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FTL: Faster Than Light/Test Events

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This is a sub-page of FTL: Faster Than Light.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Verify that the 'FUEL_ESCAPE' events and the events 'BOSS_STALEMATE' and 'AUGMENT_FULL' are used.



Oh no enemies!

This event spawns between 3 and 5 human boarders, as well as a standard pirate ship (though non-hostile).


This looks good...

1. Continue...

Selecting 'Continue...' will yield the following:

Kaboom ship damage!!

The player's ship will take 5 damage, followed by another 1 damage directed at the engines system (with effect 'random'), followed by another 1 damage directed at the shields system (with effect 'all').


Limited systems!

This event will limit the sensors, doors, engines, and weapons systems by 1 bar.



This event will give the player the augment 'Engi Med-bot Dispersal'.



This event will give the player a random augment.


Testing Crystal Teleport

1. Travel to the Crystal Sector

Selecting the choice will teleport the player to the Crystal Sector.


The ship jumped away without warning, you prepare to pursue.


The last hope of the Federation dies as your ship breaks apart.

This is technically a textList as opposed to an event. A comment above it specifies that this is [the?] "demo gameover text".



A comment above this event says "Dummy event, please leave in".


`abcdefghijklmno °±²³´µ¶·¸¹º»¼½ ¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇ ÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏ ÐÑÒÓÔÕ Ö×ØÙÚÛ ÜÝÞßàá âãäåæç èéêëìí îïðñòóô õö÷øùúûüýþ ÿŒœŠšŸƒ
(Source: Original TCRF research)



This event simply spawns the hostile ship "NEW_TESTS".


This ship is a Rebel Rigger. If it is destroyed, it will display the following:

You are able to salvage scrap from the ship's debris.

Contrary to what might be expected, this event does not give the player any kind of reward.

If the ship's crew are killed without the ship being destroyed, one of the default messages will be shown (which will give the player a reward).


Death Test

This event removes a crewmember.


Crew Test

This event gives the player two crewmembers.

(Source: Original TCRF research)



Oh no! A pulsar!

This event spawns a hostile automated ship (and, of course, a pulsar).


Oh no! This planet is friendly to the Rebels and is shooting at us!

As can be expected, this event activates a Planetary Defense System, firing at the player's ship. This event also spawns a hostile automated ship.



This event spawns a hostile Lanius Scout. When the ship is destroyed or its crew all killed, the following message will appear:




This event spawns a hostile Lanius Bomber. The ship behaves the same as NEWSHIP1 when it is destroyed or its crew killed, but this ship also has a 50% chance of surrendering, using the standard PIRATE_SURRENDER event.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


The entire file 'nameEvents.xml', containing six unique events, is unused, and appears to be an experiment with using the names of crew members in events. The specific syntax used in the file seems to differ in many places from the syntax used in other events, implying that this file is relatively old. More than one of these events refer to the player ship as "the Kestrel" by name, implying that these events were written before the other playable ships were added to the game.


This event loads a non-hostile pirate ship.

A ship with pirate markings hails you: "Hello, we know you have %crew on board. The bounty on %crew_his head is substantial, hand %crew_him over and we'll share it."

1. That bounty could be vital to our survival, hand %crew over.
2. You don't give in to pirate demands. Power your weapons and prepare to fight.
3. %req says %req_he has detected a flaw in their ship sensors and can exploit it, allowing the Kestrel to escape without a fight.

The blue option requires an Engi crewmember.

Selecting the first choice shows the following text:

%loss1 goes without complaint, understanding your mission is more important than %loss1_his life.

The crewmember is removed, and the player is given between 40 and 80 scrap.

Selecting the second choice makes the ship hostile.

Selecting the blue choice gives the following, ending the event:

You hear a hail on all channels: "Dammit, where did you go!? This isn't over %crew!"


Appears that this is an empty nebula beacon. %crew, uncomfortable with the silence, distracts %crew_himself by playing death metal over the ship speakers.


Wow! A ship enhancement is just floating in space. %crew seems especially excited about this one.

This event gives the player a random augment.


A small, one man shuttle craft is headed straight for you. Repeated hails is yielding no response. You've got a strange feeling about this.

1. Shoot it down. It's probably just an abandoned vessel, but better safe than sorry.
2. Wait it out for a moment. Maybe someone needs help.

Selecting ‍ '​Shoot it down. It's probably just an abandoned vessel, but better safe than sorry.‍ '​ gives:

The shuttle has no defenses and breaks apart under your heavy weapon fire.

1. Continue...

This event continues with the event LONE_SHUTTLE_DESTROY (see below).

Selecting ‍ '​Wait it out for a moment. Maybe someone needs help.‍ '​ loads the event LONE_SHUTTLE_WAIT (see below).


This is an eventList, containing three possible outcomes:

Outcome 1:
Scans show no biological remains in the vessel; it was unmanned... very strange.
Outcome 2:
In the wreckage, you detect multiple human remains. But you also discover an encrypted rebel communication system. That's one less enemy ship to worry about.
Outcome 3:

This event loads a non-hostile rebel ship.

A rebel ship arrives at the beacon. "Ah! It seems you did our dirty work for us. Nothing worse than Engi refugees. Let us give you some spare supplies as thanks, we've been chasing those Federation lapdogs through two sectors." Luckily they're too grateful for your help to notice who you are.

The player is given between 25 and 50 scrap, and between 1 and 3 fuel.


This is also an eventList, containing four possible outcomes:

Outcome 1:
As it gets closer, you are able to scan it for lifesigns. It seems to be unmanned. You take what little fuel it has and continue on.

The player is given 1 fuel.

Outcome 2:
After waiting several minutes as the shuttle gets closer and closer, you finally receive a hail: "Are you with the Federation? I'm %add1 and it sure is great to find you. I was hired to scout this sector but my ship was destroyed. If I could hitch a ride, I'd appreciate it." You let %add1_him beam aboard.

The player gains a Rock crewmember.

Outcome 3:
Once it gets closer, you detect multiple lifesigns on the ship. By the time you realize it's a rebel vessel, it's too late and they've beamed aboard.

This event spawns between 3 and 4 human boarders.

Outcome 4:
You detect a transporter signal! The shuttle transported multiple explosive devices to the Kestrel before self-destructing. The Kestrel is only lightly damaged, but %loss1 is caught in one of the explosions and dies.

A crewmember is lost, and the player ship takes 1 generic hull damage, as well as 1 damage directed at a random system.


This event chain is set to be unique, and begins with one of three possible messages:

You stumble upon the remnents of a recent battle. One ship nearby looks like it could still have some valuable resources.
A derelict Selz class freighter is floating near this beacon. It could contain something valuable.
A massive space station is orbitting a nearby moon. Initial scans show it to be empty and abandoned.

With the choices:

1. Attempt to salvage what you can from the debris.

2. (Engi) %req isn't convinced that it's safe. %req_He asks you to give %req_him some time to run some more scans.
3. Who knows what dangers that wreckage could hold? You don't need the supplies anyway. Continue on your way.

Oddly, the blue choice (which in this case requires an Engi crewmember) is listed second here, before a non-blue choice.

Selecting choice 1 will load the event DERELICT_TREASURE_REWARD, selecting the blue choice will load the event DERELICT_ENGI, and selecting the last choice will end the event.


This is an eventList, with three possible outcomes:

Outcome 1:
An explosion rocks your ship, it seems the wreckage was rigged to explode. You don't know why anyone would do something so malicious...

This deals the player's ship 5 generic hull damage, as well as 1 additional point of damage which also creates a hull breach.

Outcome 2:
When you get close enough to start scrapping the wreckage, your systems detect a transmission going out. It seems the Rebels rigged it to warn them of your arrival.

This event boosts the pursuit of the Rebel fleet by 1.

Outcome 3:
You discover the wreckage has tons use-able scrap and even some weaponry!

This event gives the player between 50 and 60 scrap, as well as a random weapon.


This is also an eventList, with three possible outcomes. The outcomes here seem to correspond to the ones above in DERELICT_TREASURE_REWARD.

Outcome 1:
%req discovers that the ship is rigged to explode if you get too near. Better that you avoid the wreckage and continue on your way.

This ends the event.

Outcome 2:
%req finds a hidden rebel transmitter on the wreckage! %req_He's able to disable it remotely and leaves you to scrap the ship for valuable supplies.

This event gives the player between 50 and 60 scrap, as well as a random weapon.

Outcome 3:
%req discovers nothing extraordinary about this specific wreckage. You go about salvaging what you can.

This event gives the player between 50 and 60 scrap, as well as a random weapon.


This event is set to be unique. Somewhat oddly, this event doesn't actually use any crewmember names; presumably the blue option would have done so.

You come across a freighter of Engi refugees fleeing the Rebels. Their ship is seriously damaged and they clearly need help.

1. You just don't have the equipment or the time to help them. We wish them luck and let them go on their way.
2. You give them what scrap you can afford to aid them in their repair efforts.
3. (Engi) Your crewmember wants to go aboard to see if he can provide any help personally. He requests some scrap to help.

The blue option here of course requires an Engi crewmember.

Choice 1 ends the event.

Choice 2 gives the following, and costs between 10 and 30 scrap:

They thank you repeatedly and wish you good luck on your mission.

Choice 3 gives the following, and costs between 5 and 25 scrap:

He returns bearing good news. He was able to improve their engines and convinced one of their crew to join your cause.

This event also gives the player an Engi crewmember.

(Source: Original TCRF research)