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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS)/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS).

Leftover Super Mario 3D World Font


As the game is based on the Captain Toad stages of Super Mario 3D World, there are several leftovers to discover in this game. The icons for the timer, Power Star outline, Key Coin, and Miiverse Stamp are not used at all.

Early Special Episode Illustrations

Early versions of the Special Episode illustrations can be found in ObjectData/CourseBookIllust_AOC_v1.szs. The last picture appears to be identical, albeit shifted slightly.

The Search for the Legendary Crown

Early Final
KinopioS-IllustChapter5 1Early.png KinopioS-IllustChapter5 1Final.png

Where Is the Crown?

Early Final
KinopioS-IllustChapter5 2Early.png KinopioS-IllustChapter5 2Final.png

The Hunt Continues

Early Final
KinopioS-IllustChapter5 3Early.png KinopioS-IllustChapter5 3Final.png

Early Level Selection Screenshots

LayoutData/ShowScreenShot.szs contains early level previews of the stages featured in the E3 2014 demo. The file itself is never used in the final game. Instead, the actual screenshots are found in ObjectData/ScreenShot.szs.

FreshRuinsStage (Mushroom Mesa)

Early Final
KinopioS-PreviewScreenFreshRuinsStageEarly.png KinopioS-PreviewScreenFreshRuinsStageFinal.png

RevolverRuinsStage (Walleye Tumble Temple)

Early Final
KinopioS-PreviewScreenRevolverRuinsStageEarly.png KinopioS-PreviewScreenRevolverRuinsStageFinal.png

BossFireStage (The King of Pyropuff Peak)

Early Final
KinopioS-PreviewScreenBossFireStageEarly.png KinopioS-PreviewScreenBossFireStageFinal.png

MoveDoorHauntedHouseStage (Bizarre Doors of Boo Mansion)

Early Final
KinopioS-PreviewScreenMoveDoorHauntedHouseStageEarly.png KinopioS-PreviewScreenMoveDoorHauntedHouseStageFinal.png

LongExpressStage (Blizzard on the Star Express)

Early Final
KinopioS-PreviewScreenLongExpressStageEarly.png KinopioS-PreviewScreenLongExpressStageFinal.png

TruckMountainStage (Mine Cart Sunset Rundown)

Early Final
KinopioS-PreviewScreenTruckMountainStageEarly.png KinopioS-PreviewScreenTruckMountainStageFinal.png

Unused Level Selection Screenshots

The unused level selection screenshots in the Wii U version are here too.

Placeholder Level Selection Screenshots

LayoutData/CourseBookScreenshot.szs contains ten placeholder graphics of the numbers 1-10. According to the file name, these are intended for the level selection screen. The file itself is not used at all, though.

Very exciting stuff, eh?

KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect1.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect2.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect3.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect4.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect5.png

KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect6.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect7.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect8.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect9.png KinopioS-PlaceholderLevelSelect10.png