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Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge

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Title Screen

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge

Developer: 1st Playable Productions
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: May 25, 2010
Released in EU: June 26, 2010
Released in AU: July 7, 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge is the sequel to the original DS game, now with ported missions from the Adobe Flash game. Revive your times as a PSA Agent and stop the evil schemes from that no-good Herbert once again!

To do:
  • Document the recently discovered unused/leftover sprites.
  • There are some developer comments in dgamer.xml.

Unused dialogue

In the final mission, Rookie and Dot have some extra dialogue if you speak to them on the mountain at the beginning. However, since you get teleported away to the mine shack before you can interact with anything, you can never actually click on them to make them say it. Using an Action Replay code to return to the room will allow you to interact with them.

Dotː Where do you need me?

Player dialogue option 1: Come with me to the mine shack. I might need your help.

Player dialogue option 2: Head to the geyser for now. G needs more info.

Dot: Understood. I’ll meet you there.


Player dialogue option 1: We have to do something!

Player dialogue option 2: Time is running out! Come ON G...

Unused areas

Some rooms have been left over from the previous game. Not all of them are intact.

Room ID Notes
Gary's room 24 The room graphics are missing, but its objects (the globe, the goldfish) remain.
Gift shop roof 27 Left over from the previous game.
Dance lounge 49 Fully intact, but you never go here in this game.
Pet shop 5D Room's graphics are missing, but its objects (puffles in the pen, goldfish, door) remain.
Tool shed 59 Only the door remains, the rest is a white void.
Unknown underground room 1 51 The room has no graphics. However, the music indicates that it is underground.
Unknown underground room 2 54 The room has no graphics. However, the music indicates that it is underground.

During the flood, you cannot access the Coffee Shop. However, using a code to teleport inside lets you see that there is water by the door. This could mean that the Coffee Shop was meant to be accessible during this mission.

Naming discrepancies

The names of C4_IceBerg_DuckFloat and C4_Dojo_OctopusFloat seem to imply that they were meant to be found at the Iceberg and Dojo. In the final game, the duck float can be found at the Ski Village, and the Octopus is in the Lodge Attic. This also suggests that the Dojo was supposed to be accessible at some point.

Unused music

There is a seemingly unused track in the game, with ID 19. It may have been planned for the Stage, as it sounds similar to the music used during the Stage play The Penguins that Time Forgot in the online game. The unused track can be accessed with the following code:

022017BC 000000??

replace ?? with one of these IDs:

ID Music
00 Menu
01 Coffee Shop
02 Ski Village / Amazing Maze
03 HQ
04 Town
05 Gift Shop
06 Ski Lodge
07 Pizza Parlor
08 Outback Pond
09 Gadget Room
0A Night Club
0B Spy Snake
0C Boiler Room
0D Menu
0E Stage
0F Beach
10 Mine Shack
11 Jackhammer
12 Grapple Gadget
13 Title screen
14 Herbert's Lair
15 Herbert's Lair
16 Herbert behind the Ski Lodge
17 Herbert
18 The Ultimate Mission
19 Unused?
1A Aqua Rescue
1B Tallest Mountain
1C Tallest Mountain
1D Mine
1E Spy Snake
1F End credits

Unused Cutscenes

Ending Cutscene

An unused cutscene depicts two penguins playing mancala in the water. It was likely intended to be played at some point during the flood or the subsequent party.

Rookie and Herbert Cutscenes

The unused scene from the game's trailer (depicting Rookie spying on Herbert at the Ice Rink), as well as a second cutscene are still present in the game's files, and can be viewed with the debug menu's cutscene viewer (see below).

Unused ending

The Director commends you in this unused ending.

Hacking to enter the command room during the final mission triggers an unused ending. Some of the dialogue from the Director and player is used in the game's final phone call between the player and the Director. However, some of the Director's dialogue is new, as well as the inclusion of Dot, JPG and Rookie. It appears that you do not actually receive a medal. The mission collectable screen only shows the life ring item, so this scene must have been cut before they made the item available.

Directorː Welcome back everyone. Well done. The island is safe once more.

Playerː Director, you said there was one more mission for us to do?

Directorː Before I give you your orders, I have something else I want to give each of you first.

Directorː All of you, for bravery and quick thinking, and actions that go above and beyond the call of duty…

Directorː I award you all this medal, and salute each of you as true protectors of club penguin. 

Directorː Well done. I am proud of you all.

Directorː And I would like to give special recognition to you *player name*, for incredible leadership and courage. 

Player option 1: Oh! Thank you director! I was just doing my duty…

Player option 2: I couldn’t have done it without my team. 

Director: You are a sterling example to us all.

JPG: But Director, what about Herbert? We failed to capture him AGAIN.

Directorː Herbert may still be on the loose, but you did not fail - you convinced him to help us. I’m sure he won’t forget that. We’ll just have to wait and see what he does next.

Player: So what are our final orders for this mission?

Rookie: Ahh! I can’t take the anticipation!

Director: Very well. Your final order is this…

Directorː We need to cover up this flood, and keep the public from knowing any of this happened…

Directorː SOOOO…

Directorː We’re going to throw a water party, and you guys are going to celebrate.

Directorː That’s an order… heh heh…

Player: Well you heard the director! Let’s move out!

Rookie: Woohoo!

Dot: Awesome!

JPG: I need to find a beach chair and relax…

The credits play.

Coffee Shop Oddity

The Coffee Shop interior in 'Secret of the Fur' has room ID 13, in contrast to the other missions, which use a Coffee Shop of ID 12. It's possible that this was to exclusively facilitate interaction with the hot chocolate machine in 'Secret of the Fur', yet other rooms (namely, the wilderness river) are perfectly capable of adding and removing interactions depending on the mission, so it's unclear why they had to do this.

Debug Menu


There is a debug menu still present in the game's code. It allows you to modify the player's coins, activate minigames and missions, and view cutscenes.

It can be accessed with the following Action Replay code (EU)ː

1211AFAC 0000201D

Once the debug menu has been accessed, the second half of the code must be changed to 00006800, or you will not be able to leave the menu.

Regional Differences

The main difference between the American and European versions of the game is DGamer. Since DGamer is exclusive to North America, the feature was removed in the European version, although many files from DGamer are left in the ROM.

US Europe
CP-EPF-HR-USA title screen.png CP-EPF-HR-EUR title screen.png

Another minor change is the Puffle Whistle. When using the menu in the European version, the music goes down to detect better audio from the microphone. This doesn't happen in the American version.

Anti-Piracy Check

If the game detects that is being played through unofficial means, like an old flashcard, a faulty emulator or a ROM loader like TWiLight Menu++ (before v9.3.0), the Puffle Whistle will be inaccessible through every mission, rendering the game unbeatable.