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Development:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)

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This page details development materials of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis).

To do:
* Filenames, Filepaths, and organize sprites. * Images need to be resized. Correct versions are found here: https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?threads/unused-enemy-sprites-by-sonic-2-artist-tom-payne.38559/

In 2019, a box of old floppy disks owned by former STI member Tom Payne were found and preserved, creating what is now known as the Tom Payne Archives. These files contained sprites for Sonic 1 and 2, along with internal concept art and unrelated sprites pertaining to two other games that went unreleased.

Original Files can be found here.


Sonic 2 (TPA) Ball.png

The Ball Badnik seen in the Nick Arcade prototype.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Bubbler.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Bubbler's Mother.png

Bubbler from the Nick Arcade proto, with Bubbler's Mother sporting the color green.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Stegway 1.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Stegway 3.png

The August 21st proto's sprites for Stegway.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Masher.png

Unrefined sprites for Masher.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Gator 1.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Gator 2.png

Sprites for Gator, but with a much brighter palette! According to a cancelled Tom Payne interview from 2004, these Gator sprites date back to April 2, 1992.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Snail 1.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Snail 2.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Snail 3.png

Pre-Nick Arcade sprites for Snail, seemingly unsure on giving it a wheel or not.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Crawl and some dirt.png

Nick Arcade sprites for Crawl, with some dirt. Crawl was originally intended to pop out of the ground with sand/rocks appearing under it. The idea was likely scrapped after Crawl was repurposed for Casino Night Zone.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Buzzer 1.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Buzzer 3.png

Early sprites for Buzzer, some of them not found in any prototypes.


To do:
Check which tilesets are final

Contained here are several tilesets for Metropolis Zone. Mostly seen in the Simon Wai proto.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis.png

The Simon Wai proto sprites for the wheel obstacle.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis 1.png

Several animated tiles.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis 2.png

The pistons in the background.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis 3.png

Floor, pipes, and wheels.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis 4.png

Simon Wai slanty lift walls, Simon Wai background conveyors, and nuts.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis 5.png

Pipes, wheels, (the top half of) a conveyor belt, and those bumpers that launch you into Slicers.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis 6.png

Curved floors, whoopee.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Metropolis 7.png

Slanty lift. 'Nuff said.


Early badniks, once thought to be just mere concept art, in sprite form! Results vary.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Tom Payne Faces 3.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Tom Payne Faces 2.png Sonic 2 (TPA) Tom Payne Faces 1.png

Included in a scratch pad are some... disconcerting sprites of some guy making various expressions, mostly smiling/grimacing. The full-body sprite appears to have been shot.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Pig Badnik 1.png

Several sprites of an early badnik based on a pig. According to a cancelled Tom Payne interview from 2004, these sprites date back to when Tom Payne first started working at STI (March 9, 1992).

Sonic 2 (TPA) Pig Badnik 2.png

Another pig, this time with a silver nose and colored pink.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Pig Badnik 3.png

Another rendition that would walk on 4 legs and would fire some sort of projectile out of its neck after lifting its head up.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Pig and Insect Badniks.png

Also present is a slightly different rendition, which was pasted over another spritesheet of another unused badnik based on some insect.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Pig Badnik 4.png

A singular sprite of the pig's walker variant.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Pig Badnik 5.png

Another singular sprite, this time of the top-right pig in image 1.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Pig Badnik 6.png

A rougher version of the wheeled pig variant, and a weird pig-bug thing.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Dragonfly and Wasp.png

The dragonfly moving and... aiming, though it's hard to tell as the sprite's not finished. Also here is a badnik similar to the Buzz Bombers on the boxart of Sonic 2 for the Master System. Comparing to the other sheets, though, these are actually part of...

Sonic 2 (TPA) Several Unused Badniks.png

...a whole treasure trove of unused badniks! Pictured here are:

  • Bee/Wasp, an early version of Buzzer, including an early yellow version
  • A pterodactyl that may have dropped something on Sonic's head
  • A squid
  • A lobster, which possibly became the Zaririn from Sonic 2 SMS
  • Some tank thing with claws
  • An early Skorp from Sonic 3
  • The Boxart Bomber, this time with only 2 jets and a firing sprite.
  • The previously-mentioned dragonfly
  • And a frog, for good measure.

Also included is a sprite of Sonic running, for scaling purposes. Oddly, the palette used here (and in the Sonic 1 badnik sprites fund in the TPA) appears to be the early palette seen in prerelease material for Sonic 1!

Sonic 2 (TPA) Dango and Mole.png

The mole badnik from concept art, along with an early Dango from Sonic CD, which is strange, because a different dev team worked on CD.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Dragonfly and Squid.png

The dragonfly and squid from before, same as then.

Sonic 2 (TPA) Buzzer 2.png

Bee/Wasp, identical to what's seen above.