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Fighter's Destiny

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Title Screen

Fighter's Destiny

Also known as: Fighting Cup (JP)
Developers: Genki, Opus
Publishers: Ocean, Imagineer (JP)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: December 11, 1998
Released in US: January 27, 1998
Released in EU: March 1, 1998

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Regional differences.

Fighter's Destiny is a fighting game for the Nintendo 64. It's one of not too many games with the distinction of having been developed in Japan, but only getting a domestic release there long after it has been released in other regions.

Debug Info

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The following GameShark code will enable a few debugging indicators, namely move information that is displayed during fights, as well as a version number and build date on the Options screen.

Version GameShark code
Japanese 812E4412 0000
US/European English 812EF652 0000
German 812E3092 0000
French 812E3262 0000
Regional release Version and build date
Japan Version 1.2433
Mar 23 1998 17:53:44
US Version 1.2495
Dec 4 1997 17:41:52
Europe Version 1.2498
Dec 5 1997 18:41:02
Germany Version 1.2634
Dec 17 1997 21:24:54
France Version 1.2691
Dec 24 1997 15:42:46
(Source: xdaniel)