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Bust a Groove 2

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Title Screen

Bust a Groove 2

Also known as: Bust a Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix (JP)
Developer: Metro
Publishers: Enix
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: April 15, 1999
Released in US: August 22, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Bust a Groove 2 is the sequel to the original game featuring, yet again, a host of varied characters and music styles.

Unused Content

  • Despite of the removal of the endings from the North American version (see Regional Differences), the disc still retains the data (graphics and voice data). The game was simply reprogrammed to skip the endings.
  • The North American disc also still contains the original Japanese versions of the theme songs re-recorded in English.

Regional Differences

Like its predecessor, the game received a number of changes when it was localized for North America. The name was again changed from Bust A Move to Bust A Groove to differentiate the game from the puzzle series. Its subtitle "Dance Tengoku Mix" was also dropped.

Sound Changes

  • The themes for Kitty-N, Kelly and Shorty were translated into English. Comet's theme, which was already originally recorded in English, was also re-recorded with a different vocal singer.
Kitty-N's Theme (JP) Kitty-N's Theme (NA)
Kelly's Theme (JP) Kelly's Theme (NA)
Shorty's Theme (JP) Shorty's Theme (NA)
Comet's Theme (JP) Comet's Theme (NA)
  • A second announcer voice was added, named in-game as DJ Mix Deadly. His voice replaces DJ Dangerous's voice in the menus.
  • Additional character voice clips were recorded for some of the characters.

Graphic Changes

  • The title screen was changed to reflect the name change and revised copyright information.
Japan North America
BaG2 Title JP.png Bust a Groove 2-title.png
  • The Frame Graphics logo had its katakana translated to English and its logo's colors inverted.
Japan North America
BaG2 FrameGraphics JP.png BaG2 FrameGraphics US.png
  • The arrow commands were recolored in the North American version. Each arrow is colored to match their position relative to the PlayStation controller's face buttons (E.G., Down=X, Right=Circle, Up=Triangle and Left=Square).
Japan North America
BaG2 Arrows JP.png BaG2 Arrows US.png
  • The two-player versus screen was changed to a more exciting one in the North American version.
Japan North America
BaG2 VS JP.png BaG2 VS US.png

Censorship Changes

  • The biggest change by far is the complete removal of the character endings. Unlike the previous game's short CG endings, the endings for this game were in-game engine generated and involved a host named James Suneoka and his show, "Dancing Heroes", in which he interviews the character that the player beat the game with. Though the voice acting was in English for these endings, they were removed presumably because of the overall content of the endings ranging from inappropriate, violent or suggestive. Rather than edit the endings, Enix chose to omit them entirely and the North American version simply plays the credits with the character dancing.
  • Some of the textures in Kelly's stage have been edited, because they closely resembled actual company logos such as sbarro, JVC and McDonald's.
Japan North America
BaG2 KellyTextures JP.png BaG2 KellyTextures US.png
  • Hiro's character icon in the character select and versus screens was changed from a cigarette to I♥ME.
Japan North America
BaG2 HiroIcon JP.png BaG2 HiroIcon US.png