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Eversion (2010)

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Title Screen


Developer: Zaratustra Productions
Publisher: Zaratustra Productions
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: June 7, 2010

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

This page covers the HD re-release of Eversion. For the original freeware release, see here.

Princess is vanished, you must save princess. But not really.

Unused Graphics

All of the following take in consideration the folder chrs.

Zee Tee

These are located in the file player.cha.

Blinking Animation

Blinking sprites, carried over from the freeware release.

Eversion-zeeteeblink1.png Eversionclassic zeeteeblink 2-3.png Eversion-zeeteeblink2.png

Extended Jump Frames

Two extra sprites for Zee Tee's jumping movement, which, despite being unused, were redrawn.

EversionHD-zeeteejump1.png EversionHD-zeeteejump2.png

Ghuliba Sprites?

The Ghuliba enemy sprites, also carried over from the freeware release.

Eversionclassic zeeteegoomba 1-2.png Eversionclassic zeeteegoomba 2-2.png


Stored within goomba.cha are sprites for Zee Tee, the player character. These are also carried over from the freeware release.

Eversionclassic goombazeetee 1-4.png Eversionclassic goomba 85.png Eversionclassic goomba 86.png


tclaw.cha contains a darkened version of the flying claw sprite from the freeware release.


Old Tile Graphics

tiles.cha contains all of the game's level tiles from the freeware version of the game, though they are left unused in favor of refurbished graphics, located at tiles_big.cha.

(Source: Shrubbyfrog, tikal.)

Unused Music

Curiously, the old "goal" tune, which was recycled from Cocoron and used in versions 1.4.0 and 1.5.2 of the freeware release, can be found in music/goal.s3m. It's worth to note that this file was completely absent from freeware version 1.7.3.

(Source: tikal.)

Unused Code Strings

Many of the unused code strings in scripts\main.rb and scripts\player.rb from the freeware version were carried over to here, though there are some new ones as well.



#	$img_status=loadImage("status.pcx");

class GameState < State



class StageEnd < Entity

#		$gemarray[0][2][$mapno-1]=@time if ($gemarray[0][2][$mapno-1]==0 || $gemarray[0][2][$mapno-1]>@time);

class EvMap < Map

		#$gemarray[$mapno] = $gemarray[$mapno][0..$maxgems-1] if ($mapno && $gemarray[$mapno].length>$maxgems)

class BumpedBlock/BumpedBrick < Entity

#		self.ys=-3.0/16;

class Flag < Entity

#		self.alpha=($darkness==0)?255:0;

class DeathCloud < Entity

#		self.ys=+1.0/16;

#		if (self.counter>50 && @spatters<100) then
#			@spatters+=1
#			self.map.spawnEntity(DarkWallSpatter,"tiles_big.cha",self.x+random(96)/16.0,self.y+random(15*16)/16.0,0,0).parent=self
#		end
#		if (self.counter>100 && @spatters<150) then
#			@spatters+=1
#			self.map.spawnEntity(DarkWallSpatter,"tiles_big.cha",self.x+random(96)/16.0,self.y+random(15*16)/16.0,0,0).parent=self
#		end

class BloodCloud < Entity

#		self.ys=+0.75/16;

#		self.map.spawnEntity(RedWallSpatter,"tiles_big.cha",self.x+random(96)/16.0,self.y+random(15*16)/16.0,0,0);
#		self.map.spawnEntity(RedWallSpatter,"tiles_big.cha",self.x+random(96)/16.0,self.y+random(15*16)/16.0,0,0) if (self.counter>50);
#		self.map.spawnEntity(RedWallSpatter,"tiles_big.cha",self.x+random(96)/16.0,self.y+random(15*16)/16.0,0,0) if (self.counter>100);

#		if (self.counter>50 && @spatters<60) then
#			@spatters+=1
#			self.map.spawnEntity(RedWallSpatter,"tiles_big.cha",self.x+random(96)/16.0,self.y+random(15*16)/16.0,0,0).parent=self 
#		end

class DarkWallSpatter/DoomWallSpatter/RedWallSpatter < Entity

#		self.destroy() if (self.counter>100)

class Claw/WhatClaw < Entity

		 #self.ys=self.y-(self.y0-7.75) if (self.ys<self.y-(self.y0-7.75));


class Player < Entity

#		a=2.0; b=0.8; c=2.0;

		# (air?@airaccel:@runaccel)

#			setButton(0,0) if ( @jump<=0 && ys>=0)
#		else
#			setButton(0,0) if @jump>0;
#			@jump=0;

#      if (ys>=@fallspeed) playSFX(6);

#        for (int i=0; i<10; i++)
#        objects->NewObject(x+5/16,y+1, (-64+(rand()%128))/2048.0, (128+(rand()%128))/2048.0, FLAG_OBSTRUCTABLE | FLAG_FADEOUT, 30, stuff, 4);

#  e->seq=e->seq%4;
#  if (gunflag>0) e->seq+=4;

Class PlayerShot < KillsEnemies

	#	@power+=1 if $shot_speed > 1

Hidden Development-Related Text

The block/eversion guide in scripts\main.rb was carried over as well.

#               0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
# clouds        - # # - - - - - 
# bushes        # # - - - - - -
# bricks        # # # X X - - -
# item bricks   ! ! ! ! # # # #
# flowers       - - - - - ! ! !