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Kikansha Thomas - DS de Hajimeru: Kokugo Sansuu Eigo

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Title Screen

Kikansha Thomas - DS de Hajimeru: Kokugo Sansuu Eigo

Developer: Rocket Company[1]
Publisher: Rocket Company[1]
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: August 2, 2007[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

An edutainment game that teaches basic math/Japanese/English with the help of Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his friends (well, everyone that appeared prior to Series 8).

Unused Graphics


test/moji_obj is a red button with the hiragana character (A) in it.

Unused Used
KikanshaThomasDS KSE ThomasVictoryUnused.png
KikanshaThomasDS KSE ThomasLossUnused.png
KikanshaThomasDS KSE ThomasVictoryUsed.png
KikanshaThomasDS KSE ThomasLossUsed.png

math/game0/screen and screen/answer contains earlier versions of Thomas' win/lose screens, labeled answer_atari and answer_chigau/answer_thomaschigau respectively. They lack face and shading refinements, and there's a drip effect on the loss screen's background that was removed for the final version. The early screens also use a completely different palette ("All_BG_Up_iwaba.NCLR" instead of "answer_thomas.NCLR").