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Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

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Title Screen

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

Also known as: Shin Sekaiju no Meikyuu: Millennium no Shoujo (JP)
Developer: Atlus
Publishers: Atlus (JP/US/KR), NIS America (EU/AU)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: June 27, 2013
Released in US: October 1, 2013
Released in EU: May 2, 2014
Released in AU: May 8, 2014
Released in KR: February 27, 2014

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Etrian Odyssey Untold is a 3DS remake and, to an extent, reimagining of the first game in the series, featuring various improvements over the original. There's also an all new Story mode, which has premade characters, cutscenes and voice acting, compared to the Classic mode in the style of the previous games.

Note: This game uses Shift-JIS encoding for all its text, which includes the usage of full-width Latin characters (ex. Dummy) even in the English version. For the sake of readability, these have been converted to regular ASCII characters for this article.

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Early Protagonist Class Name

In the Skilltree directory, there are several files that define the visual layout of each class's Custom screen. Most of the files use the Japanese names for each class; "skt_swordman" for Landsknecht, "skt_cursemaker" for Hexer, and so on. However, the file for the Story mode protagonist's class, Highlander, is called "skt_darkknight". Since the class is still called Highlander in the Japanese version of the game, it's likely that "Dark Knight" was an early name for the class.

(Source: Ragnar Homsar)

Unused Text

Unused Quests

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Various files in the main archive's Event directory still contain references to unused quests. Two of these, the "Debug Quest" with ID 0 and the Etrian Odyssey IV leftover "Fire Tyrant's garden" with ID 91, still contain quest data files inside the Event\Quest directory.

Name Long Description Short Description
0 Debug Quest Debug mode quest. If you find this
in a non-debug mode, it's a bug.
Item rewards, geomagnetic filed flag ON.
Reward: All travel items
Debug Mode quest.
An easy job!
88 Not Implemented Dummy quest.
Reward: Medica (provisional)
89 Not Implemented Dummy quest.
Reward: Medica (provisional)
90 Not Implemented Dummy quest.
Reward: Medica (provisional)
91 Fire Tyrant's garden 4 Quest
Reward: [Item:0x0539]
4 Quest
92 Bring down the fire EO4 Quest
Reward: 100,000en
4 Quest
93 Lady and the Dragon EO4 Quest
Reward: [Item:0x0535]
4 Quest
94 Battle against the storm EO4 Quest
Reward: 100,000en
4 Quest
95 Miracle of the ice field EO4 Quest
Reward: [Item:0x0533]
4 Quest
96 Battle of the Blizzard King EO4 Quest
Reward: 100,000en
4 Quest
97 Defeat the Fallen One EO4 Quest
Reward: [Item:0x0654]
4 Quest
98 Not Implemented Dummy quest.
Reward: Medica (provisional)
99 Not Implemented Dummy quest.
Reward: Medica (provisional)
100 Not Implemented Dummy quest.
Reward: Medica (provisional)
All Geomagnetic Fields can be used.
Go forth, adventurers!
“...Oh, yeah. Do you want the items
needed for the event?"
Get quest items?
Get a hammer?
Increase storage space?
“Do you want to level up?"
Go to result screen?
“You can control the system flags
from here."
Entered all dungeons?
Get all Burst Skills?
Unlock subclasses?
(Source: xdaniel)

Unused Graphics

Unfinished Character Portraits

Alongside the various used character portraits and tutorial screens, the folder Stex\Npc\Npc in the main archive also contains several rough sketches for some of the story mode characters.

Each of these placeholder portraits has an emotion written on top. In order, they are Worried, Surprised, and Serious.

Two crudely-drawn versions of the protagonist.

Rough versions of the protagonist, and a very basic sketch of Raquna.

Unused Alternate Classic Mode Portraits

Etrian Odyssey III and IV offered two different color schemes for every party member portrait. Since Untold uses legacy character illustrations, it does not have alternate color schemes. However, there are still texture files for alternate color schemes for the in-battle character portraits (Stex\Battle\Charadata), the menu and Custom screen (Stex\Camp\Chara_Cam), the character creation menu (Stex\Charamake\Chara), and the after-battle results screen (Stex\Result\Charadata). These are not actual proper alternate color schemes, but rather the normal character graphics with a slight tint applied. It's worth noting that the character creation menu textures, the Custom screen cut-in, and results screen textures use IVs background colors, rather than Untolds.

EOU-STEX-ig-res-cha05-07.png EOU-STEX-ig-cus-cha05-07.png

EOU-STEX-ig-sta-cha05-07.png EOU-STEX-ig-bat-cha05-07.png


Dr. Hoffman


Inside Stex\Npc\Npc is ig_npc_05.stex, a texture for Dr. Hoffman, who was the shopkeeper NPC for Ceft Apothecary in Etrian Odyssey, where you bought healing items and revived dead/petrified party members. Since healing items are now bought at the normal shop and reviving dead/petrified party members is done at the inn, Ceft Apothecary was removed in Untold (aside from a brief mention in a quest). Consequentially, Dr. Hoffman isn't used at all.

Etrian Odyssey IV Leftovers

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This game contains a lot of leftovers from the first 3DS entry in the series, including certain files that already went unused there. All of these files appear to be from the Japanese version of that game, and thus, where applicable, remain in Japanese here. They also often appear mixed in with files used by this game, in the same folders.

Various Early Graphics

The Stex\Debug folder inside the main MORI1R archive is almost identical to the one from Etrian Odyssey IV, aside from the files test_qrtop.stex, test_qrbottom.stex, and test_qricon.stex, which this time around feature artwork from Etrian Odyssey III.



Berund Atelier Backgrounds

Inside Stex\Camp\BG are ig_cam_bg_u_01.stex and ig_cam_bg_u_01b.stex. These are the menu backgrounds for the Berund Atelier store in Etrian Odyssey IV, and go completely unused in Untold.

ig_cam_bg_u_01.stex ig_cam_bg_u_01b.stex

Imperial Class

While not available in this game, there are still various leftovers related to the Imperial class from Etrian Odyssey IV. For example, Stex\CharaMake\Chara still holds their graphics for the character creation screen, while Stex\Battle\CharaData and Stex\Camp\Chara_Cam contain their battle and status screen portraits, respectively.

Character Portraits

Aside from the aforementioned Imperial class portraits, the battle and status screen folders also retain the portraits of Wufan, Kibagami, Logre, Wiglaf, Kirjonen, and Baldur.

Opening and Ending

The graphical text from the opening of Etrian Odyssey IV still remains inside Stex\Event\Opening, while many of the graphics used during the ending sequence of that game can still be found in Stex\Event\Ending.

UI Leftovers

Etrian Odyssey IV's Forge/equipment bonus icons, options menu parts (Stex\Option\Data), and Guild Card icons (Stex\Common\Icon) are still in Untold.


EOU-STEX-ig opt rogo.png
EOU-STEX-ig opt parts01.png


Sea Item and Sky Item Data

The data tables for Sea Quest items from Etrian Odyssey III and the overworld items from IV can still be found in the Item directory. The data tables are from the Japanese versions of both games, even in the US version of Untold.

(Source: xdaniel, Ragnar Homsar)

Unused Music

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Found in the Snd/MOR1R/stream folder is a placeholder song. This music is probably "瀧 vs ANI".