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Grand Prix 2

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Title Screen

Grand Prix 2

Also known as: World Circuit Racing: Grand Prix II (US)
Developer: MicroProse
Publishers: MicroProse (EU), Spectrum HoloByte (US)
Platform: DOS
Released in US: August 30, 1996
Released in EU: 1995

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Once the pinnacle of racing simulation, Grand Prix 2 was even considered good enough for Formula 1 drivers such as Jacques Villeneuve to use it for training in the mid 90's. It still holds up against games decades newer, despite some of the missing features which were cut due to hardware limitations.

What a dull introduction. But hey, what else is there to say about a 90's racing sim?

Unused Sounds


There are sound effects for wet weather in the game (IDs 27, 28, and 29), but Grand Prix 2 does not have any in the final.

Sample Filename Content
SOUND27.wav Wind sounds
SOUND28.wav Wind sounds
SOUND29.wav Heavy rain


There are voice lines and sound effects for pit radio communications on various subjects in multiple languages (IDs 33 to 99). However, in the game, there is no pit radio communication at all. It seems sound 33 would be a microphone click/static sound bookending each message received.


Sample Filename Content
SOUND33.wav Radio static


Sample Filename Content
SOUND34.wav "Fuel, fuel, fuel!"
SOUND35.wav "In, in, in!"
SOUND36.wav "10 second penalty"
SOUND37.wav "Black flag"
SOUND38.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the session"
SOUND39.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the race"
SOUND40.wav "Oil on circuit"
SOUND41.wav "Water on circuit"
SOUND42.wav "Debris on circuit"
SOUND43.wav "Pole position - well done"
SOUND44.wav "Car damage"


Sample Filename Content
SOUND45.wav "Fuel, fuel, fuel!"
SOUND46.wav "In, in, in!"
SOUND47.wav "10 second penalty"
SOUND48.wav "Black flag"
SOUND49.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the session"
SOUND50.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the race"
SOUND51.wav "Oil on circuit"
SOUND52.wav "Water on circuit"
SOUND53.wav "Debris on circuit"
SOUND54.wav "Pole position - well done"
SOUND55.wav "Car damage"


Sample Filename Content
SOUND56.wav "Fuel, fuel, fuel!"
SOUND57.wav "In, in, in!"
SOUND58.wav "10 second penalty"
SOUND59.wav "Black flag"
SOUND60.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the session"
SOUND61.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the race"
SOUND62.wav "Oil on circuit"
SOUND63.wav "Water on circuit"
SOUND64.wav "Debris on circuit"
SOUND65.wav "Pole position - well done"
SOUND66.wav "Car damage"


Sample Filename Content
SOUND67.wav "Fuel, fuel, fuel!"
SOUND68.wav "In, in, in!"
SOUND69.wav "10 second penalty"
SOUND70.wav "Black flag"
SOUND71.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the session"
SOUND72.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the race"
SOUND73.wav "Oil on circuit"
SOUND74.wav "Water on circuit"
SOUND75.wav "Debris on circuit"
SOUND76.wav "Pole position - well done"
SOUND77.wav "Car damage"


Sample Filename Content
SOUND78.wav "Fuel, fuel, fuel!"
SOUND79.wav "In, in, in!"
SOUND80.wav "10 second penalty"
SOUND81.wav "Black flag"
SOUND82.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the session"
SOUND83.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the race"
SOUND84.wav "Oil on circuit"
SOUND85.wav "Water on circuit"
SOUND86.wav "Debris on circuit"
SOUND87.wav "Pole position - well done"
SOUND88.wav "Car damage"


Sample Filename Content
SOUND89.wav "Fuel, fuel, fuel!"
SOUND90.wav "In, in, in!"
SOUND91.wav "10 second penalty"
SOUND92.wav "Black flag"
SOUND93.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the session"
SOUND94.wav "Red flag - they're stopping the race"
SOUND95.wav "Oil on circuit"
SOUND96.wav "Water on circuit"
SOUND97.wav "Debris on circuit"
SOUND98.wav "Pole position - well done"
SOUND99.wav "Car damage"

(Source: grandprix2.de)

Cut Wet Weather Options Menus


There is an unused menu background in the file F1PCSVGA.BIN depicting cars driving in the wet (at the 1994 Japanese Grand Prix, the only wet race of the season the game is based) that would likely have been used as the background for a cut wet weather screen before wet races (that don't occur in the final game). Adding credence to this are unused text strings in the main executable that it seems would have gone here:

Wet Weather
Expect a wet race

Wet Race
Do you wish to change
your car setup?

There also unused text strings to set race weather options alongside the other race option menu entries:

Race Weather
Always Dry
Always Wet

(Source: Oleg P. Malikov)