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Proto:Resident Evil (Game Boy Color)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Resident Evil (Game Boy Color).

Download.png Download Resident Evil (GBC, Earlier Proto)
File: Regbc_(Earlier_Proto).zip (1.48 MB) (info)

The earlier prototype of the portable Resident Evil has many differences from its later counterpart.

General Differences

  • At this point, Jill's story does not exist and Chris' story is the only one that can be played. Selecting either story will set the flag for Chris' story to be true.
  • Sprites do not get a flag set for being covered when a wall is supposed to be obstructing them, a prime example being after the zombie feasts on Kenneth.
  • You start off with a Beretta (with unlimited ammo), a tactical knife, and a shotgun. In the later proto, Chris starts with his combat knife and a single first aid spray, and Jill with her Beretta and tactical knife.
  • Debugging features are easier to be seen in this one, due to the fact that it's earlier in development and was needed.
  • Items can be picked up multiple times if you're not careful. This can be both useful (picking up ink ribbons due to the fact that in the PlayStation version, ink ribbons were one-time-use items, but at least you had a set of four) and annoying as well. (This is a glitch that was fixed in the later proto.)
  • (Figure out more on this one) There is a load game option in this build, too, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Perhaps SRAM hadn't been implemented yet?

Beginning of the game. Notice that there are more debugging addresses shown in this one than the later proto.