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Counter-Strike 2 (Windows, Linux)

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Title Screen

Counter-Strike 2

Also known as: CS2
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Released internationally: September 27, 2023

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ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Counter-Strike 2 is an updated version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Powered by the modern Source 2 engine, now with shinier skins, a brand-new competitive ranking system, and uh, seeing the playermodel's legs while in first person.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Maps


lobby_mapveto was a map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that was used for the Premier mode. In CS2, players spawn in two black rooms that can be escaped via noclip. The map goes unused because the Premier pick/ban process is done via menus instead of a separate map.

The Terrorist "briefing area", meant to be a scrolling background. The Counter-Terrorist "briefing area", also meant to be a scrolling background. Some grenades that are missing textures.


The skybox that was used for the CS:GO version of cs_italy. Skyboxes in the Source 2 engine are stored as separate maps rather than being part of the map like in Source. It is missing the horizon textures, some of the building textures and the actual 2D skybox texture itself.

CS2-Cs italy skybox.png


The skybox that was used for the 2016 remake version of CS:GO's Inferno. It is only missing the belltower roof texture and a house texture.

CS2-De inferno skybox.png

Unused Models

Player Models

All V2 Models are currently in game, but go unused due to lack of local agents making every map default to only default SAS/Phoenix. The V2/updated models include: The Elite Crew, The FBI, The Phoenix, The experiment jumpsuits (Danger Zone), SAS, the Heavy CT and the Heavy Phoenix.

CS2 V2 Playermodels.png

TrapFire Grenade

The cut TrapFire grenade from CS:GO (also known as TripWireFire) has a viewmodel and worldmodels in Counter-Strike 2's files as "eq_grenade_tripwirefire". The grenade is a reskinned Smoke Grenade from CS:GO and its worldmodels are untextured.

Test Shape

Located in weapons/models/shared/test_shape/, there is a block with the letters A, B and C on it. As the name says, it was used for testing purposes.


Map Veto

Four models meant to be used for the Premier mode. The base images are taken from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive versions of maps, as evidenced by the lighting.

Unused Graphics

A tool graphic depicting a Houndeye from Half-Life and a patch of grass, meant to be used for an "ambient_npc_manager" entity. This icon was released when the "Call to Arms" update released on 6 February 2024. Many speculate that this is meant for an unreleased Valve game titled "Neon Prime".

CS2-Ambient npc manager.png

There is an icon for a knife called the twinblade, that currently does not exist in game. The PNG render of the knife is the default T knife. This icon was discovered in the Limited Test, alongside the Kukri knife which released with the Call to Arms update.

Knife twinblade.svg

"Smooth Curve Test"

There is a strange test image called "smooth_curve_test" which is located in the panorama/donotship folder, It's unknown on how this was used.


Base Weapons

In /panorama/images/econ/weapons/base_weapons there is a icon for a "Smoke Beacon" grenade, which was rendered with one of its textures missing. There is also a icon for the Bear Trap item, which was first found in CS:GO.

Economy Cases

Under /panorama/images/econ/weapons_cases/ is a crudely put together icon for an "agent case", with stick figures drawn over a patch packet. Likely a temporary icon for a upcoming and/or cancelled case, making it more similar to other items. This case would likely give the player a random Agent.

Crate agents pack01 png.png

Unused Text


A text definition file for Dust's minimap. While a definition file exists, no image of the actual minimap is in the game files.

// HLTV overview description file for de_dust.bsp

    "material"  "overviews/de_dust" // texture file
    "pos_x"     "-2850" // upper left world coordinate
    "pos_y"     "4073"
    "scale"     "6" 
    "rotate"    "1"
    "zoom"      "1.3"

    // loading screen icons and positions
    "CTSpawn_x" "0.47"
    "CTSpawn_y" "0.92"
    "TSpawn_x"  "0.47"
    "TSpawn_y"  "0.10"

    "bombA_x"   "0.80"
    "bombA_y"   "0.55"
    "bombB_x"   "0.53"
    "bombB_y"   "0.74"

Unused Sounds

Intro Startup Sounds

In CS2 there is multiple sounds relating to the startup intro on launch. The Limited Test version is a "extended" version of the retail version, while the one provided in the actual webm played is some sort of alternative version.

LTB Retail Embedded

Regional Differences

Belgium and the Netherlands

Because of the laws in The Netherlands and Belgium, the Kansspelautoriteit has banned the opening of loot boxes, and CS2 cases are no exception.

Trying to open a case will show a notice saying Opening [Case Name] is not allowed in your country with the button to buy a key removed.

CS2 CaseBan NLandBE.png