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Left 4 Dead 2/Unused Items

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This is a sub-page of Left 4 Dead 2.

To do:
Get any TXT file references and so on on the unused items. Also, try to get solid proof regarding the Ammo Pack and a missing model.

Unused Weapons/Items

Some weapons did not get their chance to be used for killing sumbitches, regardless of officiality of instructions.

Desert Cobra

Mentioned in "left4dead2_%language%.txt" in reference to the Magnum Pistol. Likely an early name for that weapon.

"L4D2_Instructor_explain_magnum_pistol_get_alt"		"Get Desert Cobra"
"L4D2_Instructor_explain_magnum_pistol_alt"		"Desert Cobra Pistol"


A rocket launcher. Its remains are in the game_sounds_weapons.txt file. It may have been replaced by the Grenade Launcher.

Flare Gun

Like the LAW, its only remains is in the game_sounds_weapons.txt file, though Ellis may talk about it at the start of Hard Rain.

Riot Shield

A scrapped melee weapon. Unlike the other cut weapons, the shield is almost finished but cannot be spawned normally without a weapon script.

The Riot Shield, front and back.

Ammo Pack

A reskinned medkit that would have resupplied ammo for the Survivors. According to the Developer Commentary it was cut because it went against the idea of players having to pick up new weapons when their current one was low on ammo. Although it still has a texture sheet and a code to be spawned called "give ammo_pack", the game will not spawn one.

A medkit, using the Ammo Pack's textures.

Defibrillator Pack

Also a reskinned medkit, used as an early version for the Defib unit. It was most likely changed for being too obscure.


A planned melee weapon that was scrapped during development. All that remains is a low-poly world model without textures.

The Digeridoo's world model.

M1911 Pistol

The M1911 Pistol's viewmodel and dual-wielded world model from Left 4 Dead exist in the VPK files for left4dead_dlc3. However, no texture is associated with it.

The Pistol's viewmodel.

Soviet Rifle

Mentioned in left4dead2_%language%.txt. Most likely an early/alternative name for the AK-47.

"L4D_Instructor_explain_rifle_ak47_get_alt"		"Get soviet rifle"
"L4D_Instructor_explain_rifle_ak47_alt"			"Soviet Rifle"