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Galactic Avenger

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Title Screen

Galactic Avenger

Publisher: Cosmi
Platform: Atari 8-bit family
Released in US: 1982

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

Avenge the galaxies that have been terrorized by the various multicolored aliens.

Hidden Credits

There are a number of hidden initial credits in the game, most of them unknown apart from the game's two creators, Ronald J. Fortier (RJF) and Mark Van Alstine (MVA). They can be activated by simply pressing any of the following keys, then pressing OPTION. This will replace the enemies with said initials. They can still be shot down, but the flying ship at the top will disappear upon activating any of the credits, meaning the only way to continue is waiting for the battle station to appear and destroy your ship, with the enemies returning to normal in the next sector.

  • R - RJF
  • M - MAV
  • T - TMF
  • D - DWF
  • CTRL + L - LAM
  • CTRL + T - TAC


Additionally, pressing 1 and then OPTION will replace the entire screen with the messages "I BOW BEFORE YOU MY CREATOR RJF". The game will be stuck on this screen until you restart the game.

(Source: ScottithGames)