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Crash Nitro Kart (PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox)

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Title Screen

Crash Nitro Kart

Also known as: Crash Bandicoot: Bakusou! Nitro Kart (JP)
Developer: Vicarious Visions
Publishers: Universal Interactive Studios, Konami (JP)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
Released in JP: July 8, 2004
Released in US: November 11, 2003
Released in EU: November 28, 2003
Released in AU: December 3, 2003

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Crash Nitro Kart is essentially Crash Team Racing 2 in everything but name, right down to the concept of a tyrannical racing-obsessed alien forcing the marsupial, his friends, and his enemies to race for the fate of Earth. There are new karts capable of running on anti-gravity sections, though, which is a pretty nice novelty that would later be unceremoniously copied.


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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Audio

Velo Mask

Velo mask was planned to have its own quotes during races like Aku Aku or Uka Uka, but for some reason they were cut off in the final version.

Interestingly, these clips can be loaded in-game if you play as Emperor Velo, as all of the voice clips are present within his audio folder.

Wrong way!

Turn around!

Go the other way!

Wrong direction!

That's not the right way!

Out of bounds!

Do not fail me!

Now, prove your worth!

Now, stay on track this time!

Why do I even bother rescuing you?

Don't attack your own team!

Aim for the enemies!

That's your teammate!

Boss Dialogues

There is a set of voice lines that only appear when the player is controlling such character, such as hitting the wall or taunting. Interestingly, just like Nitros Oxide in Crash Team Racing, the same applies to the bosses in this game, which some voice clips never appear during a boss race, but they actually work properly if a player is controlling them. Some of clips were later re-used in the GBA version of the game.


Hitting a wall

Shield Taunting


Hitting a wall

Shield Taunting

Little Norm

Hitting a wall

Shield Taunting

Big Norm

Hitting a wall


Hitting a wall

Shield Taunting


Hitting a wall

Emperor Velo

Hitting a wall

Shield Taunting


Hitting a wall

Virtual Lobby

Welcome to the Virtual Lobby. Here you may practice your skills while you wait for the race to start.
When a player joins the game, an icon will appear on the left of the screen.
The game will begin once the host enters the Warp Vortex located in the center of the arena.
To begin a battle you must drive to the center of the arena and enter the warp vortex.
The vortex will take you and any players that have joined, to the level you selected.
To begin a race you must drive to the center of the arena and enter the warp vortex.
The vortex will take you and any players that have joined, to the level you selected.
Press the Start Button to change your level.
Press the Start Button to change your level and other game settings.
The color next to your character icon represents your team color.
To switch to a different team, drive over one of the four colored pads that represent each team color.

A vast portion of the game's text concerns a mode which wasn't even present in the final version, known as the "Virtual Lobby". Judging by the strings found in the game's code, it would've served as an online mode where players can race or battle each other in color-assigned teams. The surviving text is rather comprehensive, implying it went a long way in development prior to getting cut.

Unused Text

A huge amount of unused strings exist in the game's coding, the vast majority of them corresponding to the aforementioned Virtual Lobby that never was. However, there are also a small number of miscellaneous oddities within the code.

SETUP OK net_players_list wrap
Initializing the network system.
Connecting to network \ninterface
Closing network interface.
Network interface failed to \ninitialize. Check your network \nsettings.
The network link is down. Make \nsure the network cable is \nconnected.
No Ethernet network hardware \nfound.
Detected unsupported network \nhardware
#Failed to initialize networking \nhardware.
Scanning for servers . . .
Connecting with server . . .
Failed to connect with server.
Network connection closed.
\nServer shutdown.
Failed to connect.
Server is full.
Network connection timed out \nand closed.
\nInternal buffer overflow.
\nIncorrect password.

As mentioned above, these correspond to the Virtual Lobby.


An obvious placeholder string with no clear purpose.


This suggests that at one point, Crash Nitro Kart may have gone the way of Crash Twinsanity and included unlockable concept art as one played through the game.


Perhaps at one point there was to be a "behind the scenes" documentary of sorts showcasing the development of the game?


These were very likely intended to be a 100% bonus for finishing both Adventure modes, featuring comedic spins on the CGI cutscenes in the game's story. Time may well have forced their abandonment and it appears not even the developers were sure about their inclusion at the time of when this was written.

Voodoo Doll Item

Demo builds of the game featured a Voodoo Doll power-up which acted very similarly to the "Team Frenzy" boost present in the final, in addition to creating an "angelic" aura around the user. As the Team Frenzy meter builds up over the course of the race in accordance with how well you drive, the excessive power-ups it grants you are well justified, so to have a regular item generate the same effect would likely make it overpowered. As such, its removal in the final appears justified...

...Until glancing through the coding reveals it wasn't actually removed from the game at all – it was merely disabled and still present in the "item cycling" animation after hitting a crate, with cheat codes being able to force the item to appear from the crates scattered around each track. The weapon has unusual yet devastating effects when activated in the final game, cursing the racer in first place by shrinking them as well as slowing them down and distorting their turning, complete with a rain cloud similar to the souped-up Beaker items in Crash Team Racing. On top of that, it also blesses the user by speeding them up while creating the same light effect, only lacking the pseudo Team Frenzy effect from the demo.

It is largely unusual how the item's effect not only differs between the demo and final builds, but that the item is considerably more unbalanced in the final despite not being used.

Unused AI Weapon Behavior

Normally, the game is hardcoded to only allow the AI to acquire Bombs and Missiles despite the AI having defined chances for acquring other weapons, which can be seen in demo builds. However, it's possible to re-enable some behavior that allow them to also use TNT, Freezing Mines, Turbos and, in Adventure Mode, Tornados - although that seems to have been hastily changed in the final game. The codes below simply bypass those checks, allowing for more varied weapon selection.

Version Code
USA 2017C6D0 1000000E
Europe 2017C300 1000000E
(Source: Boo Gλmes)

Unused Hyper Spaceway Minimap

Hyper Spaceway is the only level in the game where it's not possible to switch between speedometer and minimap, since the speedometer will always be the only option available here. However, the minimap itself is still present in the game, just disabled. The code below reveals that it's actually a little broken, which is probably why it isn't normally available.

Version Code
USA 201E5AF0 00000000
Europe 201E74E0 00000000
(Source: Boo Gλmes)

Cut Battle Arenas

Included with the Battle Courses in the game's files is a string simply known as "ARENA 6". It would seem that a sixth Battle Course was planned, but was never elaborated upon further in development. As each Battle Course is based on each of the four hub worlds, in addition to Velo's Citadel, it is unknown what this arena would have corresponded to. There are also some unusable files for a seventh arena (appropriately called "arena7").

Yellow Gem/Token

Despite the original CTR having Tokens and Gems in five colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple) like the previous games, CNK only uses four of them (Red, Blue, Green, Purple). However, this was not always the case. Mentions of the yellow gem and yellow token can be found in a few of the game's files, such as .\common\gameprogression\goalstorewardsconverter.csv:

"# Rewards - trophy, key, relic, token_blue, token_green, token_red, token_purple, token_yellow",,
"# Rewards - gem_blue, gem_green, gem_red, gem_purple, gem_yellow",,

If a warp pad is given a yellow token as one of the rewards for any of the races on it, then it also gains a yellow coloring to its shine, similar to how other tracks have the same color as their token. However, if the rewards are modified, nothing happens if the player collects a yellow token or yellow gem, except for Aku Aku (or Uka Uka) still playing the corresponding congratulatory message.

Early trailers for the game also listed the track count as 17, four more than the final game, which has 13.

Unused Adventure Mode Race Requirement Settings

The requirements needed for a race to be unlocked go a bit further than what's used in the game, as can be seen in .\common\gameprogression\adventuretracksmanager.csv:

"# Reward Needed is the reward need for this submode on this warp pad, it should be one of the following: (relics can be either relicnumber or relic_type)",,,,,,
"# trophy, key, relic(or relic_saphire), relic2(or relic_gold), relic3(or relic_platinum)",,,,,,
"# token_blue, token_green, token_red, token_purple, token_yellow, gem_blue, gem_green, gem_red, gem_purple, gem_Yellow",,,,,,

A specific number of a specific type of relics can actually be used as a requirement for a race, though this feature is never used. Despite this, however, Aku Aku (or Uka Uka) will tell the player that they need to "earn more relics" if they approach a warp pad that has gems as its requirement, such as the warp pad for Hyper Spaceway's Relic Race. However, approaching a locked warp pad that requires relics will have the masks tell the player they need more trophies to unlock it.

Furthermore, "relicnumber" is actually non-functional, or a typo.

Internal Boss Names

Geary was originally named Otto and Krunk was named Kongo. They are still referred to by those names in some of the game's data.