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Proto:Counter-Strike: Source

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Counter-Strike: Source.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

This page covers only the first leaked Counter-Strike: Source, not Valve's public beta.

Unused Text

// HLTV overview description file for de_piranesi.bsp

	"material"	"overviews/devtest"	// texture file
	"pos_x"		"-2950"	// upper left world coordinate
	"pos_y"		"3600"
	"scale"		"5.4" 

An overview text file for a non-existing map called devtest.

Unused Graphics

CSSProto passwordicon.png

An unused password icon for servers that cannot be seen as the Find Servers button does not work.

CSS VIPClassSelection.png

A graphic for the cut V.I.P. mode. It can be found in the final.

Graphic Differences

Buy Menu Graphics

In the final, every item is modeled cleaner, shinier, more detailed, and is slanted at an angle a tad bit.


Early Final
CSSProto ak47vgui.png CSSFinal ak47vgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto augvgui.png CSSFinal augvgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto awpvgui.png CSSFinal awpvgui.png

Desert Eagle

Early Final
CSSProto deaglevgui.png CSSFinal deaglevgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto elitesvgui.png CSSFinal elitesvgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto famasvgui.png CSSFinal famasvgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto fivesevenvgui.png CSSFinal fivesevenvgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto flashbangvgui.png CSSFinal flashbangvgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto g3sg1vgui.png CSSFinal g3sg1vgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto galilvgui.png CSSFinal galilvgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto glock-18vgui.png CSSFinal glock-18vgui.png

HE Grenade

Early Final
CSSProto hegrenadevgui.png CSSFinal hegrenadevgui.png

M3 (Leone 12)

Early Final
CSSProto m3vgui.png CSSFinal m3vgui.png


Early Final
CSSProto radioicon.png CSSFinal radioicon.png

The prototype is only a black background, the final has a green exclamation mark and a transparent background.

Game Differences

  • Radio and UI sounds are absent.
  • Guns don't have shooting animations.
  • Knife only has an idling animation.