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Dora Saves The Snow Princess (Wii)

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Title Screen

Dora Saves the Snow Princess

Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: 2K Play
Platform: Wii
Released in US: October 27, 2008
Released in EU: December 5, 2008
Released in AU: July 2, 2009

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Based on the Dora direct-to-video movie of the same name, Dora Saves the Snow Princess is a simple platformer designed for children on the Wii, a common platform for games of these sorts.

Debug Tools

Various debug tools can be brought up in the game by changing values in cdgame.txt.

Debug Level Select

A "Debug Level Select" button on the menu can be brought up by changing LEVEL_SELECT in cdgame.txt to "ON". Selecting it allows you to load into any level of the game. Note that only a black screen appears when DEMO_LEVEL_SELECT is enabled.

DoraSavesTheSnowPrincess levelselect.png DoraSavesTheSnowPrincess LevelSelectScreen.png

Debug Menu

Similarly to the debug level select, the debug menu can be enabled by changing various values in cdgame.txt. Then once a level is loaded, pressing Minus on the Wii Remote will bring up the debug menu in the top right of the screen and make the game pause. Some options don't seem to work and just switch back to their default values once switched.

DoraSavesTheSnowPrincess DebugMenu.png

Debug Files


Contains some launch options and some lines related to the Sony PSP. Likely a leftover from the engine.

COLLISION 1		64	64	64		// No-Climb
COLLISION 2		0	88	0		// Grass
COLLISION 3		255	207	55  	// Gravel
COLLISION 5		65	42	9		// Wood (Rough) - half of Wood (Polished)
COLLISION 6		130	83	18 		// Wood (Polished)
COLLISION 7		25	97	216   	// Stone
COLLISION 10	0	0	179		// Metal (Solid)
COLLISION 11	0	0	89		// Metal (Hollow) - half of Metal (Solid)
COLLISION 12	0	255	255   	// Glass

NAME                    	DORA     	// Name of game
WAD                     	99_99           	// First WAD to read
LANGUAGE                	ENGLISH         	// Territory or language
STRATDBGPATH				StratBin/		// Where the .SVM files are
USE_GCN_CONTROLLER		OFF			// JRS 07/31/2008 disable gamecube controller
USE_CLASSIC_CONTROLLER		OFF			// JRS 07/31/2008 disable classic controller
PAL                     	OFF             	// PAL or NTSC
DEBUG_CHEATS            	OFF			// Are debug cheats on/off
DEBUG_TEXT                      OFF              // Global enable/disable of debug info
DEBUG_MEMORY_INFO           	OFF             //
DEBUG_WAD_INFO                  OFF             // Display which wads are loaded
DEBUG_SCREENPRINTS          	OFF              // Display strat "screenprint" output
DEBUG_PROFILE_LABELS       	OFF             //
DEBUG_STRAT_PRINTS      	OFF              // Display strat "print" output
DEBUG_ASSERT_MESSAGES 		OFF              // Display strat "assert" output
DEBUG_SOUND                     OFF             // Extra sound debug
DEBUG_FLY               	OFF             	// Fly-through mode on/off
DISPLAY_PARTICLE_COUNT	OFF					//  Show particle numbers
LEVEL_SELECT            	OFF             	// Level select on/off
DEMO_LEVEL_SELECT       	OFF             	// Only show * levels in level select
SOUND                   	ON              	// Sound on/off
HEAPSIZE                	18.5            	// Size of game heap in MB
GEOMSTRATS					0					// Number of geometry strats
PARTICLES					8192				// Number of particles
PERFORMANCE_METRICS			OFF					// Whether to show the performance metrics at the bottom of the screen
SKIP_MOVIES					OFF					// Whether to skip the front end into movies or not
SCREENPRINT_YPOS			-220				// ASL screenprint start y position
ASSERT_YPOS					-100				// ASL assert start y position
REGION						0					//   0 = USA, 1 = EUROPE, 2 = EUROPE2(ANZ), 3 = something.	
KEYCODE                 	BA              	// Region Code from Sony
PRODUCT_NUMBER          	ULUX80210       	// Product Code from Sony
START_LEVEL					11_01				// A start level that works from start game

ENGINE_VERSION		"Build v3.40.0.0"

PSP							ON
DISABLE_PSP					OFF					// PSP mode
SAVE_NAME               	Gemini
OFFER_MULTIPLAYER			ON					// Turn on multiplayer options//DMK
AUTO_HOST					OFF					// ON=Automatically host a network game after booting.
AUTO_CONNECT				OFF					// ON=Automatically join a network game after booting.
AUTO_NAME					PSPNICKNAME			// Name of network game to host/join automatically.
ASL_SERIALIZATION_LEVEL		0					// 0,1,2 Higher levels give more network debug info, but run slower.
ASL_SERIALIZATION_DEVICE	1					// Where to write network out-of-sync logs: 0=MemStick, 1=Host
// Do not put a following comment after the SAVE_NAME

GAME_VERSION            ver_13835