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Bust a Groove

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Title Screen

Bust a Groove

Also known as: Bust a Move: Dance & Rhythm Action (JP)
Developer: Metro
Publishers: Enix (JP), 989 Studios (US), SCEE (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: January 29, 1998
Released in US: December 2, 1998
Released in EU: November 25, 1998

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Bust a Groove is a dancing game featuring a host of varied characters and music styles. Not to be confused with the puzzle game. A sequel was released a year later... or longer, as far as America is concerned... or never if you're European.

Unused Music

An alternate version of Shorty's theme with different instrumentation is present in the game's files. It is present in both the Japanese and the North American versions, though it had not been translated for the North American release.

Shorty's Theme (Alternate)

Regional Differences

The game received a number of changes when it was localized for North America and Europe. The most obvious was the name change from Bust A Move to Bust A Groove to differentiate the game from the puzzle series.

General Changes

  • The localized versions offer different languages for menus and the announcer's voice. The North American version offers English and Spanish, while the European version offers English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
    • The North American version has the various textures and sound files for the French, Italian and German versions on the disc. Since those language options aren't selectable in this version, they go unused.
  • The themes for Shorty, Kelly, Capoeira and Kitty-N were translated from Japanese to English. The lone exception, however, is Frida's theme, which inexplicably remains in Japanese.
Shorty's Theme (JP) Shorty's Theme (NA/EU)
Kelly's Theme (JP) Kelly's Theme (NA/EU)
Capoeira's Theme (JP) Capoeira's Theme (NA/EU)
  • Notably, while the other themes were simply translated to English, Kitty-N's theme features a unique intro for the North American version. The instrumental in both versions is based off the Japanese theme. However, setting the music type to Instrumental in the Options menu will play the original instrumentation from the Japanese version.
Kitty-N's Theme (JP) Kitty-N's Theme (NA/EU)
  • Sound effects were added to the menu commands.
  • Hiro's name is shortened from "Hiro-Kun" to simply "Hiro". Oddly, it seems the sound files for each player switched between versions (i.e., the North American sound file for Player 1 is clipped from the Japanese sound file for Player 2).
Hiro Player 1 Announcement (JP) Hiro Player 1 Announcement (NA/EU)
Hiro Player 2 Announcement (JP) Hiro Player 2 Announcement (NA/EU)
  • The announcer's main menu and character select voice-overs were both edited to reflect the game's localized title.
Main Menu (JP) Main Menu (NA/EU)
Character Select (JP) Character Select (NA/EU)

Graphic Changes

  • The title screen was changed to reflect the localized name.
Japan North America/Europe
BaG Title JP.png Bust A Groove-title.png
  • The menus were redesigned with slightly different fonts and designs.
Japan North America/Europe
BaG Menu JP.png BaG Menu US-EU.png
  • The North American version adds a copyright screen that appears before the opening movie.

BaG Copyright.png

  • Frida's hair color for her Player 2 alternate costume was changed from black to blue.
Japan North America/Europe
BaG FridaP2 JP.png BaG FridaP2 US.png

Censorship Changes

  • Hiro's cigarette was removed.
Japan North America/Europe
BaG Hiro JP.png BaG Hiro USEU.png
  • Hamm's appearance was changed from a ganguro style character to a more Caucasian look.
Japan North America/Europe
BaG Hamm JP.png BaG Hamm USEU.png
  • Strike's alcohol flask was changed to a can of soda pop.
Japan North America/Europe
BaG StrikeDrink JP.png BaG StrikeDrink USEU.png
  • Hamm's song was edited to remove references to McDonald's and Burger King as well as an instance of "Nigga" near the end of the song.
Hamm's Theme (JP) Hamm's Theme (NA/EU)
  • Strike's song was edited to remove references to alcohol.
Strike's Theme (JP) Strike's Theme (NA/EU)
  • Pinky's song was edited to remove an instance of "Nigga move!" that is heard, though it is still faintly heard.