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Resident Evil 2 (Nintendo 64)

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Title Screen

Resident Evil 2

Also known as: Biohazard 2
Developer: Angel Studios
Publishers: Capcom (US/JP), Virgin Interactive (EU)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: January 1, 2000
Released in US: October 31, 1999
Released in EU: February 2, 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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The hit PlayStation game makes its way to a whopping 512Mbit cartridge!

Placeholder Background Image

RE2-N64-placeholder background.jpg

Present in all versions, and located before the background images, is this copy of the "Tofu Survivor" minigame titlescreen with "There's no background." written over the top in Japanese.

(Translation: divingkataetheweirdo)

Build Dates

Version ROM Address Build Date
USA V1.0 0xC853C
Thu Sep 16 01:32:44 1999
USA V1.1 0xC862C
Tue Sep 28 02:31:44 1999
Europe 0xC6074
Thu Nov 18 15:29:05 1999
Japan 0xC561E
Fri Nov 19 19:24:29 1999

(Source: Ferrox)

Development Text

Present at 0x12150 in the ROM are some compression related strings.

invalid block type
invalid stored block lengths
too many length or distance symbols
invalid bit length repeat
invalid literal/length code
invalid distance code
invalid distance code
invalid literal/length code
unknown compression method
invalid window size
incorrect header check
need dictionary
incorrect data check
oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree
incomplete dynamic bit lengths tree
oversubscribed literal/length tree
incomplete literal/length tree
incompatible version
buffer error
insufficient memory
data error
stream error
file error
stream end
need dictionary

Present at 0x800B6E80 in memory are some jpeg related strings.

Bogus message code %d
Sorry, there are legal restrictions on arithmetic coding
ALIGN_TYPE is wrong, please fix
MAX_ALLOC_CHUNK is wrong, please fix
Bogus buffer control mode
Invalid component ID %d in SOS
IDCT output block size %d not supported
Bogus input colorspace
Bogus JPEG colorspace
Bogus marker length
Sampling factors too large for interleaved scan
Invalid memory pool code %d
Unsupported JPEG data precision %d
Bogus sampling factors
Improper call to JPEG library in state %d
Bogus virtual array access
Buffer passed to JPEG library is too small
Suspension not allowed here
CCIR601 sampling not implemented yet
Too many color components: %d, max %d
Unsupported color conversion request
Bogus DAC index %d
Bogus DAC value 0x%x
Bogus DHT counts
Bogus DHT index %d
Bogus DQT index %d
Empty JPEG image (DNL not supported)
Read from EMS failed
Write to EMS failed
Didn't expect more than one scan
Input file read error
Output file write error --- out of disk space?
Fractional sampling not implemented yet
Huffman code size table overflow
Missing Huffman code table entry
Maximum supported image dimension is %u pixels
Empty input file
Premature end of input file
Unsupported JFIF revision number %d.%02d
Not implemented yet
Requested feature was omitted at compile time
Backing store not supported
Huffman table 0x%02x was not defined
JPEG datastream contains no image
Quantization table 0x%02x was not defined
Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x%02x 0x%02x
Insufficient memory (case %d)
Cannot quantize more than %d color components
Cannot quantize to fewer than %d colors
Cannot quantize to more than %d colors
Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOF markers
Invalid JPEG file structure: missing SOS marker
Unsupported JPEG process: SOF type 0x%02x
Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOI markers
Invalid JPEG file structure: SOS before SOF
Failed to create temporary file %s
Read failed on temporary file
Seek failed on temporary file
Write failed on temporary file --- out of disk space?
Application transferred too few scanlines
Unsupported marker type 0x%02x
Virtual array controller messed up
Image too wide for this implementation
Read from XMS failed
Write to XMS failed
Copyright (C) 1994, Thomas G. Lane
5  24-Sep-94
Caution: quantization tables are too coarse for baseline JPEG
Adobe APP14 marker: version %d, flags 0x%04x 0x%04x, transform %d
Unknown APP0 marker (not JFIF), length %u
Unknown APP14 marker (not Adobe), length %u
Define Arithmetic Table 0x%02x: 0x%02x
Define Huffman Table 0x%02x
Define Quantization Table %d  precision %d
Define Restart Interval %u
Freed EMS handle %u
Obtained EMS handle %u
End Of Image
        %3d %3d %3d %3d %3d %3d %3d %3d
JFIF APP0 marker, density %dx%d  %d
Warning: thumbnail image size does not match data length %u
Warning: unknown JFIF revision number %d
    with %d x %d thumbnail image
Skipping marker 0x%02x, length %u
Unexpected marker 0x%02x
        %4u %4u %4u %4u %4u %4u %4u %4u
Quantizing to %d = %d*%d*%d colors
Quantizing to %d colors
Selected %d colors for quantization
At marker 0x%02x, recovery action %d
Smoothing not supported with nonstandard sampling ratios
Start Of Frame 0x%02x: width=%u, height=%u, components=%d    Component %d: %dhx%dv q=%d
Start of Image
Start Of Scan: %d components    Component %d: dc=%d ac=%d
Closed temporary file %s
Opened temporary file %s
Unrecognized component IDs %d %d %d, assuming YCbCr
Freed XMS handle %u.Obtained XMS handle %u
Unknown Adobe color transform code %d
Corrupt JPEG data: %u extraneous bytes before marker 0x%02x
Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment
Corrupt JPEG data: bad Huffman code
Premature end of JPEG file
Corrupt JPEG data: found marker 0x%02x instead of RST%d
Invalid SOS parameters for sequential JPEG
Application transferred too many scanlines

Present at 0x800B7FF0 in memory are strings related to other image types.

Unsupported BMP colormap format
Only 8- and 24-bit BMP files are supported
Invalid BMP file: bad header length
Invalid BMP file: biPlanes not equal to 1
BMP output must be grayscale or RGB
Sorry, compressed BMPs not yet supported
Not a BMP file - does not start with BM
%ux%u 24-bit BMP image
%ux%u 8-bit colormapped BMP image
%ux%u 24-bit OS2 BMP image
%ux%u 8-bit colormapped OS2 BMP image
GIF output got confused
Bogus GIF codesize %d
GIF output must be grayscale or RGB
Too few images in GIF file
Not a GIF file
%ux%ux%d GIF image
Warning: unexpected GIF version number '%c%c%c'
Ignoring GIF extension block of type 0x%02x
Caution: nonsquare pixels in input
Corrupt data in GIF file
Bogus char 0x%02x in GIF file, ignoring
Premature end of GIF image
Ran out of GIF bits
PPM output must be grayscale or RGB
Nonnumeric data in PPM file
Not a PPM file
%ux%u PGM image
%ux%u text PGM image
%ux%u PPM image
%ux%u text PPM image
Unsupported Targa colormap format
Invalid or unsupported Targa file
Targa output must be grayscale or RGB
%ux%u RGB Targa image
%ux%u grayscale Targa image
%ux%u colormapped Targa image
Color map file is invalid or of unsupported format
Output file format cannot handle %d colormap entries
ungetc failed
Unrecognized input file format --- perhaps you need -targa
Unsupported output file format

Present at 0x800B8AA0 in memory.

cFixedList_ tSubMenuFxn add failed
cFixedList_ tVptr add failed
cFixedList_ tCptr add failed
TM_RT: Warning: %x vs %x

Present at 0x800B92E0 in memory.


Present at 0x800BA290 in memory.

PL EMD AREA overflow by %d bytes
ROOM AREA overflow by %d bytes
%2d:  XXX
%2d: XXXX
%04x %04x

(Source: Ferrox)

Version Differences

Last Boss

At the end of scenario B, in both versions there is a side view of the last boss as he extends his tentacles while dying, the scene then changes to a front view of the boss. In the Playstation version, his tentacles fall off on that second scene. In the Nintendo 64 version the tentacles fall off on the first scene, and on the second scene his tentacles are already gone.

Playstation Nintendo 64
Re2 psx claire boss 0.png Re2 n64 claire boss 0.png
Re2 psx claire boss.png Re2 n64 claire boss.png

Ending Cutscene

Certain camera angles and character movements were changed for the Leon A ending cutscene compared to the original Playstation version, such as Claire tilting her head when talking about her brother in the N64 version.

Playstation Nintendo 64
Re2psx leon a ending-1.png Re2n64 leon a ending-1.png
Re2psx leon a ending-2.png Re2n64 leon a ending-2.png

Ending Rank

The ending rank art screens now have a prominent blue tint.

Playstation Nintendo 64
Re2psx ending rank-1.png Re2n64 ending rank-1.png
Re2psx ending rank-2.png Re2n64 ending rank-2.png

Ending Bonus

If you didn't already encounter Brad Vickers, then at the very end of the scenario B ending you'll get a bonus image telling you how to find him. In the Playstation version it explains who he is and how to find him, but in the Nintendo 64 version it just tells you what to do.

Playstation Nintendo 64
Re2psx brad.png Re2n64 brad.png

Misc. Differences

  • Added 16 EX Files that connect the story to Resident Evil 1, 3, Code Veronica and the then in-development Zero. Some of these EX files were ported over wholesale from RE3.
  • If using the expansion pack, polygon models, textures, and backgrounds are of much higher quality and resolution compared to the Playstation version.
  • Supports Dolby surround sound.
  • The RPD safe combination was changed from 2236 to 4542, and the Umbrella lab login was changed from GUEST to NEMESIS.
  • New costumes that replace the ones present in other versions. Claire still gets a Colt SAA with hers. Interestingly, only one of Leon's alternate costumes in this port features the faster sideways pistol aim, instead of both of them like in other versions.
  • FMVs are heavily compressed and the resolution is a lot lower than the Playstation versions. Additionally, Claire's version of Annette Birkin's flashback is used in Leon's story, leading to an error where Claire speaks to Annette when its supposed to be Ada Wong.
  • New controls options including a more conventional movement scheme wholly different from the game's signature "tank controls."
  • Blood colour can be changed between red, green and blue.
  • The corpse of a Hunter enemy from the first game was added to the hidden laboratory room in the Umbrella lab.
  • At the end of the 4th Survivor and The To-Fu Survivor bonus modes, there is no rank screen. On the Playstation versions you get a character-specific art screen alongside your rank.