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Club Penguin: Game Day!

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Title Screen

Club Penguin: Game Day!

Also known as: Club Penguin: ¡Día de Juegos! (ES)
Developer: Artoon
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platform: Wii
Released in US: September 21, 2010
Released in EU: September 24, 2010
Released in AU: September 17, 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Club Penguin: Game Day! is a Wii game from the famous online game Club Penguin released in 2010. You play with friends in teams on a series of events involving snow, java sacks and other weird stuff unrelated to penguins.


Unused Audio
DJ Cadence's Lost Tracks.

Placeholder Title

Placeholder also present in Fortune Street.
In the game's files, within \title\title.cmparc there is a placeholder title of the game along with some early "Press A + B" text. The same file is also found in the files of Fortune Street, due to being accidently copied by the developers when attempting to reuse the "Put on and tighten the wrist strap" splash screen.

Unused Models

Test Maps

On the game's disc, there are 2 files that contain areas that are inaccessible in the game. The 2 files are called test01.brres and maptest_reflection.brres.



Test01.brres is an small island that has a skybox and very early water textures on it. The file also contains various unused textures as well, including textures for a human boy.


Maptest_reflection.brres is a much bigger island, but with incorrect texturing and misplaced skybox, like test01, this file also contains unused textures as well.

Early Penguin/Puffle Models

There are early penguin and puffle models left in the game, all of them having 3 variants with possible coloring. Both penguins and puffles have animations also.


Early penguin model (2 of 3 variants).

The penguins have 3 different variants in them. One more detailed than the other, but all of them have a color texture that has many different colors, but they don't texture the models correctly.


Early puffle model (1 of 2 variants).

Unlike the penguins, puffles have 2 variants, but it has a model file which is a sprite. Interestingly enough, the puffle textures have only 6 colors instead of 8, which could mean that the game was being made very early during the online game's history.

Famous Penguins

All of the unused penguin components.
Left in the penguin model file, there are various components from 3 famous penguins that didn't make it into the final game. Some of them are not textured, not completed or even finished but not used for unknown reasons.

Captain Rockhopper

Captain Rockhopper was going to appear in the game, but it seems that he was cut late in development. His components are incomplete or not present, making his black beard the only finished model left in the game.

The Sensei

The Sensei has all of his components, but 2 of them have no textures at all, those being his hat and eyebrows. It seems that he was cut late in development as well.

Jet-Pack Guy

Jetpack Guy has complete components with all of his textures, but he was never used, meaning that he was cut at the last minute in development before release. His components include his black glasses, his tuxedo, and his jetpack gear.


Dummy robot.
On one of the minigame files, there's model called gim_sbf_dummy_01a, which is a robot resembling a robot from the PSA missions in the Adobe Flash game. It was used for testing or was never used for unknown reasons. The model also has animations as well, including misplaced ones.

Unused Sprites

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There are other sprites, including an animated penguin sprite.

Sprites from Ice Fishing

An unused sprite from Ice Fishing, a minigame from the Club Penguin online game.

Left in the game, there are sprites that were used for testing or for very early on the game's development. There are sprites for Fluffy the fish, a jellyfish and others related to it from the "Ice Fishing" minigame.

Pause/Menu Early Sprites


There are multiple unused icons that relate to the pause/main menu. They were never used, or they were placeholders for early versions of the game.

Unused Textures

Sensei Color Texture

The gray color texture.
The Sensei is a gray colored penguin, so a gray texture was made exclusively for him, but since the Sensei was cut, the texture was never used.

Realistic Fish Textures

Real fish with no model.
Left in test01.brres, there's quite a bit of unused textures, one of them has a real fish on it. The fish looks nothing like the fish from Club Penguin, meaning that it was simply used for testing.

Human Boy Textures

He will haunt your dreams.
There is a texture file for an actual human kid left in test01.brres as well. This has absolutely nothing to do with Club Penguin, this meaning just like the real fish texture, it was only used for testing. It's from the NintendoWare SDK.

Unused Music

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There are MANY tracks that have to be added, a subpage including all of them is recommended.

Intro/Results Music for each Event

The game was intended to include individual tracks for every single minigame when it starts and finishes, but it was never implemented for unknown reasons.

Unused Credits Music

Originally, there was going to be credits at the end of the game and those credits got music, but in the game's files, there are 3 variations of it, one longer than each other.

Music for a scrapped minigame

There is a music file which is related to a scrapped minigame involving skating, but neither the minigame nor the music track made it into the final game.

Early tracks

Various music tracks are coded to different parts of the game's HUB world, but they were replaced to the final tracks, though they were left in the game's data.

Unused Text

Bad words/Bad phrases

There are various text files that contain profanity or any other offensive words. This was meant to censor bad words in the online game, but for some reason, it was scrapped or never used. The feature seems to resemble the ban system in the Adobe Flash game, meaning that at some point in the game's development, there was going to be a chat system or online multiplayer, but no information is known about the unused feature.

Hidden Credits Text

There are text files that were not included in the final game. Those being the credits themselves, but in other languages. The text files have different languages, including Japanese.