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Kirby Super Star/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Kirby Super Star.

Unused Kirby Graphics

Spitting Sprites

Yeuck...that was nasty. Super Spitting Racing

These two are rather strange, especially the second! Both of them involve Kirby spitting out something, and only appear in the sprite set referenced when Kirby has no ability. The weird glow on the front of Kirby in the second sprite might suggest that he was supposed to use this when spitting out something hot. However, there's also motion lines.

Wheelie Kirby Victory Pose

W00t! That was awesome.

Wheelie Rider Kirby doing a victory pose. If you've played the game, then it's obvious that this should be used at the end of his dance, or when opening a treasure chest in the Great Cave Offensive. In the first of these cases, Kirby dismounts Wheelie; in the second, you either cannot open a treasure chest (if the first player is in control of Wheelie), or Kirby automatically dismounts Wheelie (if Player 2 is in control). An entirely different victory pose for the Wheelie Rider "ability" is used for both instances in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Unused Beam/Mirror Ability Sprite

Look out!

Found among Mirror Kirby's sprites in the Beam/Mirror ability sprite set. The base sprite (minus the hat and palette) is identical to one of the Ninja ability's poses. This may be part of a scrapped aerial attack, as the Mirror ability doesn't have any unique ones.

(Source: Mattrizzle)

Unused Menu Graphics


I'm a big cursor, and I need a BIG cereal Some people like tiny cursors

Two cursors that are loaded with the main menu, likely left over from an earlier version of the game selection menu.

Locked "Great Cave Offensive"

5 games in one!

These tiles are found in the main menu graphics block. This is the same graphical style used for locked games. At one point, The Great Cave Offensive would have to be unlocked. In the final version, it's one of six games available from the start.

Untranslated for your inconvenience

The game's name appears as a sprite in VRAM. Since it's never seen in-game, it remains untranslated in the US and European versions.

How mysterious

How it would have appeared in the menu.


What the hell?

Some kind of scythe or sickle or something. Its actual use is unknown, but it's most likely related to The Great Cave Offensive.


of sorrow

Most likely used in The Great Cave Offensive's description box. It's the only game with large areas instead of stages.

Ooh, a storybook

The only game that uses a chapter system is Revenge of Meta Knight. This was probably used in that game's description box to show your progress.


Err. No idea on this one.

I can't understand you!

Untranslated and unused in all versions, this translates to "From the beginning". New Game option?

Oh wait, I think I get it now

Translates to "Stage". This could have been used anywhere.

Nope, you've lost me

Translates to "Continue". Self-explanatory really.

These are never around when you need them

Another menu graphic for The Great Cave Offensive.

Tutorial Sprite

Shoshinsha Mark

A smaller version of the Shoshinsha Mark icon used in the Japanese version's Tutorial screens.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Miscellaneous Unused Graphics

Japan International
"Path of the Fighting King" "The Arena"

In every pause screen, graphics for this miniature Arena logo can be found along with those for the other sub-games. As pause screens do not appear during boss battles, and The Arena is the game's boss endurance mode, no pause screen exists for it. Despite its unused status, the logo was still localized for the international versions.

Cloud Platform

Would you like to ride on my beautiful cloud platform? Too bad. Get off

This cloud platform is found in the same graphics set as the cutter platform, launch platform, and coconut. Its use is unknown, though it may have been used for floating platforms. The cutter platform is used for floating platforms in the final game.

Interestingly, platforms with a nearly identical design to this one were later used in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, where they act just like the cutter platforms!


Bowser seems bored

While not technically unused, some members of the crowd in King Dedede's arena are never seen because they're cut off by the stage border. Poppy Bros. Jr. and Bowser are out of view, and most of Princess Peach is as well.

Early Crowd Final Crowd
Calm the hell down, Mario Thank you

However, this definitely isn't used during normal play. This early version of the crowd is what the level initially loads before overwriting it with animated graphics. Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, and Poppy Bros. Jr. all look different — in fact, they're all based on artwork from Kirby's Dream Land! Mario's rampant bloodlust was toned down for the final version, and Luigi's swollen face was fixed.

Filler Graphics

Hey, filler food can be quite delicious

These kanji characters are loaded to VRAM at the start of the game, and are overwritten with food graphics when levels are loaded. It translates as, appropriately enough, "food".

I can count to F

These hexadecimal characters are used in foreground tilesets as filler.

Gold Medal

I heard there's chocolate inside

This gold medal is stored with the planets in Milky Way Wishes. Its intended use might have been to mark planets that were 100% completed. A similar medal was used in Kirby Super Star Ultra to mark areas in which all the treasures had been collected in The Great Cave Offensive.

Icon Graphics


Translates to "Goal." This icon and the one below suggest that at least one of the sub-games would have stages split into levels, as in Kirby's Adventure. Said game uses a Goal icon when a normal stage is completed.


Translates to "Clear." Kirby's Adventure uses a Clear icon when a boss stage (and thus, a level) is beaten.


Translates to "Anger", "Wrath," or "Rage." Obviously, Kirby would somehow get angry.

(Source: Nicole and Aoi (translations for the "Anger" icon))

Megaton Punch Point Values

I won't resort to using that meme for this. Even if I did, it would only be half true...

Sprites for the numbers 5000 and 10000 can be found in Megaton Punch's menu and results screen graphics. They resemble the point values awarded for beating a mini-game in Kirby's Adventure, so the original intent may have been for Megaton Punch to be entered from one of the other sub-games.

Meta Knight Bats

So he's part bat and he shoots other bats at you? I never Meta Bat I didn't like! Hahaha kill me

Loaded during the Halberd escape at the end of Revenge of Meta Knight. Meta Knight probably used them as projectiles.


Cannons looking in all sorts of directions

A good two-thirds of Shotzo's frames are unused. Normally, it faces left or right and aims forward, diagonally, or straight up. The unused sprites have it facing in many directions that aren't really suitable for a two-dimensional platformer.

(Source: Original TCRF research)