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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Title Screen

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Developers: Turtle Rock Studios, Valve
Publishers: Sierra Entertainment, Vivendi Universal Games (retail), Valve (Steam)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: March 23, 2004 (Windows), February 5, 2013 (Mac/Linux)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is one of those games that is more well-known for its troubled development cycle than for the actual game itself. The game itself is simply Counter-Strike 1.6 with prettier graphics and a Tour of Duty mode with bots.


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Development Info
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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Models


A SWAT van model, which was used in the Xbox-exclusive map cs_miami and Deleted Scenes mission "Miami Heat". Also includes a back model, named stepvan_back.

CSCZ-stepvan.png CSCZ-stepvan back.png


A supposed low-resolution version of the Glock-18 viewmodel. Despite the name, the only difference it has to the used model is the texture, which is used in Deleted Scenes.

Unused Used
CSCZ-Glock18lowres.png CSCZ-Glock18.png

Unused Graphics


As the name implies, this is supposed to be a .wad file for a cut Condition Zero remake of de_cbble. In the final game, de_cbble_cz is a simple copy-and-paste of the Counter-Strike version with minor changes. These textures are used in the original Xbox version's remake of the map.


The .wad file used for de_stadium_cz contains some unused textures in it.


This .wad file contains textures leftover from Ritual Entertainment's dropped share of development.

Tour of Duty weapon icons

Some weapon icons for the Tour of Duty mode. These icons belong to certain weapons only the Terrorists can buy. What's odd is that the AK-47, MAC-10 and SG 552 use the Counter-Strike 1.6 icons instead of the updated Condition Zero icons.

Alternate Title Screen

An alternative title screen exists as resource\background\SplashGrey_X_X.tga, where X_X are a series of numbers. It is a black-and-white version of the used title screen, without the "COUNTER-STRIKE CONDITION ZERO" text or the company logos.

Unused Used
CSCZ-UnusedTitle.png CSCZ-Title.png

Unused Music

motor_intro is the intro track for the Deleted Scenes mission "Motorcade Assault". It is unknown for what purpose this music track would be used for in Condition Zero, as it is not defined anywhere in the playlist.txt file.

Unused Videos


A startup video for Turtle Rock Studios' logo. Despite the 25th anniversary update, these startup videos still remain unused.


A startup video for Valve's logo.

Tour of Duty Image Differences


The cobblestone paths use a different texture in the Tour of Duty selection image and uses the Counter-Strike "green" skybox.

Tour of Duty image Final
CSCZ-ToD cs italy cz.png CSCZ-Ingame cs italy cz.png


Militia's Tour of Duty image only has different lighting.

Tour of Duty image Final
CSCZ-ToD cs militia cz.png CSCZ-Ingame cs militia cz.png


T Spawn has a different ceiling lamp texture.

Tour of Duty image Final
CSCZ-ToD cs office cz.png CSCZ-Ingame cs office cz.png


Cobble's "square" Tour of Duty image is largely based off of its "cancelled" remake for Condition Zero.

Tour of Duty image Final
CSCZ-ToD de cbble cz.png CSCZ-Ingame de cbble cz.png


Dust's "square" Tour of Duty image uses the default "desert" skybox from Half-Life and different lighting, as well as an additional "A" decal near Double Doors.

Tour of Duty image Final
CSCZ-ToD de dust cz.png CSCZ-Ingame de dust cz.png


Dust2's "square" Tour of Duty image shares many of the same differences Dust's image has.

Tour of Duty image Final
CSCZ-ToD de dust2 cz.png CSCZ-Ingame de dust2 cz.png


Inferno uses the default "desert" skybox, the windows on the exterior of Apartments aren't lit up and the floor uses a different texture.

Tour of Duty image Final
CSCZ-ToD de inferno cz.png CSCZ-Ingame de inferno cz.png

Unused Text


The in-game "tutorial" system has some unused hints commented-out.

//TutorMessage YOU_FIRED_A_SHOT
//  String "#Cstrike_Tutor_You_Fired_A_Shot"
//  Priority 0
//  Duration 1
//  KeepOld False
//  Class Normal
//  Type Default
//  Decay 10

//  String "#Cstrike_Tutor_You_Were_Just_Hurt"
//  Priority 40
//  Duration 2
//  KeepOld False
//  Class Normal
//  Type Default
//  Decay 10

//TutorMessage YOU_SPAWNED
//  String "#Cstrike_Tutor_You_Spawned"
//  Priority 10
//  Duration 2
//  KeepOld False
//  Class Normal
//  Type Scenario
//  Decay 10

// commented out since we don't have an appropriate string.
//  String "#Cstrike_Tutor_All_Hostages_Following_T"
//  Priority 30
//  Duration 3
//  KeepOld False
//  Class Normal
//  Type Scenario
//  Decay 10

//  String "#Cstrike_Tutor_You_Have_Been_Shot_At"
//  Priority 30
//  Duration 1
//  KeepOld True
//  Class Normal
//  Type Default
//  Decay 10
//  Lifetime 1

//  String "#Cstrike_Tutor_Buy_Need_Secondary_Ammo"
//  Priority 202
//  Duration 5
//  KeepOld True
//  Decay 0
//  Interrupt Now
//  Type Buy

And here are the localization strings meant to be used for these hints:

"Cstrike_Tutor_You_Spawned"		"Welcome to Counter-strike!"
"Cstrike_Tutor_You_Fired_A_Shot"	"You have fired your weapon."
"Cstrike_Tutor_You_Were_Just_Hurt"	"That hurt!\nBe careful!"
"Cstrike_Tutor_You_Have_Been_Shot_At"	"Watch out!\nSomeone is shooting at you!"
"Cstrike_Tutor_Buy_Need_Secondary_Ammo"		"You should buy ammo\nfor your Pistol"


Unused strings for (presumably) map-specific commands.

"Cstrike_Map_Siege"		"map cs_siege"
"Cstrike_take_underground"	"'Take the underground'"
"Cstrike_enemy_garage"		"Enemy in parking garage'"
"Cstrike_rush_hostage_room"	"'Rush hostage room!'"
"Cstrike_snipers_watch_out"	"'Snipers! Watch out!'"
"Cstrike_take_upper_route"	"'Take the upper route'"
"Cstrike_train"			"map de_train"
"Cstrike_rush_trainyard"	"'Rush trainyard bomb!'"
"Cstrike_rush_enclosed"		"'Rush enclosed bomb site!'"
"Cstrike_flank_them"		"'Flank them!'"
"Cstrike_bomb_site_secure"	"'Bomb site secure!'"
"Cstrike_lend_me_blaster"	"'Lend me your blaster!'"
"Cstrike_vertigo"		"map de_vertigo"
"Cstrike_rush_upper_level"	"'Rush the upper level!'"
"Cstrike_rush_lower_level"	"'Rush the lower level!'"
"Cstrike_prodigy"		"map de_prodigy"
"Cstrike_rush_to_pipes"		"'Rush to pipes'"
"Cstrike_rush_to_lab"		"'Rush to the lab!'"
"Cstrike_take_the hallway"	"'Take the hallway!'"
"Cstrike_take_the_apc"		"'Take the APC route!'"
"Cstrike_aztec"			"map de_aztec"
"Cstrike_take_bridge"		"'Take the bridge!'"
"Cstrike_enemy_at_bomb_site"	"'Enemy at bomb site'"
"Cstrike_rush_to_bomb_site"	"'Rush to bomb site'"
"Cstrike_take_water_route"	"'Take the water route!'"
"Cstrike_inferno"		"map de_inferno"
"Cstrike_office"		"map cs_office"
"Cstrike_take_back_route"	"'Take the back route!'"
"Cstrike_rush_to_hostages"	"'Rush to the hostages!'"
"Cstrike_do_it_for_manilov"	"'Do it for Manilov!'"
"Cstrike_take_front_route"	"'Take the front route!'"
"Cstrike_backalley"		"map cs_backalley"
"Cstrike_enemy_overhead"	"'Enemy overhead!'"
"Cstrike_go_you_blaster"	"'Go you blaster!'"
"Cstrike_taking_heavy_fire"	"'Taking heavy blaster fire!'"
"Cstrike_747"			"map cs_747"
"Cstrike_rush_the_plane"	"'Rush the plane'"
"Cstrike_meet_in_terminal"	"'Meet in terminal'"
"Cstrike_enemy_outside_plane"	"'Enemy outside plane'"
"Cstrike_enemy_in_cargo"	"'Enemy in cargo hold!'"
"Cstrike_oilrig"		"map as_oilrig"
"Cstrike_rush_to_chopper"	"'Rush to chopper!'"
"Cstrike_to_the_elevator"	"'To the elevator'"
"Cstrike_vip_spotted"		"'VIP spotted!'"
"Cstrike_sniper_spotted"	"'Sniper spotted'"
"Cstrike_protect_the_vip"	"'Protect the VIP'"
"Cstrike_assault"		"map cs_assault"
"Cstrike_rush_the_building"	"'Rush the building!'"
"Cstrike_take_the_vents"	"'Take the vents!'"
"Cstrike_enemy_in_vents"	"'Enemy in vents!'"
"Cstrike_team_regroup"		"'Team! Regroup!'"
"Cstrike_nuke"			"map de_nuke"
"Cstrike_go_to_main_hall"	"'Go To Main hall'"
"Cstrike_go_to_basement"	"'Go To the Basement'"
"Cstrike_flank_yard"		"'Flank Yard'"
"Cstrike_flank_comm_room"	"'Flank Comm-room'"
"Cstrike_at_entrance_hall"	"'At the Entrance hall'"
"Cstrike_cbble"			"map de_cbble"
"Cstrike_heading_central_hall"	"'Heading Central Hallway'"
"Cstrike_heading_underpass"	"'Heading to Underpass'"
"Cstrike_sniper_in_tower"	"'Sniper in Tower'"
"Cstrike_bomb_target_secure"	"'Bomb target areas secure'"
"Cstrike_guard_start_area"	"'Guard start area'"
"Cstrike_dust"			"map de_dust"
"Cstrike_heading_to_hallway"	"'Heading to Hallway'"
"Cstrike_bomb_a_secure"		"'Bomb A secure'"
"Cstrike_bomb_b_secure"		"'Bomb B secure'"
"Cstrike_sniper_at_underpass"	"'Sniper at Underpass'"
"Cstrike_dust2"			"map de_dust2"
"Cstrike_heading_to_tunnel"	"'Heading to tunnel'"
"Cstrike_italy"			"map cs_italy"
"Cstrike_meet_at_market"	"'Meet at Market'"
"Cstrike_rush_the_house"	"'Rush the House'"
"Cstrike_head_to_wine_cellar"	"'Head to Wine Cellar'"
"Cstrike_rush_long_passage"	"'Rush Long Passage'"
"Cstrike_hostages_rescued"	"'Hostages being rescued'"
"Cstrike_estate"		"map cs_estate"
"Cstrike_go_to_sewer"		"'Go to sewer'"
"Cstrike_enemy_on_first_story"	"'Enemy on first story'"
"Cstrike_enemy_on_sec_story"	"'Enemy on second story'"
"Cstrike_enemy_in_back"		"'Enemy in back'"
"Cstrike_enemy_in_front"	"'Enemy in front'"
"Cstrike_tundra"		"map as_tundra"
"Cstrike_use_sec_route"		"'Use secondary route'"
"Cstrike_use_primary_route"	"'Use primary route'"
"Cstrike_rush_to_apc"		"'Rush to APC'"
"Cstrike_rush_to_chopper"	"'Rush to chopper!'"
"Cstrike_map_militia"		"map cs_militia"
"Cstrike_meet_at_garage"	"'Meet at garage vent'"
"Cstrike_meet_front_house"	"'Meet at front of house'"
"Cstrike_meet_backyard"		"'Meet in backyard'"
"Cstrike_enemy_topside"		"'Enemy is topside!'"
"Cstrike_enemy_sewers"		"'Enemy is in sewers!'"
"Cstrike_Acknowledged"		"'Acknowledged'"
"Cstrike_Negative"		"'Negative'"
"Cstrike_Go"			"'Go Go Go!'"
"Cstrike_On_My_Way"		"'On my way'"
"Cstrike_Need_Backup"		"'Need backup'"


A text file telling the game which videos to play upon startup. Just like the videos themselves, it also goes unused.