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Cel Damage (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Cel Damage

Developer: Pseudo Interactive
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: GameCube
Released in US: January 7, 2002
Released in EU: May 3, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Cel Damage is a vehicular combat game with cartoony looks, cartoony weapons, and cartoony physics. It's quite fun, in most circumstances. Despite that, it wasn't that thoroughly bug-checked, seeing as you are randomly unable to progress past the celebration screen at the end of a race, you're notified about having unlocked videos that don't exist, and the descriptions of some options are incorrectly formatted.

It was initially released for the Xbox as a launch title, but was ported to the GameCube shortly afterward. It also received a port for the PlayStation 2 with some different mechanics, such as a defined health system.

To do:
Loads of debug codes for this version.

Development Text

Thousands of strings can be found in default.dol. Some of the most interesting ones are:

Violet's Lines

At 0x24C310 there are strings with Violet's taunts, screams, speeches, etc. She says these (though maybe some might be unused), but there is no such thing as subtitles in this game.

There is an unspoken line, in which she refers to herself as her early name, "Skully": Wake up, Skully, loser's are passing you left and right!

Also, some of the lines are worded differently:

Text Spoken line
Like, hello? Hello!
Whoa, loser on the road! Whoa, idiot on the road!
That is some dank shtuff. Dank shtuff!
Blow that up, girl! Blow that up!
I'm the kick and you're the butt. I'm kick, you're butt.
That's right, and I'm taking names too. Taking names!
So? You're still a total loser. So? You're still a total dork.

Removed Items

There are references to some unused items at 0x24FCD0:

l1_00_MortarPid pid for Mortar (was Anvil Catapult)
l1_01_UnusedPid unused pid (was Armor)
l1_04_GrenadePid    pid for Pineapple Grenade (was Bomb)
l1_11_WoodchipperPid    pid for Woodchipper (was Flag Suction Cup)
l1_13_UnusedPid unused pid (was Flame Thrower)
l1_17_HelicopterBladesPid   pid for Helicopter Blades (was ICBM)
l1_18_UnusedPid unused pid (was Jump Jet)
l1_19_ButcherBladesPid  pid for Butcher Blades (was Tomahawk (was Lightning Bolt))
l1_20_UnusedPid unused pid for Lightning Charge
l1_21_BuzzSawPid    pid for BuzzSaw (was Mole)
l1_23_PersonalWeaponPid pid for characters personal weapon (was Oil Drum)
l1_28_TommyGunPid   pid for Tommy Gun (was Six shooter)
l1_30_UnusedPid unused pid (was Train)
l1_31_LaserPid  pid for Laser (was Web Gun)

Initial Character Names

Starting at 0xEE70 in smallFiles.dat, early names for the characters are listed.

  • rh_Skully (Violet)
  • rh_Shtumpy (Sinder)
  • rh_KungPow (Flemming)
  • rh_Chuck (Whack Angus)
  • rh_Rodzilla (T. Wrecks)
  • rh_Wackula (Count Earl)
  • rh_Brain (Brian the Brain)


Opening settings.dat in a hex editor shows that the file is completely empty, and only contains this:


Cheat Codes

When creating a new save game, give it one of the following names to unlock the corresponding thing:

  • WHACKLAND - Whack Angus
  • TWRECKSPAD - T. Wrecks
  • EARLSPLACE - Count Earl
  • BRAINSALAD - Brian the Brain
  • PITA - everything
  • SUSIE! - everything except plastic rendering mode
  • MELEEDEATH - melee weapons
  • GUNSMOKE! - ranged weapons
  • HAZARDOUS - hazard weapons
  • MOVEITNOW - movement weapons
  • UNIQUEWPNS - unique weapons
  • PENCILITIN - pencil rendering mode
  • FANPLASTIC - plastic rendering mode
  • MULTIPLEX! - movies

The thing is that codes in italics don't work, at least for the GameCube version. This might be because the pencil rendering mode doesn't work on the GameCube.

References to Unused Rendering Modes

At 0xEC80 in default.dol, there is a list of rendering modes:


Only the normal cartoon renderer, the pencil renderer, and the plastic renderer are in the normal game.

Unused Text

At 0x2518D0 in default.dol, there's:

Quick Play

Maybe an option to play the game right away without choosing a character, mode, settings and level manually?

Unused Images

There are a few weird images in the piLaunch folder, some of which are leftover from the Xbox version. Also before we start, some miscellaneous tidbits:

  • There are graphics for a bitmap with Arial's font that is never used. Maybe it belonged to debug menus?
  • There's an image for the GameCube controller which is a bit squashed horizontally named Copy of gamePad.dds. The used image is named dlGamePad.bmp.
    • gamepad.dds is roughly the same thing, but the edges aren't smoothed.
  • PILogoSmall.tga is the small Pseudo Interactive logo used in attract mode demos, but there's a copy of that image, just slightly squashed vertically, called PISmallLogoX.tga. One of these is unused, supposedly.

CelDamage piLogo.png
  • piLogo.bmp is the "Psuedo Interactive Presents" screen, with a black background. In the GameCube and Xbox versions, the version with the white background is used. However, this black variant is used in Overdrive.

CD Boxart


CDBoxArt.dds has a picture of the Xbox version's NTSC boxart.

Xbox Controller Render

Comic Sans.

gamePad.bmp gives us a whole bunch of wrong. For starters, the text on the side is incorrectly written: "Cell Damage". Cel shading is often misspelled as "cell" shading, so... Then, on the left side, we have a (poor) render of an Xbox "Duke" controller, but that design doesn't seem to fit the real "Duke" controller.

Cartoon Xbox Controller

Are those buttons vertically aligned?

gampad.tga is an image of an Xbox "Duke" controller in a cartoon design, which fits the game rather well. There is no GameCube counterpart. May have been intended for the View Controls option in the pause menu, which uses a picture of a controller. Nintendo's Lot Check is very particular about how controllers are depicted and would likely have prohibited any similarly deformed GameCube controller.

Join Text

Would the analog stick be considered a button?

idleText.tga is an image file with the text "Press any Button to Join". The only part in the game that has something close to this is on the play selection menu, but the text there says "Press (A) to join" and is rendered dynamically, without a texture. There's also the file idleTextX.tga which is exactly the same file.

"Programmer art" Loading Screen

I wouldn't call "Loading.."art..

loading.tga has a rather interesting commentary. The bottom of the image has the text "Loading...". The top of the image has, in smaller letters, "Replace loading.tga to get rid of this programmer art."


This picture of Violet IS used in several places, like on the screen adjustment option.

loadScreen.dds seems to be an early version of the loading screen. It features a picture of Violet on a frame with "Loading..." on the right, "Cel Damage" on the top and some copyright info on the bottom.

Pause Button

Gee, this must've taken a long while to draw.

PauseButton.dds is an image of the Start button on the GameCube controller, in the same style as the A and B buttons found in menus. The Start button never does anything exclusive in menus. In fact, pressing Start in menus has the same effect as pressing A.


Loading for a reboot...Well, a Cel Damage 2 was in the works, if that's what they meant by reboot.

reboot.bmp looks like some sort of loading screen. It features an image of Violet equipped with an axe, and the text "LOADING?!" on the top, as well as "Cel Damage" on the bottom-left, and the company's logo on the bottom-right. The file's name is also a bit mysterious.

It's pretty well-detailed.

SaveGameLogo.dds looks like the logo used for save games on the memory card, according to the name. The problem is that these use the icon the player chose, and this icon isn't a valid choice. There is also an equal file, but in .tga format. This icon is used for the system settings save file on the Xbox version, however.

Character Screen Instructions

These are really unneeded.

selectCarText.tga is an image of text, like idleText.tga that explains how to pick a character. Even though these instructions are incorrect: "Use D-Pad to Select Character" "Press Start to Play". Also, like idleText.tga, this one also has a duplicate file, called selectCarTextX.tga. Both files are also the same.

Regional Differences

In the US version, the game's default difficulty is Toon Pro (medium). Toon Training (easy) won't let you unlock anything. In the EU version, the default is Toon Training and it allows things to be unlocked on that difficulty.