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Development:Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)/Sprites & Textures

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This is a sub-page of Development:Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64).



"1P" and "2P" icons were discovered within the leaked source code in sm64/map/title/shapes/title_arrow.sou, tying in with developer comments in interviews that Luigi was intended to appear in a scrapped multiplayer mode, scrapped in favor of having the more complex landscapes in the final game.

Of note is that these icons use the same orange-yellow gradient font seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo, rather than the more elaborate custom font seen in the final, implying that multiplayer mode and Luigi were possibly both taken out at around this time.


An early version of the Power Star can be found in sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/star.sou, with a unique collecting animation. It appears to be the same depiction seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo. Its red/white equivalents on the title screen were retained in the final game.


The dotted outline of a Power Star, likely an early version of the translucent blue star used to denote both incomplete missions on the mission select screen and already-collected Power Stars.

SM64 dotstar txt.png


SM64 m star 1.gif

Another early version of the Power Star, taking on a more flat appearance.


The m_start2.h file contains the same star like m_start1. However, it appears to be an antialiased render (no sharp edges). Importing it in-game leads to white borders appearing, as the image is RGBA5551 (only 1 bit is reserved for alpha).

SM64 m star2.gif

M star2 in game.png


An early version of the coin found in sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/coin.sou, as seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo build. This means that the coin textures in this build don’t use RGBA values for the blue and red coins; The texture is white and it uses RGBA values in the final, Which makes it more optimized.

Sm64 early coin.gif


Several unused trees are present in sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/tree.sou, sm64/shape/keep/OLD/unused/sugitree.sou, and sm64/shape/keep/OLD/unused/B_tree.sou.

Similar-looking trees were later used in Mario Kart 64. main_tree1_txt and main_tree2_txt are the same tree that is used in pre-release footage such as the Shoshinkai '95 Demo. We have included a version of main_tree that is fully connected.


SM64 sugi 2 txt.png

Another unique tree, found in sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/sugitree.sou.


SM64 flag txt.png

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/unused/flag.sou is a flag graphic. By its coloring scheme, it seems to resemble the castle's flags from the Shoshinkai 1995 demo. The available footage is too blurry to make a verdict, but a similar-looking flag can also be found in an image from the 1995 patent build (the similarity becomes more clear by converting this texture to black and white), so this texture might be an old version of the castle's flags. Interestingly, this build's flags appear to have an early icon on them.

Image Close-up
SM64-patentcastle2.png SM64-patentcastle2-Flag.png


SM64 bomb1 txt.gif

sm64/shape/keep/bombfire.sou contains an unused explosion effect.


SM64 f gun.gif

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/fireA.sou was intended for a flamethrower-type hazard (be it the wall flamethrowers seen in some levels, Bowser's fire breath, or some other object/enemy).


SM64 Internal SkullTransition.png
SM64 wipe docro txt.png

Among the graphics in sm64/data/Basic/tanidata.h is an unused skull wipe transition, likely an early version of the iris-out seen upon losing a life (which in the final version and all publicly shown early builds uses a silhouette of Bowser's face).

Early Final
SM64 wipe kopa-1.txt.png
SM64 wipe kopa.txt.png

An early version of the Bowser death transition, slightly larger and more detailed. This version of the transition can be seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo.

sac_A_txt - sac_D_txt

Path: sm64/map/select/selectShape/font88col_txt.h

SM64 sac A.pngSM64 sac B.pngSM64 sac C.pngSM64 sac D.png

Small 8x8 colored letters A to D found right in the files for the File Select menu, dated January 18, 1996. Interestingly, their corresponding colors match the bevels in the menu except for the yellow one.



Found in sm64/map/select/selectShape/copy_of_button.sou and sm64/map/select/selectShape/copy_of_button_txt.h


sm64/map/select/selectShape/copy_of_button_txt.h contains the early version of the bevels in the file select menu.


Old polygon star.png

Sm64 early 3d star texture.png

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/polygon_star.shape contains an early texture for the 3D Power Star that is longer than the final.


SM64 rn 1 txt.pngSM64 rn 2 txt.pngSM64 rn 3 txt.pngSM64 rn 4 txt.png

In sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/door.sou are numbers 1-4. As the name suggests, these textures were intended for doors, possibly for the ones that need stars to be opened; the number 2 can be clearly seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo on a door in the castle. The number 3 is listed first, but that is to be expected, as door #3 is at the far left end of the old Inside Castle map (which used to lead to Cool Cool Mountain). The doors are listed from left to right: the door with the number 3 is at the far left, door 1 is at the left, door 2 is at the right, and door 4 is at the far right (where Dire Dire Docks would be). The numbers on the doors mark the level number that would appear on the stage select (so level 2 is Lethal Lava Land).


Part Texture
Face SM64 early thwomp front.png
Back Sm64 early thwomp back.png
Side Sm64 early thwomp side.png
Hand Sm64 early thwomp hand.png

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/wallman.sou is an early version of the Whomp, as seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo. This version however of Whomp is internally referred to as wallman, while the final Whomp is called ichiro.


Part Texture
Front Sm64 early whomp face.png
Side Sm64 early whomp side.png
Top Sm64 early whomp top.png

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/dosun.sou is an early version of the Thwomp, also seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo.


Part Texture
Eyes Sm64 early boo eyes.png
Sm64 early boo mouth.png

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/teresa.sou is an early version of the Boo, as seen in all publicly shown pre-release builds of the game.


Part Texture
Eye Sm64 early sushi eye.png
Skin SM64 shark skin txt.pngSM64 shark skinB txt.pngSM64 shark skinC txt.pngSM64 shark skinD txt.pngSM64 shark skinE txt.png
Tooth Sm64 early sushi tooth.png

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/shark.sou is an early version of Sushi, as seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo.


Part Texture
Beak Sm64 early penguin beak.png
Eyes SM64 ping eye1 txt.pngSM64 ping eye2 txt.pngSM64 ping eye3 txt.pngSM64 ping eye4 txt.pngSM64 ping eye5 txt.png

sm64/shape/keep/OLD/etc/ping.sou is an early version of the penguins, as seen in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo build.


Early Final
SM64 omeme2 txt.png SM64 klepto eye.png

An early version of Klepto's eye with smaller pupils as seen in the 96 B-Roll can be found in sm64/shape/EnemyTest/hagetaka/hagetaka_texture.h.


There is a file called ana.sou that is located in sm64/shape/keep/OLD/unused.

The model is a rectangle that would have the textures applied to it. One of the textures seems to be the checkerboard pattern used on the castle steps in prerelease footage.


sm64/maps/stage1/castle_texture.h and sm64/maps/stage99/castle_texture.h share the same textures.


Found in sm64/map/stage2/test/test_texture.h.


Found in sm64/map/stage3/donjon/donjon_texture.h.

Many of these can be seen in Whomp's Fortress in the Shoshinkai 1995 demo. goldtile_txt seems to possibly say "Ultra Mario Bros.".