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Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (TurboGrafx-CD)

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Title Screen

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams

Developer: Hudson-Era HK
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Platform: TurboGrafx-CD
Released in JP: February 12, 1993
Released in US: 1993

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

The TurboGrafx-CD port of the arcade game of the same name, which happens to be one of the few Cotton series games to be released outside of Japan.

Level Select

Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams TGCD Level Select.png

In the options menu (press Select at the title screen), highlight exit and press Down, II, II, Left, I, Right, Select to add a level select option to the menu. However, only up to level 4 can be selected, and the higher the chosen level, the fewer continues you'll have (9 for level 1, and decreasing by 1 for each subsequent level).