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Honoo no Takuhaibin

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Title Screen

Honoo no Takuhaibin

Developer: POT
Publisher: Success
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: October 19, 2006

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DummyIcon.png This game has unusual dummy files.

When a game's title translates to "Fire Delivery Service", what more do you expect?


Present on the disc is a padding file that takes up 2.2 GB of the disc, or 80% of the total disc size. Without this file, the game can fit within a CD. It is, as its name suggests, an LZH archive which contains some interesting filler files. Success issued an apology about this in December 2006, for some reason.

(Note that "コピー ~ " translates to "Copy of".)

bio4TGS_320.mpg (also as コピー ~ bio4TGS_320.mpg)

The TGS trailer for Biohazard 4.

ed.m1v (within ed1.lzh, ed2.lzh, ed3.lzh, ed4.lzh, ed5.lzh, ed6.lzh, ed7.lzh, コピー ~ ed.lzh and コピー ~ ed2.lzh)

The ending cutscene from Panzertales: World Tank Museum For Game: Toubu Sensen, which was published 10 months earlier and also developed and published by Success.

bgm07.wav (also as b.wav, c.wav, コピー ~ b.wav and コピー ~ c.wav)

Unknown audio track, possibly from the game.

Also present in the archive are 2048×2048 BMP images that consist of nothing but black, under the names dummy.bmp, dummy2.bmp, dummy3.bmp, コピー ~ dummy.bmp, コピー ~ dummy2.bmp, and コピー ~ dummy3.bmp.