I just can't figure out what it is they're trying to sell.
I wonder Mandy...  if I bought you expensive jewelry would you be mine?
What you do that for Jimmy?
Hey...  get out of here you pervert.
What a lovely looking young lady... and what a charming out fit.
Do not leave Bullworth Town.
Oh Mandy...  you're so pretty.  I wish you were my cousin...  then daddy wouldn't mind.
You're just saying that.
That is not an appropriate costume, I shouldn't think.
Man... I just love cheerleaders.
That's what I'm talking about.  Oh yeah.
These posters are all over town today.
That's what's nice about poorer people... they have less inhibitions.
One day I'll get enough money to take her on a date.
Heh... I'd like me a piece of that action.
Jock Respect +5
1812579419=Nerd Respect -10
I'll show you that I mean it Jimmy, just give me a chance.
All right Mandy, I've fixed your little problem.
That looks like it was taken inside the Bullworth girls dorm.
What do you see in those meat-head jocks?  They don't have money and breeding like I do.
Mandy sure is sweet looking.
You can say what you want about the jocks, but their girls are fine.
Yeah... for sure.  Bye Jimmy.
What'd you do that for?
There! Once your reputation has been destroyed, perhaps you'll date us commoners.
That's just highly inappropriate.
Hmm... perhaps I'll call her.  I'm sure my charm will win her over.
Thanks.  See you around?
I wish my girlfriend looked like that.
That was extremely rude.  I better teach you a lesson.
Is that... is that Mandy?
That's her real phone number too.
Clear out the school first.


Man... Ted's going to so mad when he sees this.
I guess Mandy isn't just for the team anymore.


Someone's going to pay for this... later.
Who put these posters up?  I'm not sure if I should thank him or beat him up.


Glad I could help.
Thanks Jimmy, you really are a dear.
You have the dress.
Oh, you're so welcome Miss Philips.
Smells good.
You have the perfume.
You dropped the ~a~
Get the ~a~ back from Peanut
Peanut got the Gift. Get it from him before he reaches Ms. Philips.
Peanut beat you to Ms. Philips with the gift.
Thanks Jimmy.
Peanut has dropped the Gift. Retrieve it and get it to Ms. Philips.
You have the necklace.
Get the gift before Peanut gets to it.
A pearl necklace for Miss Philips.
You're great Jimmy.  Thanks.


The Jocks are now your friends.
Blue Skies Industrial Park unlocked.


This contains alternate, possibly earlier lines for Welcome to Bullworth. It was likely changed because "dickhead" would've caused a higher rating.

Early Final
Hey - you're the new kid!
I guess so... Yeah, what's it to you?
Friendly, aren't you?
Gimmie a break, dickhead. Gimmie a break, loser.
Hey, relax friend, you're all pent up.
Go easy, or they'll put you on medication.
They did to me. Boy - nearly sent me insane.
That's fascinating... now if you'll excuse me.
I said relax, friend.
Get off man.
Hey, listen to me tough guy. Listen to me tough guy.
you just arrived at the toughest school in the country
and I'm offering to be your friend.
Trust me, in a place like this, you're gonna need friends.
So what are you gonna do. You're gonna play nice, or what? So it's up to you. You're gonna play nice, or what?
Yeah, sure.
Cool. So, how about I show you around? Good. So, how about I show you around?


We got to teach that Edgar kid a lesson.
Aah, we've got the old Jimmy back.
That kid is a lunatic...
I bet if we knock some sense into him, he'll turn on Gary.
Alright, what's the plan?
It's really complicated.
Yeah. I march in there, and beat the crap out of him.
Uh, well, at least it's subtle.
That's right.

Subtitles for the unused Busting In Part I cutscene.


Man, we don't have to fight. Just help us get back at Gary. 
He's the one who set us all up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, some punk school kid comes in here 
and takes out my boys and tells me we don't have to fight. Right!
Alright, fine. We'll do it your way.
Ya know, you're pretty tough for a kid who goes to school.
And you're really dumb for one who doesn't.
You're dead, punk.
You're pathetic. Shut up and fight.

Subtitles for the first unused cutscene of Showdown at the Plant.


A duplicate of 6-BC, the last cutscene of the game, but the "S" in the word "Sir" is not capitalized.

6-BD 6-BC
Smith! I heard the whole thing. You're expelled.!
Come and untie me boy!
Yes, sir! Yes, Sir!
Sorry, didn't see you there.
You know, I think I may have judged you too unfairly boy...
Yes, a little rough around the edges,
but you're a diamond, boy. A diamond.
Thank you sir. Thank you Sir.
Now take out the trash would you, Hopkins?
My pleasure.
So it was you who took on this monstrous little wretch, was it?
What a hero, a lone wolf...
Uh huh... well, no. To be honest sir, Uh huh... well, no. To be honest Sir,
I did have a lot of help from some friends.
Like this girl, Zoe, she got expelled
because she complained about Mr. Burton hitting on her.
Burton? Well, he's fired! I hope he rots in hell!
And a guy named Peter Kowalski. A good friend of mine.
Never heard of him.
Yeah well, he keeps quiet. He's kinda shy.
Shy! The boy must be a genius.
Why he should be head of the school!
Pete? Great idea!
Now about that letter to my mother?
What letter?


OK you feckless maggots.  We're playing dodgeball.  Here's how it's done.
Keep throwing the ball at the other team (~x~) until you knock them out.
The less fruity of you can combine this with running and jumping to get stronger throws. 
Stay on your side of the court.  Try and dodge the ball! ~n~ It's called dodgeball, you twit.
If you've got even a little skill, you can catch the ball when it comes to you (~x~).
When you're knocked out, go to the other side of the court and assist your team.
Don't hog the ball, especially if you suck.  Pass it (~o~) to your teammates.
Now, play ball!  And no crying!
Time to play some dodge ball.
Hopkins, you're with the other weaklings.
Try not to cry when you lose.
It's you against those lazy greaser bums.
It's too bad you both can't lose.
Alright, so you've played those other losers.
Now you'll have to face some real sportsmen.
We'll see how good you really are.
These guys are pretty nasty so be careful.
I can't believe it! You've beaten all the other teams.
There's no more matches right now, get lost!


"Dude: why are you cleaning our tag jerkoff!"
Tag Cleaned
Walk up to a tag and press ~TAG_START~ ...    
Then rotate the ~lstick~ clockwise until the tag is clean.  
Clean all the tags before your time is up.    
Cleaned:~n~~i~ / ~i~  
Seth: Well James, screwed up again!   
Seth: Looks like local miscreants have messed up the School Wall.     
Seth: You need to clean the Graffiti up and be prompt about it.   
Seth: Seems the Business District needs some cleaning up.     
Seth: The Poor District is no better off, there is tons of Graffiti about.    
Clean all the tags on School grounds.     
Clean 7 tags Downtown     
Clean 10 tags in the Poor Area    
Leaving Graffiti Cleaning area   
Clean ~i~ tags ~a~    
You failed to clean the tags in time  
You cleaned all the tags!     
Seth: "Here's your brush.  Get to work you peon."     
"You'll be up against the wall when the revolution comes."    
Seth: "You better run along and make yourself useful."    
"You mean unlike you, you pompous jerk?"  
Seth: "Time to clean up the city."    
"I'd like to clean up your face, you smug bastard."

Scrapped lines relating to the scrapped Graffiti Clean-Up minigame. Audio files for the lines exist, as well.


Dart~n~~i~ / ~i~  
~x~ Start     
Move dart to aim~n~~x~ to throw   
Substract your points to the total until you reach a perfect zero     
~x~ to keep playing~n~~t~ to leave the game   
Sorry, better luck next time  
Score: ~i~~n~Darts: ~i~   
Points: ~i~   
Darts: ~i~    
Excellent Job. Now try with ~i~ darts.    
Excellent Job     
Time Out  

Text files related to a scrapped Darts minigame. This wouldn't be in a Rockstar game until Grand Theft Auto IV and its sequel.



A line that repeats multiple times.

Save File 7
Save File 8

These lines imply Bully might've originally been considered to have 8 save files, rather than 6.


Placeholder subtitle referring to the scrapped Chapter 7.

Pig Latin

A language that only exists (and is unused) on the Wii and Xbox 360 versions.


You can carry one of each type of weapon at a time - one type of pistol, one type of shotgun.

Press the ~t~" ~w~button to enter or exit a vehicle.
Stop in the ~q~pink marker

Leftovers from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Franky Buchwitz's Rockin' Polka Party!  Banned in 30 states.  Parental Warning:  Contains polka music.

There is an unused description relating to a record from the scrapped music store. Also, Franky Buchwitz was likely a fictitious artist created for the game.

Twice the size of a regular Beam Cola, and 10X the caffeine!


TEMP: Super Spudgun description 

As the Super Spudgun lacks a proper description, it may not have gotten far in development.

TEMP: Dossier description 


TEMP: Scrub Brush description

A brush likely intended for scrubbing off graffiti, supposed to be used in the scrapped Graffiti Clean-Up minigame.

A key for the foyer door located inside of Harrington House.

It may have originally been intended for Weed Killer. Use unknown.

You got Fake ID.


TEMP: Burning Schoolhouse Firework description

Yet another item that likely didn't make it far into development. It may have originally been intended for Halloween.

TEMP: Water Balloon Description

Water Balloons cannot be stored in the inventory, leaving their temporary description unused.

TEMP: Rat Poison spray description

A description possibly meant for the poison gun.

Main Map
Cafeteria Kitchen
Chemistry Lab
Bio Lab
Janitors Room
1st Floor Bathroom
2nd Floor Bathroom
Wrestling Gym
Art Room
Auto Shop
Chem Plant
Nerd Fortress
Island 3
Staff Room
Grocery Store
Boxing Ring
Fireworks Store
Rich Area Bike Shop
Nerd Hideout
Test Area
Prep House
Rich Area Clothing Store
Poor Area Clothing Store
Girls Dorm
House Of Mirrors
Indoor Go-Kart Track
Outdoor Go-Kart Track
Record Store
Hair Salon
Go-Kart Track 2

Text strings for names of all the interiors. Most of them can't be seen as you can't save while inside of them.


The name of the scrapped mission 3_03.

Galloway Away Intro

Might've been intended for the first cutscene of Galloway Away.

The Paddle

The name of the scrapped mission 4_S11.

Garbage Pickup
Graffiti Clean-up

The name of the two scrapped punishment detentions.

Miss Winston

Miss Danvers' early name.


The name of the scrapped Doberman.

Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down with? 

A quote from the movie Pulp Fiction.

Deliver Bucky's valentine to Eunice.

Unknown. Possible removed errand.

Clothier:  Welcome.  Try our vest!  It's very popular among the Prep boys this year!

Likely the temporary version of the actual line in The Eggs.

Get Galloway to a shower to sober him up!
Harass Galloway into the shower.
You have Sobered Up Galloway.
Wait while Galloway sobers up.

Might've been intended for Hattrick vs. Galloway.

Times Up. You KO'd ~i~ White Shirt Bullies.


This is the first set of cranks
This is the second set of cranks
This is the first Frame
This is the second Frame
This is the first set of forks
This is the second set of forks
This is the first set of Tires
This is the second set of Tires

Text related to the scrapped bike customization system.