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Counter-Strike: Source

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Title Screen

Counter-Strike: Source

Developers: Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment
Publishers: Valve, CyberFront (JP), Vivendi Universal Games (EU), Buka Entertainment (Russia)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: November 1, 2004
Released in JP: December 2, 2005
Released in EU: October 21, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
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To do:
  • There's quite a bit of prerelease stuff floating around.
  • The cut Dynamic Pricing feature has some leftovers in the game files: text, icons, etc.
  • Bot voice lines mentioning areas that aren't present in the official maps.

Counter-Strike: Source is the remake of the original Counter-Strike for the Source Engine, as well as the first released game to use that engine, roughly 2 weeks before Half-Life 2 came out.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
CSS-cs havana-fruit1.png
Unused Graphics
A whole lot of leftovers from other Valve games.
Css valvegiftgrabbox2011.png
Unused Models
Lots of props and even prefabs.

Unused Text

Developer Credits

A complete list of Valve and Turtle Rock Studios staff is provided inside of cstrike_pak_dir.vpk's main directory, simply named credits.txt. There is no option to display this list anywhere in-game.

Viktor Antonov
Ted Backman
Kelly Bailey
Jeff Ballinger
Matt Bamberger
Aaron Barber
Yahn Bernier
Ken Birdwell
Derrick Birum
Chris Bokitch
Steve Bond
Matt Boone
Charlie Brown
Julie Caldwell
Dario Casali
Yvan Charpentier
Jess Cliffe
John Cook
Greg Coomer
Kellie Cosner
Scott Dalton
Kerry Davis
Jason Deakins
Ariel Diaz
Quintin Doroquez
Martha Draves
Laura Dubuk
Mike Dunkle
Mike Dussault
Rick Ellis
Dhabih Eng
Miles Estes
Adrian Finol
Bill Fletcher
Moby Francke
Pat Goodwin
Chris Grinstead
John Guthrie
Leslie Hall
Damarcus Holbrook
Tim Holt
Brian Jacobson
Erik Johnson
Jakob Jungels
Iikka Keranen
Eric Kirchmer
Marc Laidlaw
Jeff Lane
Tom Leonard
Doug Lombardi
Randy Lundeen
Scott Lynch
Ido Magal
Gary McTaggart
John Morello II
Bryn Moslow
Gabe Newell
Tri Nguyen
Jake Nicholson
Martin Otten
Kristen Perry
Bay Raitt
Alfred Reynolds
Dave Riller
Danika Rogers
David Sawyer
Aaron Seeler
Nick Shaffner
Taylor Sherman
Eric Smith
David Speyrer
Jay Stelly
Mikel Thompson
Kelly Thornton
Carl Uhlman
Bill Van Buren
KayLee Vogt
Robin Walker
Josh Weier
Doug Wood
Matt T Wood
Matt Wright

Turtle Rock Studios:
Chris Ashton
Michael Booth
Matt Campbell
Bryan Cleveland
Phil Robb
Todd Williams

Localization Strings

In cstrike_english.txt, various strings can be found for earlier texts or leftovers from previous games.

Ballistic Helmet and Kevlar Vest

Line 914:

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Kevlar_Vest_Ballistic_Helmet"			"Kevlar Vest + Ballistic Helmet"

Alt names for TMP

Lines 976-977:

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Schmidt"			"Schmidt"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_SchmidtMP"			"Schmidt MP"

Tactical Shield

CS 1.6 Equipment - removed for balance in Alpha-Beta stage. Lines 1044-1045:

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_TactShield"			"Tactical Shield"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_TactShield_Desc"			"Tactical Shield"

VIP Mode

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP"			"VIP"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_Assassinated"			"VIP has been assassinated!"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_Escaped"			"The VIP has escaped!"
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_Not_Escaped"			"VIP has not escaped."
"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_VIP_cant_buy"			"You are the VIP.
You can't buy anything."

"Cstrike_VIP_Team"				"&3 VIP"

"Cstrike_vip_spotted"		"'VIP spotted!'

"Cstrike_protect_the_vip"	"'Protect the VIP'"

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_All_VIP_Slots_Full"			"All 5 VIP slots have been filled up.
Please try again later."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Cannot_Switch_From_VIP"			"You are the VIP.
You cannot switch roles now."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_ct_vip_zone"			"You are in a VIP escape zone.
Escort the VIP to any one of these zones."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_reward_for_killing_vip"			"You have been rewarded $2500 for killing the VIP!"

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_terrorist_vip_zone"			"You are in a VIP escape zone.
Prevent the VIP from reaching any one of these zones."

"Cstrike_TitlesTXT_Hint_you_are_the_vip"			"You are the VIP
Make your way to the safety zones."

"VipRescueZone"		"VIP Rescue Zone"

"Career_Task_killvip"			"You must kill the VIP."
"Career_Task_killvip_multi"		"You must kill the VIP %s2 times."

"winpanel_end_terrorists_escaped"				"Terrorists escaped"
"winpanel_end_vip_not_escaped"					"VIP escape failed"

"winpanel_end_vip_escaped"						"VIP escaped"
"winpanel_end_cts_prevent_escape"				"CTs prevented escape"
"winpanel_end_escaping_terrorists_neutralized"	"Escaping terrorists neutralized"
"winpanel_end_cts_win"							"Terrorists eliminated"
"winpanel_end_terrorists_not_escaped"			"Terrorist escape failed"

Condition Zero Leftovers

Some leftover text from Condition Zero.

"CZero_Credits_Title"				"Counter-Strike: Condition Zero"
"CZero_Credits_Programming"			"Programming"
"CZero_Credits_Art"				"Art"
"CZero_Credits_Managing_Director"		"Managing Director"
"CZero_Credits_COO"				"C.O.O."
"CZero_Credits_Production"			"Production"
"CZero_Credits_Mapping"				"Mapping"
"CZero_Credits_Art_Director"			"Art Director"
"CZero_Credits_Art_Lead"			"Art Lead"
"CZero_Credits_Technical_Art"			"Technical Art"
"CZero_Credits_Biz"				"Biz"
"CZero_Credits_Game_Design"			"Game Design"
"CZero_Credits_Lead_Level_Designer"		"Lead Level Designer"
"CZero_Credits_Level_Design"			"Level Design"
"CZero_Credits_Lead_Programmer"			"Lead Programmer"
"CZero_Credits_Project_Manager"			"Project Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Support"				"Support"
"CZero_Credits_Testing"				"Testing"
"CZero_Credits_Additional_Art"			"Additional Art"
"CZero_Credits_Executive_Producer"		"Executive Producer"
"CZero_Credits_Administration"			"Administration"
"CZero_Credits_Marketing_Director"		"Marketing Director"
"CZero_Credits_Brand_Manager"			"Brand Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Director_of_Public_Relations"	"Director of Public Relations"
"CZero_Credits_Public_Relations_Manager"	"Public Relations Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Creative_Group_Account_Supervisor"	"Creative Group Account Supervisor"
"CZero_Credits_Vice_President_Development"	"Vice President, Development"
"CZero_Credits_Operations_and_Production_Manager"	"Operations and Production Manager"
"CZero_Credits_Sr_Production_Admin"		"Sr. Production Admin"
"CZero_Credits_Vice_President_Finance"		"Vice President, Finance"
"CZero_Credits_Vice_President_and_Assistant_Counsel_VUG_Legal"	"Vice President and Assistant Counsel, VUG Legal"
"CZero_Credits_Corporate_Counsel_VUG_Legal"	"Corporate Counsel, VUG Legal"
"CZero_Credits_Special_Thanks"			"Special Thanks"

"CZero_NewCustomGame"				"Play &custom game"
"CZero_PlayOnLine"				"Play online using &Steam"
"CZero_PlayOnLineText"				"This will exit your current game.
Continue anyway?"

"CZero_LearningMap"				"Learning the map..."
"CZero_AnalyzingHidingSpots"			"Analyzing hiding spots..."
"CZero_AnalyzingApproachPoints"			"Analyzing approach points..."

"CZero_Tutor_Turned_On"			"The interactive tutor
is now enabled."
"CZero_Tutor_Turned_Off"		"The interactive tutor
is now disabled."

Cut Factions

Localization strings can be found for the cut Spetsnaz and Midwest Militia factions, who prevoiusly appeared in Condition Zero and Deleted Scenes.

"Cstrike_Militia" 				"&5 MIDWEST MILITIA"
"Cstrike_Spetsnaz"				"&5 SPETSNAZ"

"Cstrike_Militia_Name" 				"MIDWEST MILITIA"
"Cstrike_Spetsnaz_Name"				"SPETSNAZ"

"Cstrike_Militia_Label"				"The Midwest Militia is a right-wing extremist movement\nconsisting of formal and informal armed paramilitary groups.\nThis anti-government group was founded in 1993 after the\nstandoff in Waco, Texas."
"Cstrike_Spetsnaz_Label"			"The primary missions of the Russian SPETSNAZ are:\nacquiring intelligence on major economic and military\ninstallations and either destroying them or putting them out\nof action, organizing sabotage and acts of subversion;\ncarrying out punitive operations against rebels; forming and\ntraining insurgent detachments, etc."

Unused Map

CSS-map-test speakers.png

A rather bizarre map for testing audio outputs. The sounds played in this map dynamically change depending on what speaker configuration is being used. It could be initially loaded through the Audio tab in settings, although it was later removed with the Orange Box engine update in 2010 for unknown reasons.

Loading the map unmodified will normally have ERROR models, as it still references the original playermodels from 2004, no longer included with the game.

Unused Map Content


Right below the map in CT Spawn, there is an inaccessible room, completely isolated from the rest of the map which contains a single boot prop. It is usually referred to as the boot room.

This American boot just kicked your ass back to Russia!


Like the original version, there's an inaccessible room containing a brush-based giraffe and Iikka Keranen's signature. Of note is that the map existed since 2004, and the easter egg was not in Piranesi's Condition Zero incarnation.

Unused Sounds


Sound Filename Notes
3dmeagle.wav HD version of its predecessor
water_splash1.wav Low quality splash sounds.


Sound Filename Notes


Sound Filename Notes


Sound Filename Notes


Leftovers from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero's Tour of Duty mode where the bots call the player "Commander" instead of "Sir".

Voice lines mentioning a Bombsite C. None of the official maps have a third bombsite, rendering these lines unused.


Sound Filename Notes


Sound Filename Notes
rumble_rain.wav A windy variant of rumble_rain_nowind.wav.


Sound Filename Notes


The following all originate from either Half-Life or Half-Life 2.

Sound Filename Notes
bell1.wav Same as stuck1.wav.
blip2.wav Used for bot debugging.
weapon_cant_buy.wav This sound was used in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since 2013, but got updated some time after.


Sound Filename Notes
bass.wav All of these sounds are used in test_speakers.bsp. The button to enter the map had been removed from the in-game menu at some point, but it can still be played through the developer console.
stuck1.wav An entry in game_sounds.txt suggests that these sounds were used for bot debugging when they get stuck.

V.I.P. Mode

In the audio files, there is one only for the radio chat. VIP mode was at some point to return, but only mods have brought it back.

Sound Comment(s)
"Protect the V.I.P., team!"
(Source: Counter-Strike Wikia)

Valve's Gift Grab 2011

Sound Comment(s)
Exactly like Team Fortress 2.

Regional Differences

This page or section needs more videos.
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Specifically: Record a demo, and playback on both games for comparison.

The USK 16 German version removes blood and plays a "surrender" animation when players are killed.

To enable this in uncensored releases, enter the following commands in the in-game console (~):

violence_agibs 1
violence_ablood 1
violence_hgibs 1
violence_hblood 1


Whenever a hostage is killed, their model will seemingly duplicate.

Magic. *snort snort*

Revisional Differences

2005-2006 Updates


Counter-Strike: Source only launched with nine maps. Later updates have increased the map count to double the amount, with the vast majority of these additions happening in 2005. Some existing maps also received HDR (High Dynamic Range) support around that time.

  • January 2005: Added a Source remake of de_tides from Condition Zero.
  • February 2005: Added cs_compound, de_port and a Source remake of de_train.
  • March 2005: Added a Source remake of de_inferno.
  • June 2005: Added a Source remake of cs_assault.
  • December 2005: Added a Source remake of de_nuke.
  • January 2006: Added a Source remake of cs_militia.

Player Models

The SEAL Team 6 and Phoenix Connexion player models were initially the only available faction options, skipping the option to choose a model after joining either team. Starting from 2005, additional choices were added (in order: G.I.G.N and Guerilla[1], SAS and Leet Krew[2], GSG9 and Arctic[3]), alongside replacing the 2004-era designs of the first CT[4] and T[5] options.

Notably, the SEAL Team 6 unit on the background graphic is depicted similar to his old 3D model ingame, the mesh also comes installed with Valve's Source SDK. After a 2005 update, the model went through mild changes starting with just a different helmet, and in later 2006 he was updated to a more finalized design where the eyes became part of the face texture. A leftover model (characters/counterterrorist.mdl) only has an idle animation and his UV map has his face texture on the ankles. The Phoenix Connexion model had a mildly cartoony design and detailed eyes, much like the SEAL Team 6 model, presumably the detailed eyes would've been for the use of dynamic eye movement and facial animation (before ultimately not coming to pass). In the Betas, another Phoenix Connexion model existed, featuring desert-based clothing.

Prototype & 2004 Beta Unused Beta Model Updated
Phoenix Connection 2003-2004.png Unused Phoenix Connection.png Final Phoenix Connection.png
Prototype, 2004 Beta & Source SDK 2005 (unused since update) Unused Fully 2006 Updated
Beta ST6.png 2005 ST6.png Css unusedctplayermodel.png Last ST6.png

2010 Updates

Being fully developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, and starting from the 10th of May, these updates brought significant changes to Counter-Strike: Source, some of them being:

  • The menu background has been updated to depict two SEAL Team 6 members in green uniforms instead of blue uniforms on the foreground, and the background image itself was changed from a de_dust screenshot to an image of a city.
  • A total of 147 achievements were added, and with them, a full stats menu.
  • The scoreboard's design was completely overhauled.
  • Freeze-cams and the domination/revenge system from Team Fortress 2.
  • The "Friends" button in the main menu has been removed.
Initial Release Post-Update
Css old titlescreen.png Css titlescreen.png



The SAS playermodel has a poorly-configured ValveBiped for dropping weapons, which means that the SAS model is unable to drop weapons properly.

(Source: Valve Developer Community)

Terrorist Bot Icon

While the Counter-Terrorist bots' and default player icons are based off the game's cover art, the Terrorist bots' icon seems to be based off of an unreleased model, presumably made by Hidden Path Entertainment. This Phoenix Connection design can be seen in an unused team selection icon from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as it was originally a CS:S port to consoles.