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Half-Life 2 (Windows)/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of Half-Life 2 (Windows).

Gordon Silhouette

A weird, chrome-textured "silhouette" model of Half-Life Gordon can be found. It was clearly not meant to ever be seen in gameplay as it is more or less a statue, possibly used for referencing where the player would be standing. It can be seen via the thirdperson console command, and even has animations when used on NPCs.


To do:
Explain the difference between the used model, and this one.


ARR! Camera

A lightly rebranded Arriflex 435ES movie camera with a highly detailed model. Also exists in Team Fortress 2.


In the shadertest folder, there are five identical models called shaderslab1-shaderslab5, each with different textures. It is, as the name implies, a slab used to test shaders on. These models are used in test_hardware from Counter-Strike: Source.


The perftest folder contains a few resources, mostly from the original Half-Life, that were used for testing.


HL G-Man. His original animations exist. This model and his animations can be found in Source Filmmaker, in the same directory.

grass_tuft_001.mdl - grass_tuft_004d.mdl

grass_tuft_001.mdl - grass_tuft_004d.mdl are missing their textures. They're supposed to be grass tufts, hence the name.

The Loader. Original animations also exist.


A bunch of different rock pile variations also missing textures.

Nvidia SHIELD test models

These models are high-poly test models. These were also used in the map devtest_highpoly.bsp in the Android port of Half-Life 2 released for the Nvidia SHIELD.