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Proto:Resident Evil (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Resident Evil (PlayStation).

There are five known leaked prototypes out there of the first Resident Evil on PlayStation.


RE - Sample 08-04-95 Title.png
August 4, 1995 Prototype
A little more than a dozen rooms are accessible, plus the controls are rudimentary and there's some Japanese voice grunts. Further, only Chris is playable. This build is a variant of the one showcased at the Japanese V-Jump Festival in 1995.
RE - Sample 10-04-95 Title.png
October 4, 1995 (Sample Ver. 10/04)
Created exactly two months after the last one, this build has even more rooms available and Jill is playable.
Bio Hazard (Japan) (Taikenban)-title.png
January 15, 1996 (Trial Edition)
A non-finalized portion of the final game is playable with the infamous bloody wall in the demo.
RE - Sample 01-31-96 Title.png
January 31, 1996 (Sample Ver. 01/31)
The most complete build before the final. Likely used for QA testing.
February 14, 1996 (Sample Ver. 02/08)
An English localization debug build that is close to the final version, with small differences.