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Proto:Resident Evil (PlayStation)/October 4, 1995 (Sample Ver. 10/04)

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The Sample Ver. 10/04 prototype of Resident Evil (aka Biohazard) is farther along compared to the V-Jump 1995 build, but remains far from complete.

With a build date of October 4, 1995, it predates the final version's release by over five months.

General Differences

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Inventory Screen images. Also, can we get menu screens of the final Japanese version instead, please?
  • The CAPCOM logo used before the logo has no audio.
  • The title screen now has the text "SAMPLE Ver. 10/04" at the top-right corner.
  • The "Biohazard" title call still has not been implemented yet.
  • Like the previous prototype, waiting long enough repeats the Capcom logo as no in-game demos have been recorded at this point.
  • Jill's story has been started, but at this point, nothing else past running into the zombie has been implemented. After the zombie has been dispatched, Barry is not in the dining room anymore, thus her story can not be continued.
  • Pressing Start brings up an inventory screen that looks substantially different from the one used in retail.
  • Voiceovers have not been done yet, but the script has been written, albeit with some slightly different wording. Chris' story script is fully implemented.
Sample Ver. 10/04 Final (US)
RE - Sample 10-04-95 Char Select.png RE - US Final Char Select.png

The character select cards are somewhat different in the Sample 10/04 version than the final US version. The pictures used for both characters are drawn instead of an actor photo.

Sample Ver. 10/04 Final (US)
RE - Sample 10-04-95 Inventory Screen.png RE - US Final Inventory Screen.png

The inventory screen is laid out differently and uses a different background. Further, the picture used for Chris is grabbed from the nonexistent in this build intro movie (as evidenced by the cigarette in his mouth).