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Dicey Dungeons

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Title Screen

Dicey Dungeons

Also known as: 骰子地下城 (CN), 다이시 던전 (KR), دهاليز الزهر (AR), Dwnsiwn y Dis (Welsh)
Developer: Terry Cavanagh[1]
Publisher: Terry Cavanagh[1]
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: August 13, 2019[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Dicey Dungeons is a deck-building turn-based RPG roguelike. In order to achieve your heart's desire, you meet with Lady Luck and turn yourself into dice, and use some of yourself to beat enemies throughout the dungeons.

Certainly, one spin of the big wheel'll let you win... right?

To do:
  • Older versions had different enemy equipment. Especially Sneezy.
  • Older version equipment acted differently. For example, Change Machine's upgraded form was changed between v1.12 and v2.0.
  • See if it's possible to create animated versions of the enemy back sprites as well as find any other unused animations
  • Add unused Reunion graphics
  • Add details about secret Editor menu
  • Add unused strings found in the locale files (for example, some unused episode concepts, enemy defeat lines)
  • Issue tracker for beta versions is public; potential for Pre-release subpage, also has info about early Halloween Special



Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Early Chipzel Music

For the game's soundtrack, Chipzel departed from her ordinary fare (chiptune) for a more funk-oriented sound. However, when she was first on board (after the reign of placeholder MIDI pop), alpha versions contained a lot of early takes with a pure chiptune sound, plus a couple of tracks delving into trance, and some ambient overworld music that was completely replaced.

A fanmade "digital bootleg album" containing these outtakes can be found here. It also contains shorter, different mixes of the final tracks that were used in the closed beta.

Unused Graphics

Equipment Symbols

These symbols were likely meant for pieces of equipment and statuses that aren't in the final game.

Bow and Arrow

Diceydungeons-bow arrow.png







While there is a Lantern status in this game, it just uses the dice graphic instead.



Big Symbols

These symbols are found in data/graphics/ui/bigsymbols but aren't found in the current game (although a star similar to star.png is used for the Confuse status).

graystar.png redstar.png star.png whitestar.png
Diceydungeons-graystar.png Diceydungeons-redstar.png Diceydungeons-star.png Diceydungeons-whitestar.png

Unused Map Icons

Unused Final
Diceydungeons-trading post.png Diceydungeons-trading post final.png

An early version of the Trading Post sprite, which appeared in alpha versions of the game. Compared to the final, the early trading post is red and isn't a cart.

The Invisible Man

Within the animations folder (which contains animations for all the game's enemies and the fight transition as well as the back sprites in the next section) there's a folder for invisible_man, who incredibly isn't visible in the game (or in the rest of the game's data).


Diceydungeons-Layer 2 invisible man.png


Diceydungeons-shadow invisible man.png

Unused Enemy Back Sprites

During the Backstage episode, you can play as the enemy characters. Additionally in Reunion, you can steal potions from the Alchemist in order to temporarily transform into enemies. However, if you can't play as an enemy, you won't be able to see their back. Here's a list of enemies whose backs you won't be able to see in-game.

The Cornelius back sprite was visible in v1.0, but unavailable starting in v1.1 when Cornelius was removed from the Backstage episode.

To do:
Get animated versions of these back sprites.
Name Static Back Sprite
Aoife Diceydungeons-aoife-back.png
Banshee Diceydungeons-banshee-back.png
Beatrice Diceydungeons-beatrice-back.png
Bounty Hunter Diceydungeons-bountyhunter-back.png
Cornelius Diceydungeons-cornelius-back.png
Marshmallow Diceydungeons-marshmallow-back.png
Paper Knight Diceydungeons-paperknight-back.png
Rotten Apple Diceydungeons-rottenapple-back.png
Scathach Diceydungeons-scathach-back.png
Wizard Diceydungeons-wizard-back.png
Yeti Diceydungeons-yeti-back.png

Unused Text

Defeating Boss Dialogue

When you defeat a boss, you immediately go to an end-of-episode cutscene. However, some of the bosses have some unused lines if you beat them.


Ugh! Well, thanks for inspiring me to work harder.

I'll get you next time!


So falls the injured hawk to the carrion vulture.


Way out's over there, no need to hang around
getting in the way all afternoon.

Defeated By Enemy Dialogue

It seems that some enemies were supposed to say things when they defeat you in an episode, but this is not implemented in the final game.


Bad luck there! Keep working hard! You'll make it one day!


So the trees reach back to the sun, the tide comes in again,
and all is right with the world.

Buzz off then - game's over, loser.

Recruiting Enemy Dialogue

During the final episode, enemies can join your party after you beat them, but not all enemies will show up in this episode. However, one enemy who can't show up in Backstage still has dialogue for joining you.


You think you're soooooo good just because
you're going to fight Lady Luck!



Defeating Enemy (Reunion) Dialogue

There are quite a few enemies who weren't able to make it into Reunion for various reasons. However, they still have a chance to have things to say if you manage to bring them into Reunion and then defeat them.


You be careful there! Just because you escaped the Dungeons once
doesn't mean you get to trample my Brussels sprouts!


That was so well-executed! I've missed you and your excellent fighting skills!
Why not let me give you a big harmless Mimic hug with my chest-mouth?


Yeah, well, watch out for rockfalls! If you get trapped
in one that counts as me beating you!

Rhino Beetle



I see time has increased neither your grace nor your dignity, whereas *I* have
been promoted to a higher level enemy. So, who's really the winner here?


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Bounty Hunter

Another devastating loss! And yet I bear it with equanimity, for who would
not happily lose to the dice that won us our weekends off and sick pay?

Boss (Reunion) Intro Dialogue

As it turns out, one boss wasn't able to make it to Reunion. He still has things to say if you can start a boss fight against him.


Hello there. Happy 478th birthday, me. I guess a dismal battle with the least
interesting enemy dice is the only celebration I can expect.
You again? SIGH. Sometimes the eternal life of a vampire really does start
to pall. Mostly when visitors refuse to take the hint and leave.
Oh hey, it's you. You know what they say, another year, another enemy
it's hardly worth the effort to defeat... Have at you, I guess.

Enemy Bios

Two enemies in the game have unused bios. Usually, these are unlocked by completing challenges, but no challenge exists to unlock these characters' bios.

Drain Monster

Favourite food:
Warm fresh dishwater

Lurking in the drains and making gurgle noises to
scare kids in the bath

Happiest moment:
A childhood trip to the water park

Karaoke go-to:
TLC's "Waterfalls"

Reason for entering the dungeons:
Got carried along the drains in a storm


Favourite food:

Childhood pet:

Favourite book:
The collected works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Reason for entering the dungeons:
Wanted some UNINVADED SLEEP which obviously is
not going to be an OPTION

Episode Descriptions

Some episodes have descriptions that aren't seen in the final game.


The final episode has a hidden description and ruleset that aren't used:

Team up with the other contestants and recruit the dungeon's
monsters in one final effort to overthrow Lady Luck!
Rules Description
Recuit enemies you defeat in combat.
Switch between contestants and enemies by choosing cards from a deck.
Equipment doesn't recharge between turns.

In this episode, you do recuit (sic) the enemies after you defeat them. However, the description implies that all equipment would only be usable once per battle, which isn't the case in the final game.

Halloween Special Episodes

All episodes have the same descriptions.

(text should not appear)
Rules Description
(text should not appear)

Reunion Episodes

All episodes have the same descriptions.

Should not appear
Rules Description
Standard Rules.

Despite this description, the rules are not actually standard.

Episode Intros

At the start of each episode, Lady Luck always announces the start of each episode with a random introduction. However, the Halloween Special intros are cut short.

Halloween Special

Note that the first line of each of these intros is used. The lines afterward are skipped; you immediately go to the start of the episode after Lady Luck says her first line.

All Characters

{sly}Did I make you jump?

{normal}I hope so! It's not Halloween if you don't
scare a few innocent bystanders!
Welcome back to the Diii-iiiiiicey Duu-uuuuungeons
Halloween Special!

{sly}May all your dice be haunted!
Welcome back to Halloween!

Are you feeling scared yet? I bet our Inventor is!
Hello everybody! It's the Halloween Special, and
we're here to watch our Inventor fail.

{sly}Or maybe this time it'll work out for her!
It's the Halloween Special - again!

Almost as if our Witch's previous failure has trapped
her in an endless spooky cycle of doom!

{sly}Maybe this time though, eh?
Welcome back to the Halloween special!

{sly}Let's watch as our little Witch gives
it one more shot!

Upgrade Descriptions

Currently, the upgrade is only depicted visually, with the unupgraded equipment and the upgraded equipment side-by-side for comparison. However, there is text within the game's executable that indicated upgrades would have some text explaining the upgrade as well, as was the case in early prototypes.

Upgrade description Potential intended equipment
adds a bonus 1 to it Sword
adds a bonus 2 to it Pocket Knife
adds a bonus 3 to it Broadsword
adds a bonus 4 to it Bear Maul
adds a bonus 5 to it
adds a bonus 6 to it
reduces its power Paper Lantern
changes its return damage to a constant [sword]3 Boomerang
converts it into a countdown Dire Wolf Howl
gives a clue to how it works Rosepetal Shield, Rosepetal Staff
increases its poison damage Poison Cloud, Toxic Ooze
makes it more powerful
lowers its cost to play
makes it completely game breaking
allows you to use it every turn Lantern
allows it to use larger dice Doppeldice, Claw
reduces its countdown Buckler
reduces its size Battle Axe
makes it reuseable Ink Splat
makes it easier to play Duplicate

Bear Chest

Originally, if you turned into a Bear and opened a treasure chest, you'd see this message (labeled as chest_bear internally):

You can't take this. You're a bear.

In-game, bears are capable of getting their own items from chests.

Unused Maps

Not even Lady Luck will shuffle these two floors into a dungeon.


A possible generation of graph_catchall.txt

This dungeon floor was likely used to test every possible item, enemy, and walkable space that could be generated on a floor.



A possible generation of testgraph.txt

Since all items on this dungeon floor are off the main path, this map may have been used to test graph path truncation, since the final game removes spaces from the displayed map if nothing is generated in a potential spot.


Unused Battles

These battles have been left unused in the final game.

To do:
  • Add Super Enemy enemy loadouts
  • Add Reunion enemy loadouts
  • Add video of fighting brainwashed contestants.

Fighting Your Friends

In older versions of the final episode, Backstage, the playable dice would be brainwashed and you would have to fight them in order to unbrainwash them and recruit them to your team.

Using mods, it's possible to add these unused fighters into the game by editing an episode's level generator to have this code in place of one of the addfloor codes:

  .addotherstuff([teammate("Jester"), teammate("Thief"), teammate("Witch"), teammate("Robot"), teammate("Inventor"), teammate("Warrior")], [])

The characters all have 24 HP, 3 dice, and the equipment they have in their Backstage episode.


HP Dice Equipment
24 3 Rusty Sword, Iron Shield, Combat Roll
Before Battle
Wait, what's going on?

Where am I? Who are you?
What are we doing?

Is it fighting again? Are we fighting
for ever? Let's fight!
After Battle
...oh! Oh, it's you! You came!

Let's go fight Lady Luck!


HP Dice Equipment
24 3 Pocket Knife, Hacksaw
Before Battle
Wait, I'm back in the Dungeons?
I thought we were leaving...?

Am I getting paid for this? What's going on?
After Battle
...okay. Okay. Wow.

I think I remember what's going on now.

Hey - thanks for coming to get me.

I know I, er, said I'd abandon you all if I got the chance.
But maybe I'm, y'know, up for a few more fights.


HP Dice Equipment
24 3 Missing Score, Capacitor
Before Battle

...I think that's what I do now? That's what I'm here for?

I say BEEP and I say BOOP and I fight?
After Battle
...oh. Oh! I... I couldn't remember what I was
here for! It was awful! It was so awful!

Give me a moment to get my bearings... Right. Okay.

Less talk, more action! I'll show HER beep and boop.


HP Dice Equipment
24 3 Hammer, Spanner, Pea Shooter
Before Battle
Hello! Hello! You're an enemy! I'm here to fight you!

It's all very clear to me. I understand exactly
what's going on!
After Battle
...oh. Oh! You know what? I *didn't* understand
what was going on! I was so confused!

I didn't like it at all!

Quick, let's get out of here...


HP Dice Equipment
24 3 Cauldron, Magic Missile, Magic Missile, Hex
Before Battle
Fight! Fight! Fight! I'm gonna get ya!
I'm gonna win! ABRACADABRA!
After Battle
Oh, it's you! Oh! I'm SO glad to see you... that fight was AWFUL.

I didn't know who I was! Let's get out of here!


This fight has the Jester's unique theme, Against All Odds, playing.

HP Dice Equipment
24 3 Juggling Ball, Juggling Ball, Wind up Fist
Before Battle
Dungeons to Dicey Welcome, where you can desire your heart's win!

No, wait. Win to Welcome's Dungeons, where you
can heart you desire's win!

Dungeons! To welcome! Win! Win! Heart!
After Battle
UGH. That was pretty intense. Let me catch
my breath for a second.

... Right. Okay.

I think I'm myself again now. And I don't EVER
want to go back to that. So let's WIN.

Unused Items

There are a lot of items that have been left unused throughout the Dungeons for various reasons. All equipment is sorted based on their position in the internal equipment.csv files.

Note that while there are some pieces of equipment that don't generate naturally, they may still be in the game but generated through random item generators like those caused by the Yolanda Bonus Round rule. This lists equipment that is also excluded from random lists and not available through normal gameplay, even in bonus episodes like Reunion.

Base Game

Name Requirements Size Effect When Upgraded When Weakened Gadget Notes
Pierce Spell COUNTDOWN 7 1 Ignore shields Requirements changed to "COUNTDOWN 5" Requirements changed to "COUNTDOWN 12" Weaken Spell
Missile Launcher LOCKED5 1 Do [fire]<d6> damage, Burn [fire]2 dice Requirements changed to "LOCKED3" N/A Blowtorch
Spare 1 SPARE1 1 A spare one Effect changed to "A spare one, Do [sword]2 damage" burnsparedice (Unused) Magic Dice
Spare 5 SPARE5 1 A spare five Effect changed to "A spare five, Do [sword]2 damage" burnsparedice (Unused) Magic Dice
Liquid Cooling COUNTDOWN 10 1 Freeze all of your own dice Requirements changed to "COUNTDOWN 5" Effect changed to "Inflict [ice]1 freeze to yourself" N/A
Forge COUNTDOWN 16 2 Permanently upgrade the first card in your hand [gray](once per battle) Requirements changed to "COUNTDOWN 8" No Effect N/A Unimplemented.
Bow Wow Wow EVEN 2 Make unavailable cards available, return dice Requirements changed to "NORMAL" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE6" Fury
Justice REQUIRE6 2 Do [sword]<d6> damage, blind all dice N/A N/A Time Stop
Judgement@eyewear NORMAL 2 Do [sword]<triple>, things with eyewear take only [sword]1 Effect changed to "Do [sword]<quadruple>, things with eyewear take only [sword]1" Effect changed to "Do [sword]<d6>, things with eyewear take only [sword]1" Time Stop
Judgement@dicepeople NORMAL 2 Do [sword]<triple>, dice people take only [sword]1 Effect changed to "Do [sword]<quadruple>, dice people take only [sword]1" Effect changed to "Do [sword]<d6>, dice people take only [sword]1" Time Stop
Judgement@limbs NORMAL 2 Do [sword]<triple>, creatures with more than four limbs take only [sword]1 damage Effect changed to "Do [sword]<quadruple>, creatures with more than four limbs take only [sword]1 damage" Effect changed to "Do [sword]<d6>, creatures with more than four limbs take only [sword]1 damage" Time Stop
Spare Cycles COUNTDOWN 12 1 Do [sword]<leftovercpu> damage, [sword]1 for each unused CPU point Requirements changed to "COUNTDOWN 6" No Effect Overload Unimplemented.

Halloween Special

Name Requirements Size Effect When Upgraded When Weakened Gadget Notes
Spooky Bolt EVEN 1 Do [sword]1 damage (When created: Do [sword]3) Effect changed to "Do [sword]1 damage (When created: Do [sword]4)" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE6" Throw Dice Unimplemented.


Since many enemies were left unused during the Reunion DLC, a lot of equipment has been removed as well.

Name Requirements Size Effect When Upgraded When Weakened Gadget Notes
Beetle Dash DOUBLES 1 Repeat next action Effect changed to "Double all attack damage for the rest of the turn" Effect changed to "Next equipment has +1 use this turn" Fury Used by Rhino Beetle (excluded from Reunion)
Enthrall ODD 1 Add random status [gray](2 uses this turn) Effect changed to "Add random status [gray](3 uses this turn)" Effect changed to "Add random status" N/A Used by Drake (excluded from Reunion)
Ice Cream Headache DOUBLES 2 Change the dice slots on 2 items Effect changed to "Change the dice slots on 3 items" Effect changed to "Change the dice slots on 1 item" N/A
Magic Money Tree COUNTDOWN 5 2 Gain [gold]1 gold (you have [gold]<gold>[]) [gray](Reuseable) N/A N/A N/A Used by Mimic (excluded from Reunion)
Golden Star NORMAL 1 Take an extra turn (Cost: [gold]3, you have [gold]<gold>[]) N/A N/A N/A Used by Mimic (excluded from Reunion)
Golden Claw NORMAL + FREE4 1 Do [sword]<d6> damage (Cost: [gold]2, you have [gold]<gold>[]) N/A N/A N/A Used by Mimic (excluded from Reunion)
Golden Padlock NORMAL 1 Lock a dice (Cost: [gold]1, you have [gold]<gold>[]) N/A N/A N/A Used by Mimic (excluded from Reunion)
Golden Step NORMAL 1 [dodge]Dodge next attack (Cost: [gold]1, you have [gold]<gold>[]) N/A N/A N/A Used by Mimic (excluded from Reunion)
Costume Change DOUBLES 2 Swap an item with one from your backpack N/A N/A N/A Only partially implemented. Used by Warlock (excluded from Reunion)
Sugar Rush COUNTDOWN 12 2 Double all attack damage for the rest of the turn Requirements changed to "COUNTDOWN 9" Effect changed to "Repeat next action" Fury Used by Madison (excluded from non-Witch Reunion)
Stone DOUBLES 1 Inflict [stun]Stun [gray](once per battle) Requirements changed to "EVEN" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE6 + REQUIRE6" N/A Used by Bully (excluded from Reunion), who has 4 copies.
Slimey Cauldron NORMAL 1 Inflict [poison]1 poison, get a new dice Effect changed to "Inflict [poison]1 poison, reroll dice (2 uses this turn)" Effect changed to "Inflict [poison]1 poison" Random Roll Used by Slime against Witch, but the Witch episode never features Slime.
Yeti Potion COUNTDOWN 5 1 Transform for one turn [gray](once per battle) Effect changed to "Transform for one turn" No effect N/A Intended to be used by Alchemist, but removed from potion loadout.
Rose Potion COUNTDOWN 5 1 Transform for one turn [gray](once per battle) Effect changed to "Transform for one turn" No effect N/A Intended to be used by Alchemist, but removed from potion loadout.
Tax Evasion? MIN5 1 50% chance to dodge the next attack N/A No effect Quick Thinking Possible Parallel Universe version of Tax Evasion
Luckpenny SPARE2 1 A spare coin, always heads Effect changed to "A spare coin, always heads Do [sword]2 damage" burnsparedice (Unused) Magic Dice
Hot Potato NORMAL 2 Do [sword]1 damage N/A N/A N/A Used by Bounty Hunter (excluded from Reunion)
Echoing Laughter MAX5 + FREE1 1 Do [sword]<d6> damage, reuseable if you are cursed Requirements changed to "MAX5 + FREE3" Requirements changed to "MAX5" N/A
Scented Candle MIN2 1 Heal [heal]1 hp, dice value -1 [gray](2 uses this turn) Requirements changed to "MAX5"; effect changed to "Heal [heal]1 hp, dice value +1 [gray](2 uses this turn)" Equipment effect stays the same (even if upgraded) except it can only be used once Meganudge
First Mover MIN5 1 The next coin you receive will be gold Requirements changed to "MAX2 + MAX2" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE5" N/A In "Robot: Reunion", requirements would be a gold coin normally, two silver coins if upgraded, and a gold Tails if weakened.
Garlic Bread COUNTDOWN 2 1 Disable "Dark Mending" (Increase cost of this by 2) N/A N/A N/A Added on floor 6 if Drake is the boss (which he will never be)
Dark Mending COUNTDOWN 20 2 Heal completely, then do damage equal to half the health recovered Effect changed to "Heal completely, then do damage equal to the health recovered" Effect changed to "Heal completely, then do damage equal to a third the health recovered" N/A Used by Drake (excluded from Reunion)
Victory Point Test NORMAL 1 Test [victorypoint]Victory_Point N/A N/A N/A
Simplify Test NORMAL 1 Test [Simplify]Simplify N/A N/A N/A No "Simplify" status exists in the final game.
Costume Change Test NORMAL 1 Test [costumechange]Costume_Change N/A N/A N/A

Early Hot Potato

Hot Potato during the first public Thief Reunion betatest. Bounty Hunter was meant to be excluded from the enemy pool but was not, and players found themselves with a very broken item that did not work properly, frequently duplicating itself and becoming an incorrect size. (It was also PINK, whereas the final Hot Potato is RED.)

Name Requirements Size Effect When Upgraded When Weakened Gadget Notes
Hot Potato COUNTDOWN 7 1 Swap this for enemy equipment N/A N/A N/A Used by Bounty Hunter

Unused Skills

These skills (which can be Limit Breaks, Jackpot skills, or Inventor gadgets) are all currently unused.

Base Game

Name Description Notes
Weaken Spell Ignore Shields
Recycle Reuse all equipment Same effect as the equipment "Dexterity Charm"
Infinite Dice Get more dice
Rage Roll 2 dice, -5[heart]
Dexterity Keep dice after attack
Flashbang Shocks enemy Same effect as the skill "Zap"
Overdrive Reduce countdowns by 99
Broomstick Roll 3 extra dice Same effect as the skill "Crystal Ball"
Match 3 Copy first card twice
Warrior Smash Do [sword]6 damage Similar to the Jester's used Warrior card (Call for Backup Warrior), but this skill does a flat 6 damage instead
Inspiration Copy the next card Similar to the Jester's used Inventor card (Call for Backup Inventor), but has no code attached
Mulligan Undo this turn, and take it again Limit Break in Robot's 3rd episode before version 1.8
Unlucky Roll? Roll between 2 and 5 extra 1s
Something Else Used to select a random item to scrap during the Inventor's 5th episode in the current game. It is however unused as a skill.
Slot Machine Get random equipment Similar to the Jester's used Robot card (Call for Backup Robot). While used as a piece of equipment, it is unused as a skill.
Against all odds_old Survive all fatal blows until the next turn


Some of these unused skills are gadgets for guest items during the Inventor: Reunion episode, but aren't used because gadgets aren't involved in the episode.

Name Description Notes
Empty Slot
Delude Inflict [vanish]1 fade Gadget for equipment "Sheer Will"
Heart Stamp Inflict [love]1 [pink]Love Gadget for equipment "Love Hertz"
Piano Drop Do [sword]16 damage (once) Gadget for equipment "Steinway Axe"
Overdraft Get a gold coin

Unused Status Effects

These status effects are left unused in Dicey Dungeons.

Base Game

Name Description Notes
Infinite Too many dice. Granted by unused skill "Infinite Dice". Rolls infinite dice onto the field (at a rate of around 1.5 per second).
Pierce Next attack ignores shield. Granted by unused equipment "Pierce Spell" and unused skill "Weaken Spell"
CPU_Protect If you exceed the CPU target, reduce CPU by the excess.
Against_All _Odds Survive all fatal blows until your next turn. Granted by unused skill "Against all odds_old".


Name Description Notes
Headache Change the slots on <value> item(s) this turn. Currently unimplemented; code is commented out
First_Mover The next coin you receive will be gold. Granted by unused equipment "First Mover"
Garlic Disables "Dark Mending" on this turn. Inflicted by unused equipment "Garlic Bread".
Gold (reunionshowgold internally) Can be exchanged for goods and services. Purely visual. Value updates to match inflicted fighter's current gold count.
Costume_Change At the start of your turn, swap an item with something from your backpack. Only partially implemented. Small equipment is swapped with nonexistent equipment (random from "Orange", "Durian", "Strawberry", or "Lemon") and large equipment is swapped with "Bench Press" or "This is fine" (which is a small piece of equipment in the final game).
Terrified In <value> turns, run away.
cantrips_defend Cantrips controller for Cantrips item. (should not appear) Internal status. Instead of tracking any equipment called "Cantrips", it tracks a piece of equipment called "Chant" and activates when a 5 is rolled.

Unused Innates

There are a few innates in the game that are stored in the game, but not used by anyone.

Internal Name Innate Text
immunefire (enemy) is immune to fire.
immunepoison (enemy) is immune to poison.
immuneshock (enemy) is immune to shock.
strongice (enemy) is strong against ice.
strongshock (enemy) is strong against shock.
absorbfire (enemy) absorbs fire.
absorbpoison (enemy) absorbs poison.
absorbshock (enemy) absorbs shock.
weakpoison (enemy) is weak to poison.
shockcurse (enemy) is shocked every turn.
burncurse (enemy) is burnt every turn.
isladyluck (enemy) is very upset with you all.

Debug Controller

To do:
Figure out exactly what the screen positions mean in the diagnostic info when modcheats are active.

There's a debug menu that can be enabled by adding the -modcheats flag when starting Dicey Dungeons from the command prompt. This adds a piece of text saying (modding cheats are active) at the bottom of the screen at all times while it's on.

While it's on, you start each episode with 50 extra gold. Additionally, extra controls are enabled with the keyboard:

  • Press numbers from 1 to 6 on the number row to roll a dice with that value.
  • Press P during combat for your character to take 1 damage.
  • Press Shift and P during combat to make the enemy take 1 damage.
  • Press O during combat to fully heal your character.
  • Right click during your turn to instantly win the fight. Additionally, you can click a hidden right arrow that will appear to the right of the turn counter and flag to instantly win the fight.
  • Hold Z in the overworld to enable teleportation: you can move your character anywhere on the map when you click.
  • Press 0 on the number row to get diagnostic info, including player and enemy info, the number of dice on the board, equipment states, and combat status, as well as a list of screen positions, widths, and heights.

Revisional Differences

  • v1.0 had a bug that caused "What You Could Have Won (Bestiary)" to never play, the bestiary music being "The Ice Stage" instead, as well as a bug that prevented "Tempting Fate" from ever playing. These were almost immediately fixed.
  • "The Dungeon" never played until shortly after v1.3 - until then, "The Dark Forest" played in floors with the dungeon backdrop in addition to the forest backdrop.
  • The animation for a fighter being inflicted with Curse became much faster starting with v2.0.
  • The music in the character select was previously characterselect.ogg, a half-length version of "Come on Down" with crowd SFX overlaid. By January 2022 it was changed to the normal version of "Come on Down" (combat7.ogg, which already existed in the game's files) and characterselect.ogg was removed, as part of improvements made to the Nintendo Switch version.

Removed Items

These are items that existed in v1.0 that no longer exist in the final game.

Name Requirements Size Effect When Upgraded When Weakened Gadget Notes
Benchmark DOUBLES 2 Do [sword]<dicetotal> damage [gray](equal to total roll) Requirements changed to "EVEN" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE4 + REQUIRE4" Bear Smash
Dice Detonator EVEN 1 Do [sword]<var_tempdicedetonator:throwndicecount> damage ([sword]1 per dice thrown) Requirements changed to "NORMAL" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE6" N/A Removed from Witch episode 5 due to issues with its programming.
Fuse (Passive) 1 Absorbs an error when playing You Choose, You Lose N/A N/A Time Stop Despite description, does not spawn in this episode.
Incoming! COUNTDOWN 5 2 Add a Juggling Ball to your deck for this fight N/A N/A Replicate
Sabre MAX4 2 Do [sword]<d6> and bash with shield for [shield]<myshield> damage Requirements changed to "EVEN" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE6" Plasma Gun Part of Aoife's former equipment loadout.
Time Compression DOUBLES 1 Undo turn, take it again Effect changed to "Undo turn, take it again, immune to errors" Requirements changed to "REQUIRE6 + REQUIRE6" Meganudge Removed due to the "undo turn" effect being buggy.

Removed Bonus Round Rules

These rules exist in the original list of remixes in remix.csv in v1.0 but don't exist now.

Name Description Notes
Space Marine Enemies will never roll a 1. Excluded from rule generation. Rule changed to "Enemy countdowns reduce at double the normal rate." in current version.
Frog All small equipment becomes big. Excluded from rule generation because enemy equipment was affected as well. Rule changed to "Any enemy can potentially be the boss of the dungeon." in current version.
Copycat Enemies can steal a random piece of equipment from you every turn. Unimplemented.
The Warrior to do Unimplemented.
The Apple Apples restore double health. You no longer heal when leveling up. Unimplemented.
The Exit Add a 7th floor to the dungeon. Unimplemented.
The Jester to do Unimplemented.

Dialogue Differences

The initial part of the dialogue that plays after you beat Warrior Episode 1 was changed between v1.0 and the current version since some players weren't aware that there were more episodes after the first one.

v1.0 Current Version
Jester: Congratulations!

Your very first victory!

Warrior: Am I super strong now?

Jester: You’ll ALWAYS be super strong to me.

But also... no, sorry.

How it works is, every time you win
an episode, you get the chance to...

Jester: Congratulations!

Your very first victory!

Warrior: Am I super strong now?

Jester: ..well, no.

But look, you're off to a great start!
You've beaten a whole episode!

Just 35 increasingly difficult episodes to go!

Warrior: Wait, what? 35?

Increasingly difficult?

Jester: And of course, every time you beat an
episode you get the chance to...



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