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Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

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Title Screen

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

Developer: Magnetic Fields
Publisher: Gremlin Graphics
Platforms: Amiga, Acorn Archimedes
Released in EU: 1991

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

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Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 is the sequel to Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Not to be confused with Lotus II: RECS, which is the Genesis version of Lotus III.

Subliminal Message

Approximately 10 seconds into the title screen music, there is a sample of somebody saying "you will not copy this game" played at such low volume that it's not really possible to hear without playing the sample by itself.

Quote from Barry Leitch, the game's composer: "The infamous one with the subliminal speech. The Speech says 'you will not copy this game', we originally had a bit of speech that said 'You must kill mommy and daddy' but we didn't have the balls to leave that in the game..."

Notably, a text version of Leitch's "you must kill mommy and daddy" message is present in Harlequin.

(Source: ExoticA)