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Proto:Resident Evil (PlayStation)/January 31, 1996 (Sample Ver. 01/31)

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The Sample Ver. 01/31 prototype of Resident Evil (aka Biohazard) is a debugging build. Only bugs have yet to be fixed in this version. With a build date of January 31, 1996, it predates the final version's release by just under two months.

General Differences

The final background has been established, the "Biohazard" voice sample implemented, and the in-game demos recorded. Other than the "SAMPLE Ver. 01/31" at the top-right corner, the title screen functions the same as retail.

  • Debugging features are present.
  • Doors zoom into the center of the screen, then open.
  • Voice acting has been recorded at this point.

Debug Mode

To do:
Upload images of the Debug menu.

During gameplay, one can access a debug menu by pressing Select.