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Fallout 3 (Van Buren)/Creatures

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3 (Van Buren).


Models for several unused creatures exist in the Van Buren tech demo. They are described below.


Where's his eyes?

Your average post-apocalyptic and very large ant.

Ant Queen


An oversized Ant Queen. Would probably either be a boss character or a high-level enemy.


It's Batman! LMOA

Even bats aren't safe from 50's-style evil radiation.


A badger as an enemy? That's would've been awesome as hell!

A texture for a badger can be found in the game's files, but there is no model for it. It is unknown if badgers would've been an enemy or a harmless critter.


It should've been a dung beetle.



He's naked!

A centipede, but its skin doesn't load. There are multiple skins for it, showing that it was going to appear in a variety of colors.



One of the random wildlife you would run into would be a Cougar.


Imagine if Van Buren was released and this was in place of Brahmins. NMA would have a heart attack.

There is a model for a cow in the game's files. What's unusual about this cow is that it has one head, which every other Fallout game uses a two-headed cow called the Brahmin.


Somebody wants to give you a hug!

Everyone's favorite endgame badass monster would be in Van Buren as well. Of note is that this model is the later model, not the earlier one.

Desert Stalker

Watch out Gordon Freeman, it's an Antlion!

The Desert Stalker would have been an overgrown Antlion.


Black Isle, they're Ghouls, not zombies, you racists!

Where there is no Ghoul-specific model, there is a texture sheet called “CR_zombie_default_LG.tga” that looks a lot like a Ghoul. Since “zombie” is a term for Ghouls, it's likely that the sheet is for a Ghoul character.

Gila Monster

It's not just a's a MONSTEEEERRR!!!!

Hey, another large animal!

Venus Mantrap

Don't get too close to it, or it'll somehow eat you.

An overgrown plant that would probably act like a Venus Flytrap. This poor creature was cut from Fallout 2 and was then scrapped when Van Buren was canceled.

Rad Toad


A mutated toad.


How the shit was the Vault Dweller able to miss hitting these guys with a pistol?

A Fallout game isn't complete with cannon-fodder enemies!


Sheep meat is delicious!

A texture for sheep can be found in the game's files, but there's no correspondent model.

Thorn Slinger

Gardening GONE WRONG.

The Thorn Slinger would be another evil plant that would attack the player. It would probably throw projectiles at the player.


All of these giant animals would make Resident Evil blush.

One last “oversized normal animal” for the road.


What the fuck? Who would think this would be a good idea?

The Weedling is a bipedal plant.


Somewhere out there is a fantasy novel heroine that's missing the wolf pack that raised her, and Van Buren being canceled is to blame.

Textures for a Wolf enemy can be found in the game's files, but there is no model associated with it, much to the dismay of wolf lovers across the world.