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Fall Guys

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Title Screen

Fall Guys

Also known as: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Developer: Mediatonic
Publishers: Devolver Digital (2020-2021), Epic Games (2021-)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 4, 2020

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

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This game is still under active development.
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Fall Guys is a game highly inspired by the game show Wipeout and Takeshi's Castle, where up to 60 40 players stumble towards glory in various fast-paced (and sometimes slow-paced) obstacle courses.

To do:
  • Revisional differences.
  • Add images for the unused costumes, emotes, and celebrations.
  • Unused patterns, colors, faceplates, and nicknames.
  • Leaks from KrxnkyFG, FgPancake, and FGLeaksAndInfo.
  • Over 120gb worth of Fall Guys beta content documented by FgPancake, featuring plenty of early and unused stages, music, and graphics.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info


Unused Celebrations
Woo Woo! *cough* I mean, Unused Celebrations!
Unused Costumes
Woo Woo! *cough* I mean, Unused Costumes!
Images and Code relating to a Mobile Version

E3 Demo / Pre-Alpha Leftovers


Of note is that the loading screen is used as a placeholder for minigame preview images if no image has been made for it yet, further evidenced by the file name "splash_fallback". Also can be seen as a placeholder in the Season 6 (Legacy) broadcast.

Door Dash

Fall Mountain

Unused Textures

Placeholder Costume Icon

A black-and-white render of a Fall Guy in a toucan costume. Semi-transparent text reading "COSTUME PREVIEW" is pasted over the render.

A simple placeholder logo.

Old Controls Tooltip



FG-AE D.png


  • Doodles left in, Used early on for level intro banners and later nameplates (Eggspert Planner, Breakthrough, Tail Tactics, Diver, Dive to victory!)

Purple Team

  • Unused Textures for a Purple Team in Team Games

FG PurpleTeam.png FG PurpleTeam Danger.png


Kudos Shop Icons

Clank Event Leftovers

FG-BigClank.png FG-ClankIcon.png

Previous Seasons Logos


Unused Sounds


An unused sound for getting Kudos. Found in the Results Screen .bank file.

An unused sound for, presumably, exiting the Results screen.


A countdown made for the unused minigame, Musical Squares.

A sound for the unused minigame, Musical Squares.

A wind sound effect for the unused minigame, Musical Squares.

A sound for the unused minigame, Musical Squares.

A sound for the unused minigame, Musical Squares.

A sound that is used when a tile in Musical Squares disappears.

Unused and Early Music

Legacy Season 1

Everybody Falls

Early version of Everybody Falls.

Fall for the Team

An early but complete version of Fall for the Team. Noticeably less loud than the final version.

Earliest known version of Fall for the Team. Stops after the Everybody Falls melody.

Final Fall

Early version of Final Fall. Most notable differences are the start and the end.

Fall 'N' Roll

An intro to Fall 'N' Roll. Not used in the current build.

Demo of Fall 'N' Roll. Stops before the Fall Guy voices.

Survive The Fall

An intro to Survive The Fall. Not used in current build.

Demo of Survive the Fall. Has an annoying voice repeating "C'mon, are you ready!".

An early but complete version of Survive the Fall. It doesn't have annoying voice unlike demo version.


An ambience with a faint "Everybody Falls" melody.

An extended version of the Level Intro jingle.

A longer and creepier version of the "Eliminated!" jingle.

A 5 second loopable loading beat resembling Fall 'N' Roll

A longer version of the Elimination Board jingle.

Legacy Season 2

Sir Falls-A-Lot (William Fell)

A demo version of Sir Falls-A-Lot (William Fell). It has a very different melody compared to the final version.

Beans Of The Round Table

A demo version of Beans Of The Round Table.

Legacy Season 3

Skis on Beans

An intro of Early Skis on Beans. Not used in current build.

A demo version of Skis on Beans. Some instruments are missing compared to the final version.

Chimney Bean Bebop

A demo version of Chimney Bean Bebop. Some instruments are missing and has fade out at the end.

Legacy Season 4


Intro resembling those of Legacy Season 1-3. Was replaced with a single splash image.

Unused Maps

Note that most of these maps have been removed entirely since launch.

Unused Minigames

Test Maps

Unused Backgrounds/Level Assets

(Source: TetraBitGaming)

Debug Menus

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: How do you access this menu?

Updated Fall Guys Debug Menu S5.png

There is a debug menu in the game. Several buttons hint at ports, localizations, and betas.
In previous versions, the buttons could not be pressed, and while they can be pressed in newer versions, they don't seem to do anything. This debug menu has since been deleted.

(Source: CatNotRatFG)

FGUK EarlyPartyMenu.png
Screenshot showcasing the early Party menu, with a send and receive invites section, a party control section and a search lobby section.
FGUK DevCaptureTools.png
Developer screenshot and video tools.
FG Preformance Tool.png
A performance tool used by developers.
FGUK DevBetaMultiplayer.png
A developer/beta version of how a player could connect to a server
FG F8ClientDebugMenu.png
A debug menu for an "F8 Client". You can search for Episodes (rounds), Matchmaking Buckets and Variants. There are buttons for mirrored clients, bots and server profiling. StompyRobotDebugger.png
SRDebugger, a service used by the developers for debugging the game. In the April 27th 2020 beta can be found options to test stuff in the game such as showing the tip toe path, join as spectator, toggle the UI, and more.

Early Content

FG SS4 StartScreen.png
An early image of the SS4 start screen shown in the video Fall Guys "What is Fall Guys Creative?"
FGUK - BetaS1MainMenu.png
A beta version of the Legacy Season 1 main menu. Taken from the April 30th build.

Unused Currency


FGUK- Primos.png
An unused currency called "Primos". Used for buying Season Passes, implemented in Fall Guys Season 1: Free for All under the name Show-Bucks, they use slightly different icons, and replace where Crowns are on the menu.


FGUK-Primos Icons 2.pngFGUK-Primos Icons 1.png
Two unused icons for Primos, one that's entirely green and another with a yellow border and slightly darker greens.

Unused Cinematics

Unused Emotes

Costume Rarity Price Added Animation
Cabbage Patch Rare ? Season 6
Dab Legendary ? Season 6 ?
Disco Dancer Epic 3 Crowns Season 6 ?
Epic Sax Bean Epic ? Season 6 ?
Fallmenco Rare ? Season 6 ?
Making Waves Epic ? Season 6 ?
Party Blower Epic ? Season 6 ?
PLACEHOLDER1 Legendary ? Season 6 ?
Street Dancer Rare ? Season 6 ?
Taking Notes Rare ? Season 6 ?
(Source: FgPancake, KrxnkyFG)

Unused Strings


bottom_s6_vulture_01	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_crossbill_01	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_hawk_01	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_hawk_02	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_hawk_03	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_hawk_04	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_hawk_05	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_peacock	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_raven_01	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_raven_02	PLACEHOLDER

costume_event_raven_03	PLACEHOLDER

le_s6_glizzy_body	placeholder

le_s6_glizzy_title	placeholder

playstation_migration	PLACEHOLDER

playstation_migration_actionbutton	PLACEHOLDER

playstation_migration_title	PLACEHOLDER

season_title_test_only	PLACEHOLDER

show_desc_s6_651	Placeholder desc

le_s5_midautumn_desc	Placeholder in this festival

show_title_s6_651	PLACEHOLDER SHOW

placeholder_squads_title	SQUAD SHOW

iap_disclaimer_pc	Steam disclaimer placeholder text

show_name_placeholder_1	Variation Show 1

show_name_placeholder_2	Variation Show 2

show_name_placeholder_3	Variation Show 3

show_name_placeholder_4	Variation Show 4

placeholder placeholder

wle_generic_placeholder_desc DESCRIPTION FORTHCOMING

wle_item_desc_089 [PLACEHOLDER]

bundle_desc_rainbow_cats Placeholder Text

bundle_desc_watermelon_pirates Placeholder Text


Tom's Show

toms_show_desc	temp

toms_show_name	toms show

Revisional Differences

Title Screen


Season 1

Original Release

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
FGUK-S1TitleScreen.png FGUK-S2TitleScreen.png FGUK-S3TitleScreen.png
Season 4 Season 5 Season 6
FGUK-S4TitleScreen.png FGUK-S5TitleScreen.png FGUK-S6TitleScreen.png

Free For All

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
FG-SS1TitleScreen.png FG-SS2TitleScreen.png FG-SS3TitleScreen.png
Season 4 - Before Fall Force Update Season 4 - After Fall Force Update
FG-SS4TitleScreen.png FGUK-TitleScreen.png