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Dezaemon Plus

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Title Screen

Dezaemon Plus

Developer: Athena
Publisher: Athena
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: May 24, 1996

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

A PlayStation update to the SNES iteration of the series.

Developer Message

Present in the \BLOKIDS directory are 20 BMP images, 19 of which are backgrounds from Blockids and READ_ME.TXT, a message from the developer to buy Blockids.

(Source: Ronto8)
 だめだよ。PSのDISC、パソコンでみちゃっ!! (!o!)

 ハマることうけあいのこのゲーム、興味を持たれた方は、近くの販売店まで!! \(^o^)/
 (要は宣伝だったんですね。これ) (^_^;


 これからもあたたかいご声援をお願いいたします。m(_ _)m
*READ ME~~~~~~~!!
No, no, you can't just look at a PS disc on a computer! (!o!)
But I guess nothing can be done about something that has already been found. (^_^;
The files in this folder (directory) are image data in the BMP format.

They're a part of what was used in the popularly selling 3D block breaking game "Blockids."
It may be a simple block breaking game, but it's a next generation block breaking game using 3D polygons!
For those who have an interest in this game which is bound to make you addicted, stop by your nearest retailer!!\(^o^)/
(Essentially this was a kind of advertisement, huh.) (^_^;

*About Distribution and Reprinting
When distributing this image data, please make sure you attach this document.
When reprinting/using the data for magazines or other commercial purposes, please make sure to obtain permission from Athena Co.
Copyright for the image data, the document, and other rights all belong to Athena Co.
Please do not use for commercial purposes.

I would like to give the utmost gratitude to all users of Dezaemon Plus.
I ask that you would please continue your warm support for us. m(_ _)m
Furthermore, Athena Co. plans on holding a Dezaemon contest.
We are waiting for everybody's wonderful creations! \(^o^)/
Feel free to give it a challenge! (^_^)

(Translation: Shirobon)