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Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)

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Title Screen

Resident Evil 4

Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
Publishers: Capcom (US/JP), Nintendo (EU)
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: January 27, 2005
Released in US: January 11, 2005
Released in EU: March 18, 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Early Pre-rendered Graphics

Present in the Cmn folder are early versions of the pre-rendered graphics. Some of these are just sketches.

Early Final
RE4GC-Cmn-f01a.png RE4GC-Eng-f01a.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f01b.png RE4GC-Eng-f01b.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f01c.png RE4GC-Eng-f01c.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f01d.png RE4GC-Eng-f01d.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f01e.png RE4GC-Eng-f01e.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f02a.png RE4GC-Eng-f02a.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f02b.png RE4GC-Eng-f02b.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f04a.png RE4GC-Eng-f04a.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f06a.png RE4GC-Eng-f06a.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f07a.png RE4GC-Eng-f07a.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f10a.png RE4GC-Eng-f10a.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f11a.png RE4GC-Eng-f11a.png
RE4GC-Cmn-f12a.png RE4GC-Eng-f12a.png

Not found in the Cmn folder, only in the Eng folder, are the two concept pieces of additional graphics below. No final version equivalent exists.

RE4GC-Eng-f15b.png RE4GC-Eng-f20b.png

Unused Cinematic

Only present on the GameCube versions during Chapter 3-2, there's a cinematic that never got used that was to be the introductory cutscene for the wingless version of the Novistador enemy in the sewers. For whatever reason, the cinematic's trigger was moved far out of the sewers' play area. It's possible to trigger it through an out of bounds glitch or No-clip code, however. The trigger was removed in all later versions of the game.

Unused Ladder

There is an invisible functional ladder that goes unused in the final version of the game. To get to it you must have an Action Replay and a No-clip code.

US AR Code PAL AR Code

During Chapter 5-3 just before the knife fight with Krauser, Leon would normally have to take the elevator up to him. However beyond the fenced out area below the platform above, there are two steel pillars with an interactable "CLIMB UP" icon between them, though with no visible ladder. This ladder may have been the way you needed to go to get to Krauser in early versions of the game, but later was changed to an elevator. The ladder only takes you to about the height of the second platform that Leon and Krauser fall onto during their QTE fight.

Not sure if this ladder trigger was removed in later ports, but is present on the all regions of the GameCube version of the game.

Unused Japanese Only Camera Angle

There is an unused camera angle in non-Japanese releases that is still accessible via a no-clip cheat code.

In Chapter 4-1 where you play as Ashley, in the area where the Armoured Knights and sliding plate puzzle are, all the way down to the last room and on the right hand side wall of the statue you get the “Salazar Family Insignia” there is a table and chair. Walk right into the table and chair and then the camera angle will change to a more original Resident evil fix camera angle that follows your player.

This leftover camera angle is fully present in every Japanese version and port of the game, as the entire Ashley segment is played with traditional Resident Evil camera angles, but was changed to the normal over-the-shoulder view for the rest of the world for unknown reasons.

Unused Developer Picture in Background


Immediately after Mike's Chopper is shot down during chapter 5-4 and entering the next area, there's a strange 2D texture showing what appears to be a human character just standing out in the distance, viewable in game without cheats by aiming a Rifle with a Scope attached towards the building in the distance. This figure appears to be based on a photograph of someone working on the game, and goes completely unused in the rest of the game

(Source: SlippySlides (YouTube))

Regional Differences

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Japanese Version

The Japanese version is heavily censored in general:

  • Headshots don't offer any splashing heads anymore. The sound of the explosion is not heard and pieces of the head fly around. This censorship also affects enemies on the ground.
  • A headshot animation was completely deleted. With a shotgun or the sniper rifle the head can be shot in pieces in a very swift manner. This does not throw enemies immediately to the ground in the Japanese version; instead, they stumble around for a little while without their head (note that the headless body can still attack Leon).
  • Plagas headshots are also censored. The parasite does not explode anymore; instead, it splashes just before the body fades. The “Plopp” sound of the exploding parasite can only be heard when the body hits the floor. The bloody stump can be seen only for some very few seconds in the Japanese version.
  • The animation of Leon being decapitated if he is one-hitted by the chainsaw-armed maniac has been removed – the chainsaw cuts through Leon's neck but the head stays there like nothing happened.
  • The Japanese version lacks Ashley’s wagging breasts when she is moving.

(link for the comparison pictures:

Other Changes:

  • An Easy mode is available.
  • It is possible to blow up the huge boulder in the mine area (Chapter 4-2) with a rocket launcher instead of using dynamite.
  • The audio in cutscenes in gameplay (that isn't enemy comments) is still in English, so the Japanese version forces subtitles.
  • The Japanese version has longer loading times.

European Version

The European version went through several changes from the North American version. This includes more balanced gameplay. It lowered things like ammo drops but increased firepower in some guns.

  • The initial cost of the Mine Thrower was changed from 28,000 PTAS to 9,800 PTAS.
  • The fully upgraded Bolt-Action Rifle does 30 damage instead of 18.
  • The fully upgraded Red9 does 6.5 damage instead of 5.
  • The fully upgraded Blacktail does 4.5 damage instead of 3.4.
  • Like in the Japanese version, it is possible to blow up the huge boulder in the mine area (Chapter 4-2) with a rocket launcher instead of using dynamite.
  • Like in the Japanese version, an Easy mode is available.
  • Mercenaries mode: Throughout each stage, the enemy counts and triggers are lowered, and rifle ammo will only appear in quantities of two and three, instead of three and five.

German Version:

In terms of violent content, the European versions are identical to the North American version. This is with exception to the German version of the game.

  • The German version is missing Assignment Ada and The Mercenaries mode. This is presumed to be because the two modes were just senseless killing. However, the HD re-release on Steam brought the two modes back into the German version.
  • There is an enemy in the game who unexpectedly pops out of a large oven to rush the player while on fire. This enemy was removed in the German version.