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Proto:Counter-Strike: Source

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Counter-Strike: Source.


September 23, 2003 Build
An earliest prototype of Counter-Strike: Source, leaked along with an early build of Half-life 2.
August 11, 2004 Build
A beta build compiled 2 months before release, which was given to members of Valve's Cyber Cafe program.

2010 Public Beta

To do:
  • Find out how to download the public beta build after it was removed sometime around 2011.
  • Anything else inside of it?

A public beta build from 2010, made to test the Orange Box engine update plus a multitude of other changes that would eventually make their way into the final game.

Unused Animation

A test animation for all playermodels doing Michael Jackson's moonwalk and dance, found in the public beta's files and was removed for the final game.

(Source: ZooL)