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Counter-Strike: Source

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Title Screen

Counter-Strike: Source

Developers: Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment
Publishers: Valve, CyberFront (JP), Vivendi Universal Games (EU)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: November 1, 2004
Released in JP: December 2, 2005
Released in EU: October 21, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Counter-Strike: Source is the remake of Counter-Strike for the Source Engine, and the first released game to use that engine, roughly 2 weeks before Half-Life 2 came out.

Hidden Development Related


Found in cstrike_pak_dir.vpk's directory

Viktor Antonov
Ted Backman
Kelly Bailey
Jeff Ballinger
Matt Bamberger
Aaron Barber
Yahn Bernier
Ken Birdwell
Derrick Birum
Chris Bokitch
Steve Bond
Matt Boone
Charlie Brown
Julie Caldwell
Dario Casali
Yvan Charpentier
Jess Cliffe
John Cook
Greg Coomer
Kellie Cosner
Scott Dalton
Kerry Davis
Jason Deakins
Ariel Diaz
Quintin Doroquez
Martha Draves
Laura Dubuk
Mike Dunkle
Mike Dussault
Rick Ellis
Dhabih Eng
Miles Estes
Adrian Finol
Bill Fletcher
Moby Francke
Pat Goodwin
Chris Grinstead
John Guthrie
Leslie Hall
Damarcus Holbrook
Tim Holt
Brian Jacobson
Erik Johnson
Jakob Jungels
Iikka Keranen
Eric Kirchmer
Marc Laidlaw
Jeff Lane
Tom Leonard
Doug Lombardi
Randy Lundeen
Scott Lynch
Ido Magal
Gary McTaggart
John Morello II
Bryn Moslow
Gabe Newell
Tri Nguyen
Jake Nicholson
Martin Otten
Kristen Perry
Bay Raitt
Alfred Reynolds
Dave Riller
Danika Rogers
David Sawyer
Aaron Seeler
Nick Shaffner
Taylor Sherman
Eric Smith
David Speyrer
Jay Stelly
Mikel Thompson
Kelly Thornton
Carl Uhlman
Bill Van Buren
KayLee Vogt
Robin Walker
Josh Weier
Doug Wood
Matt T Wood
Matt Wright

Turtle Rock Studios:
Chris Ashton
Michael Booth
Matt Campbell
Bryan Cleveland
Phil Robb
Todd Williams

Unused Text

Ballistic Helmet and Kevlar Vest

914 line

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Kevlar_Vest_Ballistic_Helmet"			"Kevlar Vest + Ballistic Helmet"

Tactical Shield

CS 1.6 Equipment - removed for balance in Alpha-Beta stage.

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_TactShield"			"Tactical Shield"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_TactShield_Desc"			"Tactical Shield"

Alt names for TMP

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Schmidt"			"Schmidt"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_SchmidtMP"			"Schmidt MP"

VIP Mode

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP"			"VIP"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_Assassinated"			"VIP has been assassinated!"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_Escaped"			"The VIP has escaped!"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_Not_Escaped"			"VIP has not escaped."
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_cant_buy"			"You are the VIP.
You can't buy anything."

"Cstrike_VIP_Team"				"&3 VIP"

"Cstrike_vip_spotted"		"'VIP spotted!'

"Cstrike_protect_the_vip"	"'Protect the VIP'"

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_All_VIP_Slots_Full"			"All 5 VIP slots have been filled up.
Please try again later."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Cannot_Switch_From_VIP"			"You are the VIP.
You cannot switch roles now."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_ct_vip_zone"			"You are in a VIP escape zone.
Escort the VIP to any one of these zones."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_reward_for_killing_vip"			"You have been rewarded $2500 for killing the VIP!"

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_terrorist_vip_zone"			"You are in a VIP escape zone.
Prevent the VIP from reaching any one of these zones."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_you_are_the_vip"			"You are the VIP
Make your way to the safety zones."

"VipRescueZone"		"VIP Rescue Zone"

"Career_Task_killvip"			"You must kill the VIP."
"Career_Task_killvip_multi"		"You must kill the VIP %s2 times."

"winpanel_end_terrorists_escaped"				"Terrorists escaped"
"winpanel_end_vip_not_escaped"					"VIP escape failed"

"winpanel_end_vip_escaped"						"VIP escaped"
"winpanel_end_cts_prevent_escape"				"CTs prevented escape"
"winpanel_end_escaping_terrorists_neutralized"	"Escaping terrorists neutralized"
"winpanel_end_cts_win"							"Terrorists eliminated"
"winpanel_end_terrorists_not_escaped"			"Terrorist escape failed"

Condition Zero leftovers

"CZero_Credits_Title"				"Counter-Strike: Condition Zero"
"CZero_Credits_Programming"			"Programming"
"CZero_Credits_Art"				"Art"
"CZero_Credits_Managing_Director"		"Managing Director"
"CZero_Credits_COO"				"C.O.O."
"CZero_Credits_Production"			"Production"
"CZero_Credits_Mapping"				"Mapping"
"CZero_Credits_Art_Director"			"Art Director"
"CZero_Credits_Art_Lead"			"Art Lead"
"CZero_Credits_Technical_Art"			"Technical Art"
"CZero_Credits_Biz"				"Biz"
"CZero_Credits_Game_Design"			"Game Design"
"CZero_Credits_Lead_Level_Designer"		"Lead Level Designer"
"CZero_Credits_Level_Design"			"Level Design"
"CZero_Credits_Lead_Programmer"			"Lead Programmer"
"CZero_Credits_Project_Manager"			"Project Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Support"				"Support"
"CZero_Credits_Testing"				"Testing"
"CZero_Credits_Additional_Art"			"Additional Art"
"CZero_Credits_Executive_Producer"		"Executive Producer"
"CZero_Credits_Administration"			"Administration"
"CZero_Credits_Marketing_Director"		"Marketing Director"
"CZero_Credits_Brand_Manager"			"Brand Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Director_of_Public_Relations"	"Director of Public Relations"
"CZero_Credits_Public_Relations_Manager"	"Public Relations Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Creative_Group_Account_Supervisor"	"Creative Group Account Supervisor"
"CZero_Credits_Vice_President_Development"	"Vice President, Development"
"CZero_Credits_Operations_and_Production_Manager"	"Operations and Production Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Sr_Production_Admin"		"Sr. Production Admin"
"CZero_Credits_Vice_President_Finance"		"Vice President, Finance"
"CZero_Credits_Vice_President_and_Assistant_Counsel_VUG_Legal"	"Vice President and Assistant Counsel, VUG Legal"
"CZero_Credits_Corporate_Counsel_VUG_Legal"	"Corporate Counsel, VUG Legal"
"CZero_Credits_Special_Thanks"			"Special Thanks"

"CZero_NewCustomGame"				"Play &custom game"
"CZero_PlayOnLine"				"Play online using &Steam"
"CZero_PlayOnLineText"				"This will exit your current game.
Continue anyway?"

"CZero_LearningMap"				"Learning the map..."
"CZero_AnalyzingHidingSpots"			"Analyzing hiding spots..."
"CZero_AnalyzingApproachPoints"			"Analyzing approach points..."

"CZero_Tutor_Turned_On"			"The interactive tutor
is now enabled."
"CZero_Tutor_Turned_Off"		"The interactive tutor
is now disabled."

Unused Graphics

Half-Life/Half-Life 2 Leftovers

Leftovers from Half-Life.

Css halflifeleftover1.png Css halflifeleftover2.png

A leftover of Antlion Goop from (the yet unreleased) Half-Life 2.

Css antliongoop hl2leftover.png

sky_c17_05*.vtf contains a skybox with a purple X on each texture. Judging by its name, it may have been a leftover from the development of Half-Life 2.

CSS sky c17 05bk.png CSS sky c17 05dn.png CSS sky c17 05ft.png CSS sky c17 05lf.png CSS sky c17 05rt.png CSS sky c17 05up.png

cs_havana Materials Folder

To do:
Find and compare with textures that are used if necessary. Also there might be more that need to be uploaded.

For whatever reason, there are a bunch of files from multiple directories including non-existant ones copied into the cs_havana folder. Most of the textures were either removed or redesigned for the final release.

More Half-Life/Half-Life 2 Leftovers

Half-Life 2

Map Textures

Model Textures

Two solid colors for a logo of some sort.

An off texture for a security light.

CSS-cs havana-light security off.png

A trim texture.

CSS-cs havana-pi htrim32.png

A metal pipe texture.

CSS-cs havana-pipemetal003a.png

A rock texture.

CSS-cs havana-rock wasteland01a.png

A treebark texture.

CSS-cs havana-treebark01.png

Two twig textures.


Early version of it_logs.vtf.

CSS-cs havana-darkwood.png

A few textures of fruit and vegetables and a wood texture.

A couple of street light textures.

Two dead-looking plants.

CSS-cs havana-railing.png


A bunch of box textures. Most of them were later put into one whole texture sheet.

File box textures, only a couple of them were reused.

Textures for filing cabnets. The textures were later re-edited and used.

Missing office painting variants.

A package of printing paper.

CSS-cs havana-paperpack01.png

Earlier versions of the posters.

CSS-cs havana-barrel basic.png

A generic barrel.

CSS-cs havana-barrel bio.png

A biohazardous barrel. Leftover from Condition Zero.

CSS-cs havana-barrel exp.png

An explosive barrel. Leftover from Condition Zero.

A clearly unfinished basket texture.

CSS-cs havana-basket01a.png

Two clay pots.

Unfinished texture sheet for a crate.

CSS-cs havana-crate blocks.png

Early textures for a dome, the temple door, a wide door and a wall window.

Placeholder texture possibly for the hanging rug display.

CSS-cs havana-hanging rugsb.png

A placeholder palm tree and a tree "billboard" texture.

Another texture for the hanging rug display, however this one is closer to final.

CSS-cs havana-rug display01.png

A bunch of textures for windows.

Office Monitor Screen

To do:
Photoshop & icon expert needed to identify all text & icons.

The files, computer2a.vtf & computer2b.vtf, contain the unedited screen captures from the monitor in cs_office. The unused screen captures can give us a look at what a developer actually had installed on their Windows XP system at the time.

Original (unused) Edited (used)
Counter Strike-Source-computer2b.png Counter Strike-Source-screen.vtf.png

Looking at the screen captures from computer monitors, reveals various items used on a Valve employee's system. This print screen was taken by "Todd" as seen in the command prompt window and "Todd's Hours.doc" word document. Most likely created by Todd Williams.

Recycle Bin Steam Shortcut to vtex_gui.exe Shortcut to vtex.exe The Shared Folder
Internet Explorer 6 hlmv.af Todd's Hours.doc
3DS Max 4.2 Play Splinter Cell Pandora s Backup
Batch Compiler Valve VP ???.zip
Shortcut to terror.exe
Shortcut to Wally.exe Shortcut to studiovo.exe. Command Prompt

Other windows show an Excel spreadsheet TPS Reports - Jan 1998.xls, and Outlook 2003 running in the background.

The second image is an edited version of the first, most likely using Paint Shop Pro that is installed and the default for JPG files as seen in the window, changes include:

  1. The Microsoft Word Logo, Recycle Bin, media logo, 3DS Max 4.2 are all removed or replaced by another icon.
  2. The Start button logo replaced with a yellow happy face and the word start was replaced with "fart".
  3. Most of the icons in the taskbar have been replaced with a Counter-Strike: Condition Zero shortcut.
  4. The Command Prompt's Windows build number and Microsoft trademark was removed.

Old Weapons

All files listed here were once under a folder called OLD_weapons.


A texture named floodlightbulb.vtf. It can also be found in the same folder under many different names and can also be found in models/props_c17.

CSS-cs havana-floodlightbulb.png

There's an overview for a map called fy_rockworld.

CSS-cs havana-fy rockworld.png

V.I.P. Class Selection Graphic

A graphic for the V.I.P's class selection is located in materials/vgui/gfx/vgui.

CSS VIPClassSelection.png

Misplaced Graphics

The file, flowerbed1.vtf, can be found in the models folder of props/de_tides. Comparing it to the used file, the "dirt" was changed to an actual dirt texture and some grass was added to the bottom of the texture.

Unused Used
CSS flowerbed1 unused.png CSS flowerbed1 used.png

flowerbed2.vtf can also be found in the same directory as flowerbed1.vtf. The only difference is that they added pine branches in the empty space.

Unused Used
CSS flowerbed2 unused.png CSS flowerbed2 used.png

Unused Models


An odd model that only has one animation and the texture of the eyes are on the ankle.

Valve's Gift Grab 2011

This was only used in 2011. It went unused after Christmas time.



CSS-food pile02.mdl.png

A bunch of garbage that never got used.

Unused Map Models

Models that were not placed in the maps.


dryer_box2.mdl and washer_box.mdl

CSS dryer box2.mdl.pngCSS washer box.mdl.png

An open variant of dryer_box.mdl and washer_box2.mdl.


CSS fireescape repeatable.mdl.png

moneypallet02abcde.mdl, moneypallet03abcde.mdl, and moneypalletabcde.mdl

CSS moneypallet02abcde.mdl.pngCSS moneypallet03abcde.mdl.pngCSS moneypalletabcde.mdl.png

All of the money pallets never got to see the light of day. Though most of them are repeated.


CSS railingalley01.mdl.png



CSS skylight glass p1.mdl.png


CSS tv console.mdl.png

This gets replaced by a different model in-game.



I don't know...

A coffee mug that says "What's Sleep?" This particular model is unused but another model uses the same material as a skin in the map.


CSS computer.mdl.png

A model that contains the keyboard, mouse and monitor altogether with wires. Suggesting that this was made before making each object individual and breakable.


CSS computer case.mdl.png

Another model that contains the computer tower with wires, too. Again this may have been cut due to being a different model and breakable.


CSS light shop on.mdl.png

An untextured fluorescent light fixture.

projector_p7a.mdl & projector_p7b.mdl

CSS projector p7b.mdl.png CSS projector p7a.mdl.png

Pieces of the projector's motherboard.



CSS archroofb.mdl.png

bushgreenbig.mdl and bushgreensmall.mdl

CSS bushgreenbig.mdl.pngCSS bushgreensmall.mdl.png


CSS chimney01.mdl.png

A big chimney. Only the second chimney gets to play a role in the game and at a smaller size.


CSS plasterinfwndwh.mdl.png


CSS railing02.mdl.png


CSS railing04.mdl.png


CSS spirea.mdl.png


CSS succulant.mdl.png


CSS wall lamp ring.mdl.png


CSS windowbreakable damage 01.mdl.png


CSS wood fence corner.mdl.png


CSS wood fence end.mdl.png


car_nuke_black.mdl and car_nuke_red.mdl

CSS car nuke black.mdl.pngCSS car nuke red.mdl.png


CSS equipment3b.mdl.png


CSS file cabinet1 group.mdl.png


CSS nuclearcontrolbox.mdl.png


CSS railing bombsitea.mdl.png


clouds.mdl and clouds2.mdl

CSS clouds.mdl.pngCSS clouds2.mdl.png

Clouds designed for the skybox.

tankoil01.mdl and tankoil02.mdl

CSS tankoil01.mdl.pngCSS tankoil02.mdl.png



CSS ammo can 03.mdl.png


CSS desk console1.mdl.png

prodcratesa.mdl and prodcratesb.mdl

CSS prodcratesa.mdl.pngCSS prodcratesb.mdl.png

tire1.mdl and tire2.mdl

CSS tire1.mdl.pngCSS tire2.mdl.png



CSS gate.mdl.png


CSS gate large.mdl.png


CSS patio table.mdl.png


CSS tides light fixture.mdl.png CSS tides light fixture physics.png

A lamp that never was implemented into a map. Using Valve's model viewer and checking "Physics Model", the collision is out of place.


CSS turtle rock flag.mdl.png

A Turtle Rock Studios flag! Why this was never used is a mystery.


CSS woodframe courtyard e2.mdl.png



CSS ammo can 01.mdl.png


CSS de train ibeam 03.mdl.png


CSS de train windowframe 02.mdl.png


CSS light inset.mdl.png


CSS lockers001a.mdl.png


CSS railroadtracks128.mdl.png


CSS train wheels.mdl.png





river.vmf, river2.vmf and river3.vmf can be found in the models folder of props/cs_militia. Opening them with Valve's Hammer editor shows these.

CSS rocks.3ds.png

rocks.3ds may be a developer leftover. Judging by how it looks, it may have been a physics model.

Unused Level Content


In a July 7, 2005 update, the cs_assault map was added. For unknown reasons, it has an inaccessible room, completely isolated from the rest of the map which contains a boot. So, it's usually referred to as the boot room.

This American boot just kicked your ass back to Russia!


A map to test the speaker settings with. It was removed from the options for unknown reasons.

CSS-map-test speakers.png

Unused Sounds


Sound Filename Notes
water_splash1.wav Low quality splash sounds.


Sound Filename Notes


Sound Filename Notes
garage_tone.wav Unused eerie atmospheric noises.


Sound Filename Notes


Sound Filename Notes


Sound Filename Notes
rumble_rain.wav A windy variant of rumble_rain_nowind.wav.


Sound Filename Notes


Sound Filename Notes
bell1.wav Same as stuck1.wav.
blip2.wav Used for bot debugging.


Sound Filename Notes
bass.wav All of these sounds are used in test_speakers.bsp. The map has been removed from the in-game menu and can only be accessed via console.
stuck1.wav An entry in a file suggest that these sounds were used for bot debugging when they get stuck.

V.I.P. Mode

In the audio files, there is one only for the radio chat. They were going to bring the mode back into the game but only mods have brought it back.

Sound Comment(s)
"Protect the V.I.P., team!"
(Source: Counter-Strike Wikia)

Valve's Gift Grab 2011

Sound Comment(s)
Exactly like Team Fortress 2.

Region Differences

To do:
Record demo, and playback on both games for comparison

The USK 16 German version removed the blood and has you lie down when you get killed then disappear.

To enable this, enter the following commands in the in-game console (~)

violence_agibs 1
violence_ablood 1
violence_hgibs 1
violence_hblood 1		


If you were to kill a hostage, two of that same model will show up.

Magic. *snort snort*