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Club Penguin: Game Day!/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of Club Penguin: Game Day!.

To do:
There's still some tracks that need to be in here...


Undefined BRSTMs

These BRSTM files are present in \sound\stream with the used BRSTM files but aren't defined in \sound\Club_Penguin.brsar, resulting in them being unused by the game.

BA FinalMix_01.brstm


CC_00 Final_01.brstm

Hub Music

Name File Notes
These songs were meant to play in areas taken over by the teams. The final game uses tracks from the online version, but original songs do exist and go unused.


A Super Paper Mario-esque song titled ig_rule. It may have been meant for the help/instruction menus, which continue playing the "minigame title screen" music in the finished game.

A song titled ig_spd_stake_00. This may have been meant for a skating minigame.

A song titled mn_title_02. It's much more energetic and fast than the used version.