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Lollipop Chainsaw

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Title Screen

Lollipop Chainsaw

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Publishers: Warner Bros. Interactive (US/EU), Kadokawa Games (JP)
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in JP: June 14, 2012
Released in US: June 12, 2012
Released in EU: June 15, 2012
Released in AU: June 13, 2012

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
This official artwork used on the Japanese website (and some Japanese promotional material as well) depicts various zombie types encountered throughout the game, all of which are seen in the final...except for the two in the very back who have afros. Do they by any chance have any data files floating around?

Lollipop Chainsaw is the girls' version of No More Heroes, but with zombies. And with a sidekick who is a talking head. And you don't need to drop a deuce in order to save the game.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Lots of swearing, which is expected from a game made by the creators of No More Heroes.

Unused Sounds

A leftover sound effect from the PAX 2011 build, which played when whatever gameplay section the player was playing ended, and the message "Coming in 2012!" displayed.

To do:
Find out if there's any other leftover sounds in the game's files.

Unused Voice Clips

To do:
Find out if there are unused voice clips from other characters.

Zed's Lines (Alternate Takes)

The first boss, Zed the Punk Rock Zombie, is a very profane zombie who attacks Juliet by yelling swear words that become physical (i.e., the word "COCKSUCKER" flying at the player in big, ugly, crude red letters), and also says very profane taunts as she fights him. Zed's voice actor did several takes on most lines, all of which have been left in the game's files, but only one take of each line is used in-game. Here are a few of them:

Name Clip Notes
An alternate take of his line when the boss battle begins. "Welcome to the mosh pit, slag!" The second take, in which he sounds more enthusiastic, is used in-game.
Several takes of "Take this, whore!" that weren't used.
An alternate take of "FUCKING BITCH!!!" that wasn't used. Notice how in this take, he stretches it out a little.
Several takes of his "I think you pissed yo' pants!" taunt.

Unused Movies

To do:
Post the videos.
  • LS_After_ACT00_02_NG.bik is an unused loading animation that depicts a blueish-purple liquid splattering all over the screen, in a vein similar to the looping blood splatter loading screen that plays upon beating a boss. It also has a different loading message; rather than the shaking illustration of lollipops, it's a comic book caption that reads, "Now Loading......."
  • DP_For_PAX.bik is the demo video that was used in the PAX 2011 Prototype.
  • DP_For_TGS.bik is the demo video used in the TGS 2011 build. It's basically the same as the PAX one, minus the Zed clips.
  • LS_For_GC_01.bik is a leftover controls screen used from some prototype or build showcased at a game convention. LS_For_GC_02.bik is the same, but would be displayed once the demo had finished loading.
    • LS_For_TGS_01.bik and LS_For_TGS_02.bik are the same as the "GC" ones, but with Japanese text, since these were for the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) build.

Leftover Prototype Names

  • The third boss, Mariska the Psychadelic Zombie, is named "Nicola" in her files, implying that this was her original name before the developers changed it to Mariska. Examples: "TX_CH_Boss_Nicola_Cloth_D", "TX_CH_Boss_Nicola_Cloth_M", "TX_CH_Boss_Nicola_Hair_D", etc. A few of her files also refer to her as "Nicholas", like the model for Rosalind's fake bus that Nico--er, Mariska made as an illusion, which is called "SK_Prop_nicholasBus01_Cine".
  • Rosalind, Juliet's mentally-unstable younger sister, was originally spelled "Rozalind", according to her files.
  • Nick, Juliet's boyfriend who ends up as the aforementioned talking head (it's a long story) was originally named "Romeo". (i.e. "TX_CH_Main_Romeo_face_S", "TX_CH_Main_RomeoPerfect_Hand_D_Cine", "SK_CH_Main_RomeoHead") Which makes sense, seeing as how he and Juliet's relationship slightly mirrors the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet (although, unlike said play, the characters get a happy ending...that is, if you get the good ending and not the bad ending). The reason the developers changed it to "Nick" is most likely because the resemblance would've been incredibly obvious had his name be Romeo.
  • Bosses four and five, Josey James and Lewis Legend, seem to have originally been spelled as "Josie" and "Louis" according to their files.
  • The final boss, Killabilly, is referred to as "Evils" in its files. It is possible that this was merely a placeholder, however.

Unused Graphics

  • Inside ACT_00_01A_Battle_beginning.xxx, there is a model of a football with a zombie face printed on it. This is used in the Japanese-only "Kira-Kira" version, in which it replaced the decapitated zombie head in the game's intro.
  • TX_UI_UsingItem_Image_v01, found within AshGame.xxx, contains the lollipop illustration seen in the health item window, but it also seems to contain an illustration of a chocolate bar, and a cookie with star-shaped chocolate chips. These indicate that Juliet was, at one point in development, going to consume various types of candy in order to regain health.
  • The Platinum Trophy icon is left within the Xbox 360 version, and goes unused in said version.

Unused Code

  • The Xbox 360 version contains the file "UICollectionLevel_AchievePS3.xxx", which is the achievement/trophy list for the Playstation 3 version.

Regional Differences

Company Logos

The Warner Bros. Interactive logo is not present in the Japanese version, due to Warner Bros. only handling the publishing rights outside of Japan.

Title Screen

International Japan

The English version of the game has a "tough", "hardcore" logo, as opposed to the "happy", colorful, and cheerful logo used in the Japanese version.

On the Japanese logo, the Juliet Skull symbol is styled like a skull-and-crossbones design (but with two lollipops instead of bones) and has a pink heart in one of its eye sockets. As for the English logo, the skull symbol is placed right above the blood-stained chainsaw acting as the letter "I", and it also does not have the lollipop "crossbones" or the pink heart either.

The "Press Start" message reads "Press Start Button" on the Japanese version.

The copyright information is somewhat lengthy for the English versions, but is simplified for the Japanese release, due to Warner Bros. only handling publishing rights outside of Japan.

Alternate Outfits

To do:
Add screenshots of these outfits, as well as the models for the American DLC outfits.

In the Japanese release, Juliet's sexier, more revealing outfits (i.e. "Sexy Rider Suit", "Sexy Seashell Bikini") were exclusive to the Xbox 360 version. She also has several unlockable costumes based on horror-themed anime (i.e. High School of the Dead, Deadman Wonderland), all of which were downloadable content. In the English releases, the sexy outfits are available on both consoles, and the anime costumes are already on the disc, available to the player once they have finished the game.

The American release had exclusive DLC outfits given to those who pre-ordered the game from select retailers. These included a goth Juliet, a disco Juliet, a "50's rock"-styled Juliet, and costumes modeled after Ash Williams from the Evil Dead movies, and the singer for Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Urine, in his fairy costume (Jimmy Urine was also one of the composers for the game, and the voice actor for Zed). Other regions did not receive any of these. The models using these outfits are on the disc, but cannot be accessed unless the player has the DLC codes or finds some way to hack the game.

Voice/Violence Options

The Japanese version gives the player the option to listen to the Japanese voices or the English dub (it should, however, be noted that Juliet has two different Japanese voice actors, depending on which console you are playing the game on).

If the player is playing the "Premium Edition" or the Valentine's Day Special Edition, it also gives the option of playing either the "Zaku-Zaku" version (uncensored violence) or the "Kira-Kira" version (censored violence). In the "Zaku-Zaku" version and the international release, enemies "bleed" sparkles, hearts, and rainbows in addition to blood, while bosses bleed blood only. This is not the case in the "Kira-Kira" version, in which all blood is removed, and blood from bosses are replaced with pink sparks.