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Jill of the Jungle

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Title Screen

Jill of the Jungle

Developer: Tim Sweeney
Publisher: Epic MegaGames
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: 1992

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Unlike later Jill games, Jill of the Jungle mostly occurs inside one giant level with teleports taking you from place to place. Some of these levels are slightly visible from inside each other.

Unused Enemies

The game has three colors for the bouncing balls. However, the blue ones remain unused, despite being functional.

Jill of the Jungle-ball-blue-large.png

A large blue ball that does not bounce off of the floor, but simply remains on the floor instead, as if it's very heavy.

Jill of the Jungle-ball-blue-small.png

A tiny variation of the blue ball.

Unused Items

Jill of the Jungle-invincibility.png

This invincibility shield is a fully functional item that can be placed with level editors or cheats. However, it is not found on any of the official levels.

Jill of the Jungle-spiderpowerup.png

A powerup item that was meant to turn Jill into a spider, but it is neither found in the game nor functional.

Level Editor

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The game has a hidden level editor, which can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + E on the main menu. Use of the editor is a little cryptic, and there is a brief set of instructions on the ModdingWiki.

Using the editor, it is possible to place a small number of items that were not used in the game. Most of these have no effect, but the artwork is present.

(Source: ModdingWiki)

Debug Codes

Aside from the level editor, pressing Ctrl + P on the main menu can also be used to play the intro level shown behind the main menu.

During the game, pressing Z three times will show the amount of free memory as a number in the status window, and pressing X three times will give the player full health and some items.

(Source: JotJ Cheats on ModdingWiki)

Hidden Levels

Jill main menu, being played as a game level!

Like the later Xargon, which uses the same engine, many of the screens in Jill are not graphics but actual levels. By renaming certain game files, these "levels" can be played. Renaming the files below so that they are named 1.jn1 makes these extra levels playable by starting a new game and entering the first level from the world map.

Filename Level
Demo levels (last two from registered game, playable in shareware version)
intro.jn1 Main menu background (same as pressing Ctrl + P on main menu)
50.jn1 Ending sequence (must jump over trigger to avoid demo taking over)

It is worth noting that in the second and third demo level, there are creatures from the later episodes that are fully functional in the shareware episode 1. However, they are not used anywhere else in that game.