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Proto:Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation).

Resident Evil 2's production history alone gives the game its strong reputation as it went through MASSIVE changes during development, most notably the scrapped first draft that spawned after Capcom decided to trash everything they made and start completely over from zero (or so they said they did). Said draft was later officially dubbed Resident Evil 1.5.

To do:
This game's production is rather unique and has a ton of things to compare each other to, so a breakdown of all sorts from every category across the different builds should be in the form of sub-pages that compares assets side-by-side. Said categories should be, to name a few:
  • The pre-rendered .BBS backgrounds.
  • Map layout (the Laboratory, in particular).
  • Sounds and music (many were carried over from 1.5).

Resident Evil 1.5

1.5 represented a time when the development team struggled with the game's scenario, settings, maps, etc. The prototype below, the only one released so far, compiles all the playable segments up to that point.

BIO1.5 Title Screen.png
November 5, 1996 Prototype
Completely disparate to the rest of the prototypes, let alone the final version. Pieces of what would end up in the actual, final version can be found here.

Resident Evil 2

BH2 Trial Edition Title Screen.png
August 5, 1997 (Trial Edition)
A preview of what would become the final, retail version that came with the Japanese version of Resident Evil Director's Cut.
August 27, 1997 (US Preview)
Essentially the same as the Japanese trial version, with some minor differences.
BH2 'BETA 2' Title Screen.png
October 31, 1997 Prototype
Also known in some certain fan circles as "BETA 2", this predates the final version by three months. At this point, most of the game had already been completed, although only Leon's disc was released.