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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Bully (PlayStation 2).


Development Text
Author: Bill Henderson Created 10/12/1999


Found in American.img has what contains alternate, possibly earlier lines for Welcome to Bullworth. It was likely changed because "dickhead" would've caused a higher rating. what is interesting is that the mouth movements match up in time for the alternate subtitles, even though no voice files for it exist.

Early Final
Hey - you're the new kid!
I guess so... Yeah, what's it to you?
Friendly, aren't you?
Gimmie a break, dickhead. Gimmie a break, loser.
Hey, relax friend, you're all pent up.
Go easy, or they'll put you on medication.
They did to me. Boy - nearly sent me insane.
That's fascinating... now if you'll excuse me.
I said relax, friend.
Get off man.
Hey, listen to me tough guy. Listen to me tough guy.
you just arrived at the toughest school in the country
and I'm offering to be your friend.
Trust me, in a place like this, you're gonna need friends.
So what are you gonna do. You're gonna play nice, or what? So it's up to you. You're gonna play nice, or what?
Yeah, sure.
Cool. So, how about I show you around? Good. So, how about I show you around?
(Source: SimonBestia - Beta Bully: Jimmy meets Gary subtitles)


Donald: Joke firework are so cool
Donald: Take one of these and create an explosive situation!
Pedro: Stick this sign to the back of a Student.

Pedro: Tee hee hee, prank.

Pedro: Funny stuff, no?

Justin: Egg, eggs, eggs! 

Placeholder dialogue for the prank errands. Apparently, Justin was going to give the egg errand instead of Casey.



A line that repeats multiple times.


"Dude: why are you cleaning our tag jerkoff!"
Tag Cleaned
Walk up to a tag and press ~TAG_START~ ...    
Then rotate the ~lstick~ clockwise until the tag is clean.  
Clean all the tags before your time is up.    
Cleaned:~n~~i~ / ~i~  
Seth: Well James, screwed up again!   
Seth: Looks like local miscreants have messed up the School Wall.     
Seth: You need to clean the Graffiti up and be prompt about it.   
Seth: Seems the Business District needs some cleaning up.     
Seth: The Poor District is no better off, there is tons of Graffiti about.    
Clean all the tags on School grounds.     
Clean 7 tags Downtown     
Clean 10 tags in the Poor Area    
Leaving Graffiti Cleaning area   
Clean ~i~ tags ~a~    
You failed to clean the tags in time  
You cleaned all the tags!     
Seth: "Here's your brush.  Get to work you peon."     
"You'll be up against the wall when the revolution comes."    
Seth: "You better run along and make yourself useful."    
"You mean unlike you, you pompous jerk?"  
Seth: "Time to clean up the city."    
"I'd like to clean up your face, you smug bastard."

Scrapped lines relating to graffiti-cleaning, that would've been used as punishment rather than just mowing the lawn. Audio files for the lines exist, only unused.

(Source: TheNathanNS - Bully Beta - Graffiti Cleaning Detention - Leftover Files)


Dart~n~~i~ / ~i~  
~x~ Start     
Move dart to aim~n~~x~ to throw   
Substract your points to the total until you reach a perfect zero     
~x~ to keep playing~n~~t~ to leave the game   
Sorry, better luck next time  
Score: ~i~~n~Darts: ~i~   
Points: ~i~   
Darts: ~i~    
Excellent Job. Now try with ~i~ darts.    
Excellent Job     
Time Out  

Text files relating to a scrapped Darts minigame. Judging from the beginning cutscene of Chapter 3, it seems Darts would've played a role in the Boys' Dorm or likely, at the Blue Balls Pool Hall in New Coventry. Darts wouldn't be in a Rockstar game until Grand Theft Auto IV and its sequel.



You can carry one of each type of weapon at a time - one type of pistol, one type of shotgun.

Press the ~t~" ~w~button to enter or exit a vehicle.
Stop in the ~q~pink marker

Leftovers from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Franky Buchwitz's Rockin' Polka Party!  Banned in 30 states.  Parental Warning:  Contains polka music.

There is an unused description relating to a record from the scrapped music store. Also, Franky Buchwitz was likely a fictitious artist created for the game.

High quality paint. Great for all sorts of art projects.

Likely an item intended for Making A Mark, judging from the unused voice clips. In the final version, Jimmy uses graffiti instead.

Twice the size of a regular Beam Cola, and 10X the caffeine!

A bottle of Beam Cola was likely planned as a health pickup, but it was scrapped likely because it might not have served a proper purpose. As the item is referred to as "Beam Cola" rather than Fraffy, it may have been cut late in development.

TEMP: Super Spudgun description 

As the Super Spudgun lacks a proper description, it may not have gotten far in development.

TEMP: Dossier description 

An item that is a collection of documents. It was unknown what it was intended for, and may have been cut early on.

TEMP: Scrub Brush description

A brush likely intended for scrubbing off graffiti, and was supposed to be used in a scrapped punishment.

A key for the foyer door located inside of Harrington House.

It may have originally been intended for Weed Killer. Use unknown.

You got Fake ID.

Probably intended for the scrapped Come Hither interior.

TEMP: Burning Schoolhouse Firework description

Yet another item that likely didn't make it far into development. It may have originally been intended for Halloween.

TEMP: Water Balloon Description

Water Balloons cannot be stored into the inventory, leaving their temporary description unused.

TEMP: Rat Poison spray description

An item likely for Rats In The Library, before it possibly got replaced with a poison gun. In the end, the poison gun was scrapped possibly late into development.

Record Store

Even though the store interior for it was deleted, a text string among other things for it can be found.

(Source: TheNathanNS - Bully Beta - 5 Cut & Changed Features!)